November 2019

New titles

John Davies | Retraced 81/19
John Davies is surely one of the most important British landscape photographers of the last forty years. Specialising in documentary photographs of urban and industrial landscapes, his early work is perfectly suited to a rephotographic treatment. This is the approach of Retraced 81/19 which brings together his early images alongside new contemporary works revisiting the same landscapes from an identical vantage point – mapping both equilibrium and change. UK locations include Cardiff, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Rochdale, Sheffield and Sunderland. There are also images from France, where motorways now bisect the rural landscape, and from Berlin, where Davies photographed the area around the Wall in 1984. We will have signed copies. For sample images, see our webpage.
Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson | Preston is my Paris

Preston is my Paris 2009-2019 explores ten years of independent photographic practice that sought to investigate themes relating to everyday life, regional identity and the role that photography and culture can have outside of major urban centres. Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson began Preston is my Paris in July 2009 as a photocopied zine with the intention of encouraging the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice. Over a decade it developed into a multi-faceted project rooted in photography that includes publications, site-specific installations, live events, digital applications, education and writing. Sample images.

David Moore | The Lisa and John Slideshow

In 2012, photographer David Moore returned to the site of his celebrated 1980s colour documentary series Pictures from the Real World. Moore offered the full archive of the project to Lisa and John, two subjects of the original series, and asked them to make their own selections. The outcome released many previously unseen photographs and became the acclaimed script and play The Lisa and John Slideshow – a contemporary piece of documentary theatre addressing family memory, loss and the everyday. This book includes more than 40 previously unpublished colour photographs. Sample images.


Daido Moriyama | A Hunter

“A Hunter” was published in 1972 and includes some of Daido Moriyama’s most significant photographs. For the series, Moriyama—inspired by Kerouac’s “On The Road”—drove through Japan, took photos wherever he went, and confirmed his status as one of Japan’s most interesting photographers. A new edition of A Hunter published by bookshop M/Getsuyosha features the photobook as well as a carefully designed and researched English booklet which includes essays by Tadanori Yokoo and Shoji Yamagashi and commentary by Daido Moriyama on the book as a whole and each individual photograph. All our copies will be signed. See our webpage for sample images.

Daido Moriyama | Farewell Photography

The same publishers are also producing another Moriyama classic from the same year, 1972, Farewell Photography. These broken, rough and blurred black and white photographs paved the way for what would become his future trademark style and influence generations of photographers in Asia and in the West. Again all our copies will be signed. See our webpage for sample images.

Vanessa Winship | Sete 19

Image Singulières is a documentary photography festival created in 2009 in Sète, a small town on France's Mediterranean coast. In 2019, Vanessa Winship was given a residency and produced an impressive series of images of people and places in and around the town. The black-and-white photographs in Sete 19 are consistent with Winship's earlier projects in other countries, demonstrating a generosity and openness of perception. Sample images. Remember, we will also have signed copies of her Seeing the Light of Day card box.

Wilhelm Shurmann | Urban Constructivism (1)
Next, two new titles from that unique publishing house Only Photography. Wilhelm Shurmann’s Urban Constructivism (1) is the first in a proposed three-volume series. This volume covers his early work, exclusively black & white pictures from the 1970s and 1980s. These photographs, mostly shot with a large-format camera, show the architecture of the areas surrounding his hometown of Kohlscheid near Aachen, Germany. Also included are images from the suburbs of cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a signed edition of only 250 copies. See our webpage for sample images.
Marvin E Newman | Early Black and White
Marvin E Newman waited till the age of 89 before his work was first collected in book form by Taschen. Newman studied at the Art Institute in Chicago in the late 1950s under teachers such as Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. His work, predominantly from Chicago and New York, stands out for the perfect use of light in his several night-time scenes. He demonstrates a special affinity for the children and teenagers that he came upon during his regular wandering on the streets. Early Black and White comes in an edition of 333 limited, numbered and signed copies. The linen hardcover will be available in two different colours. If ordering, please email to say which colour you’d prefer. 
Hannah Darabi | Enghelab Street
Enghelab Street: a revolution through books recently won the Paris Photo/Aperture Photography Catalogue of the Year. It presents a variety of photographic and propaganda books published between 1979 and 1983—a short period of time when freedom of speech prevailed at the end of the Shah’s regime, all collected by Iranian artist Hannah Darabi. Enghelab Street translates as ‘Revolution Street’ and is located in the centre of Tehran—a main artery in the city’s cultural life with a host of bookshops. Sample images.

Predictably we sold out of our stock of the Photobook of the Year winner, Sohrab Hura’s The Coast, immediately after the winners were announced.  We do have copies of the Jurors’ Special Mention: This World and Others Like It by Drew Nikonowicz
Stephan Vanfleteren | Present

Stephan Vanfleteren is a leading contemporary Belgian photographer. Mainly known for his penetrating black & white portrait photography, his work has ranged to documentary, artistic and personal pictures; from street photography in world cities like New York to the genocide of Ruanda. His retrospective collection, Present, contains no less than 505 photographs, including two new series – not previously published – which were born in the intimacy of his studio: an exploration of still life and a study of nude photography, both in colour. It gets this recommendation from Anton Corbijn: “the work becomes so exciting again for me, and important and rich, that I want to drown myself in it. A masterful collection.” Sample images.


Stephan Vanfleteren | Belgicum

At the same time, Vanfleteren’s publishers have put out a new edition of his Belgicum on its tenth anniversary, a classic of Belgian photography, a searching and subjective journey in black-and-white of his home country. The first edition sold over 11,000 copies. Sample images.

Michael Schmidt | Berlin-Wedding
After the recent reissue of Michael Schmidt’s legendary photobook Waffenruhe comes a second edition of the artist’s book Berlin-Wedding from 1978 that has long been out of print. Schmidt photographed the district of Berlin-Wedding in a documentary style. He commented: “Pushing the pictures into immeasurable grey, so that black and white no longer even appear in them, was a completely conscious step.” Sample spreads from the original edition.
Ben Brody | Attention Servicemember

Attention Servicemember is Ben Brody’s searing elegy to the experience of the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brody was a soldier assigned to make visual propaganda during the Iraq War. After leaving the army, he travelled to Afghanistan as a civilian journalist. Returning to rural New England after 12 years at war, he found his home unrecognizable - even his own backyard radiated menace and threat. So he continued photographing the war as it exists in his own mind. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.

Michael Jang | Who Is Michael Jang?

Michael Jang spent nearly four decades working as a successful commercial portrait photographer in San Francisco. Unbeknown to the world, however, over forty years he had been assembling a vast archive of thousands of remarkable images documenting the street life and subcultures of the Bay Area, influenced by the work of Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander and Garry Winogrand. His archive was discovered almost by accident when he submitted some images for consideration to the San Francisco MOMA who were very enthusiastic about his work. They have now given him a major retrospective exhibition and Who Is Michael Jang? has been published by Atelier Editions. Sample images.


Joe Wright | Cubby’s Tarn
Not a new title to finish with but a lovely book from 2018 that we’re selling for the first time: Joseph Wright’s Cubby’s Tarn. Joe returned repeatedly to this artificial tarn in the Grizedale Forest in Cumbria, set within a wildlife glade, and recorded the tarn and surrounding woodland over a period of years. This would be of interest to fans of Jem Southam and to landscape photographers generally. Sample images.

There is also a Special Edition which includes the book, numbered and signed, plus a clamshell box covered in natural linen cloth; and a print chosen choice from three photographs (please email to specify). The overall Collector’s Edition is limited to just 75 copies.



New titles in stock include Hajime Kimura: Snowflakes Dog Man (signed), Saul Leiter: It Don't Mean a Thing and - just arrived - the new edition of Todd Hido: House Hunting.

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