November 2019

New titles

Michael Kenna | Des Oiseaux

Xavier Barral continue their series of featured artists’ photos of birds with one that’s sure to be a bestseller. Michael Kenna’s Des Oiseaux includes images from all phases of his career. Kenna’s photographs of birds reflect nature largely devoid of any human presence, where birds alone reign. Often they feature as silhouettes, figures almost lost in the larger landscape. Sample images.

Graciela Iturbide | Des oiseaux

Simultaneously Xavier Barral are publishing Graciela Iturbide’s contribution to the Des Oiseaux collection. Her images are more grounded and messy, focusing on the interaction between birds and humans. “Off-center compositions, graphic effects, and heavy shadows create a poetic universe where a feeling of strangeness is combined with one of harsh reality.” Sample images.

Earlier titles in the series that are still available are by Yoshinori Mizutani, Bernard Plossu and Terri Weifenbach.

Dougie Wallace | East Ended

East Ended is Dougie Wallace’s typically lurid and hard-hitting assessment of the rapid gentrification of Shoreditch, East London. “In East Ended you see every code of cool fashion and attitude, alongside scenes of poverty and people on the streets trading in anything but the cool. Gentrification has brought a numbing sameness.” The graffiti that was initially created in a spirit of creativity and protest become tourist attractions and inflate house prices. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Shirley Baker | Shirley Baker
Born in Salford, Greater Manchester, Shirley Baker developed a lifelong interest in documentary photography, which she practised from the 1950s until 2000. Her reputation has grown in recent years and posthumous publications have sold out quickly. Mack Books’ Shirley Baker combines her better-known street photographs of Manchester, Salford and Blackpool with previously unseen photographs that span the UK, all the way to the South of France, Italy and Japan. At the time of writing, the publishers had not released sample images but you can browse Shirley Baker’s archive.
Vanessa Winship | Seeing the Light of Day B-sides Box Set

Todd Hido’s publishing business, B Sides Box Sets, creates card boxes of images by Hido himself and others. The latest publication, Seeing the Light of Day, features the work of Vanessa Winship. The forty-seven images in this collection are previously unpublished. They have been taken during her travels through the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Turkey and the West Bank, mixing portrait, landscape, and documentary photography. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.


Jonathan Levitt | Echo Mask
Jonathan Levitt’s Echo Mask comes garlanded with praise from Todd Hido, Bryan Schutmaat (“a work of arresting poetry”) and Andrea Modica (“a heart-wrenchingly beautiful book”). The images were made in the northeastern seaboard between Newfoundland and Maine and subtropical southeastern US. It presents a primordial view of the natural world as a place alive and enchanted.” We will have signed copies of this limited edition. Sample images.
Stephen Shore | Elements
Stephen Shore: Elements is inspired by the Eakins Press Foundation’s celebrated debut publication, Walker Evans’ Message from the Interior (1966), gathering images from across Evans’ career. As with that book, the photographs of Stephen Shore  have been carefully selected to represent the poetry of his approach to the world through photographs. The 24 images (16 color and 8 black and white) range in location from New York’s Hudson Valley to the Yucatan, Italy, Texas, Israel and Scotland. Sample images.
Paul Kenny | Water Stone & Light
Paul Kenny’s Water Stone & Light was published in 2001. Only thirty-five were printed. Paul recently discovered a few remaining copies in mint condition and has allowed us to offer them for sale. The images are exclusively in black-and-white from locations on the western coasts of Scotland and Ireland. All copies signed. See our webpage for sample images.
Boris Becker | Bunker 1984–1989

With Bunker 1984–1989 Boris Becker has out-Bechered the Bechers (sorry, couldn’t resist). This fascinating archive, with nearly 900 images, documents around 700 overground bunkers (Hochbunker), relics of the Second World in more than 40 West German cities. Sample images.

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg | Yerevan

Last year Mack’s publication The Land in Between brought Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s work to renewed prominence. That book is now out of print, in English at least. Now Mack publish the results of a single project from 1996 and 1997 when she traveled to Armenia and used a small portable camera to record remnants of Soviet architecture during her walks through the capital city of Yerevan. She developed the films on her return to Germany and in 2001 she edited and compiled the prints into a traditional notebook used in Armenian schools which she had bought back from one of her trips. Yerevan is a facsimile of the original sketchbook. See our webpage for sample images.

Liz Hingley | Sacred Shanghai

Gost Books are publishing Liz Hingley’s Sacred Shanghai, exploring the resurgence of religious practice that has coincided with rapid economic growth. She explores the spaces, rituals and communities – in official, unofficial, public and private forms – that together weave the spiritual fabric of China’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Millions are turning to faith for meaning and hope in the alienating mega cities that now dominate Chinese life. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Sandra Kantanen | More Landscapes

Sandra Kantanen’s images are inspired by Chinese landscape painting. The pictures in More Landscapes were taken in a wood in the south of Finland, where landmines were buried during the war. As a reminder of the history of the site, Kantanen tosses small, colorful smoke bombs before shooting photographs. The motifs are then processed with a digital brush, creating various layers that the viewer can only decipher upon closer inspection. Sample images.

100 Norwegian Photographers

In Norwegian Photographers, Hatje Cantz give us a substantial overview over 432 pages of the best contemporary Norwegian photography. Featured artists include Dag Alveng, Jonas Bendiksen, Knut Bry, Morten Krogvold, Annemor Larsen, Crispin Gurholt and Mikkel McAlinden. Diverse genres are covered, from landscapes to portraits, experimental photography to snapshots. Sample images.

Photowork: Forty Photographers on Process and Practice

We finish with some reading matter for the long winter evenings ahead. Photowork: Forty Photographers on Process and Practice has forty interviews with contemporary photographic artists. Its many well-known names include Robert Adams, Alejandro Cartagena, Elinor Carucci, Lois Conner, Siân Davey, Paul Graham, Katy Grannan, Gregory Halpern, Todd Hido, Rinko Kawauchi, Richard Renaldi, Lise Sarfati, Bryan Schutmaat, Dayanita Singh, Alec Soth, Mark Steinmetz, and Vanessa Winship.

Grant Scott | New Ways of Seeing: the democratic language of photography

Grant Scott’s New Ways of Seeing: the democratic language of photography explains how to both learn and teach photography as a visual language, appropriate for both professionals and students working today. Scott explains how to develop the building blocks of visual creativity and ultimately to craft successful bodies of photographic work.


Mark Steinmetz’s Carnival is now available and in stock.

The new edition of Todd Hido’s House Hunting is expected in the next fortnight.
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