December 2019

New titles

Nan Goldin | The Other Side

Nan Goldin’s The Other Side, originally published in 1993, was a pioneering exploration of gender and identity among her friends in New York. It is now available in an expanded and updated version. See our webpage for sample images.

Mark Steinmetz | Acrobats, 98

We’ve just had word of a Mark Steinmetz print in a limited edition of 100. Acrobats, 98 is taken from the book Carnival, recently published by Stanley Barker - the book itself is already out of print.

Apollo’s Muse
Our other new titles are chosen with their suitability as Christmas gifts very much in mind. Apollo’s Muse explores visual representations of the moon from the dawn of photography to the present. It includes early daguerrotypes, images from the Apollo mission, and works by contemporary artists, including Vija Celmins, Roy Lichtenstein, Aleksandra Mir, Vik Muniz, and Robert Rauschenberg. The foreword is by Tom Hanks. Sample images.
Magnum Streetwise

Magnum Streetwise is an overview of the immense contribution of Magnum photographers to the genre of street photography starting with Henri Cartier-Bresson who pioneered `modern' concepts of street photography before the term was even coined; a tradition extended by later practitioners such as Erwitt, Parr, Gilden and Kalvar - and by other members who might not even consider themselves street photographers. Sample images.

Autofocus: the Car in Photography
Next, two new collections in the V&A Photography Library. Autofocus: the Car in Photography is based upon the exhibition currenty showing at the V&A. It explores the deep cultural significance and impact of the car on the history of photography, playing a role both as subject matter and as a genuine creative vehicle – the means by which photographers have accomplished many of their great works. See our webpage for sample images.
Into the Woods: Trees in Photography
Into the Woods: Trees in Photography collects work from a large variety of photographers over time and space, including Gustave Le Gray, Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Gerhard Stromberg and Awoiska van der Molen. Sample images.
The Photography of the Game of Thrones
There can’t be many families that don’t have at least one Game of Thrones devotee. The Photography of the Game of Thrones selects 850 images taken by official unit stills photographer Helen Sloan and the unit photography team. It includes candid, previously unpublished images of cast and crew. Sample images.

Gift Recommendations

The Michael Kenna Calendar is proving popular as ever. We also have the ToiletMartin PaperParr Calendar and the Sierra Club diary.
Faces of the North - small edition (signed)
by Ragnar Axelsson
Christmas Day Bucks Pond Road by Tim Carpenter has 56 black-and-white photos all taken on a single morning in Illinois.

Faces of the North, now in its third edition, has Ragnar Axelsson’s memorable black-and-white images of life in Greenland, Iceland and the Faeroes.
Daniel Meadows’ career gets a wonderful retrospective in
Now & Then: England 1970-2015. As do two landscape photographers: Thibaut Cuisset in French Landscapes and Adam Gibbs in Quiet Light.
French Landscapes
by Thibaut Cuisset
Quiet Light
by Adam Gibbs

Stocking fillers

Death by Selfie
by Marton Parr
Signed copies of Vanessa Winship’s Seeing the Light of Day B-Sides Box Set have just arrived. As have signed copies of Martin Parr’s Death by Selfie.

Next, two books of visual humour. In Coincidences at Museums, Stefan Draschan, strolling through the museums of Europe, captures similarities between the works of art and the people looking at them, noticing similar colours, patterns, hairdos, or physical posture.

In Invisible Jumpers, meticulously designed jumpers are perfectly lined up to blend in with their background.
Coincidences at Museums
by Stefan Draschan
Invisible Jumpers
Photographs by Joseph Ford
Knitting by Nina Dodd


45 Year Odyssey
by Michael Kenna
Sardegna (signed)
by Guido Guidi
In a prolific year even by his standards, three of our bestsellers are by Michael Kenna: 45 Year Odyssey, Korea Part 1 and Rafu. (45 Year Odyssey is temporarily out of stock - more are on order but we cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery, even in the UK.)

Mack Books continued to expand their representation of Guido Guidi’s work in the 3-volume Sardegna (signed).

Gerry Johansson documents continuity and change in his local landscape in Halland (signed).

Despite being published in 2017, Jungjin Lee’s Opening remains one of our bestsellers – beautifully presented by Nazraeli in an accordion binding.

Halland (signed)
by Gerry Johansson

by Jungjin Lee

Books of the year

Admittedly, this is based upon just a few minutes’ consideration by me but these are some of my favourites titles of 2019.

The Pillar
by Stephen Gill

Americans Parade (signed)
by George Georgiou
Good Morning America Volume 1
by Mark Power
(just gone out of print - sorry)
The World’s Edge
by Thomas Joshua Cooper
Echo Mask (signed)
by Jonathan Levitt
Black Garden/Departure Lounge (signed)
by Jason Eskenazi
The End of Industry (signed)
by John Myers
The Road to Petergof (signed)
by Ekaterina Vasilyeva
The Bully Pulpit
by Haley Morris-Cafiero
House Hunting (new edition)
by Todd Hido


You will notice that the website looks a bit different as we move to updated software on our eCommerce platform. Apologies to those of you who went onto our website on Monday and Tuesday while the changeover was in process as some recent titles went missing but they've been restored now.

We'd like to thank all our customers for their support in 2019 and hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

Since our last newsletter, we've heard that copies of the two new titles from Trespasser Books will be signed - that's Polar Night by Mark Mahaney and Errors of Possession by Garrett Grove.

Titles just in include Attention ServiceMember by Ben Brody, and Decline of Mall Civilisation (signed) by Michael Galinsky.

Pre-Christmas Deadlines

As stock levels change rapidly in December, you should contact us as soon as possible if you wish to ensure you get a copy of a particular item.

UK customers should try to get orders to us by 18 December for pre-Christmas but we will continue to despatch orders after that.

A reminder of overseas pre-Christmas posting deadlines:

9 Dec: Asia, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean, Central and South America
10 Dec: Cyprus, Malta 11 Dec: Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
12 Dec: Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey
14 Dec: Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Canada, USA
16 Dec: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland 18 Dec: Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg
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