July 2019

New titles

Mark Power | Good Morning, America (Volume II)

Gost Books are publishing Good Morning America 2, the second of five volumes. Since completing the first book, Power has travelled to rural locations where farming is the dominant industry, from the Dakota Plains and Montana to the snowbound terrain of the Pacific Northwest. He also visited the Californian border with Mexico and made a return to the Rust Belt – more overtly politically-charged regions. Since the books are being published as work-in-progress, while Power continues to make frequent further trips, the photographs in this series are organised neither by geography nor by subject. Instead GM2 continues to draw on photographs made from the very beginning of the project in 2012, alongside more recent photographs of the past few months. See webpage for sample images. We also have stock of Volume 1.

Thomas Joshua Cooper | The World’s Edge

Due in August, The World’s Edge will be the most significant collection of Thomas Joshua Cooper’s work yet published. Its 192 images give an overview of Cooper’s career while centring on his Atlas project, in which he has charted the extremities of the Atlantic Basin. These photographs reveal the seascapes and coastlines of the five continents that encircle the Atlantic Ocean. We will have signed copies. Signed copies of his recent Refuge are available now.

Gerry Johansson | Halland
In Halland, Gerry Johansson revisits the Swedish region that had been the subject of one of his early projects. It announces one of its main themes, changes in the landscape, in the front cover image of a stone circle with a wind turbine in the distance. We will have signed copies. See webpage for sample images.
Erkki Saikkonen | Winter Approaching
Another interpretation of the Swedish countryside – though clearly one inspired by Johansson’s practice – is provided by Erkki Saikkonen in Winter Approaching. Though unpeopled, his landscapes show the results of human labour in transforming the environment to provide food for our tables. Signed copies. Sample images.
Cristina de Middel and Kalev Erickson | Jungle Check
Cristina de Middel and Kalev Erickson found a bundle of old Polaroid pictures at a flea market in Mexico City. They believed that the images had all been taken by the same person in the 1970s near the Maya ruins of Tulum and they decided to go in search of the memories that these pictures held. In the heart of the Mexican jungle, the duo revives this past, giving rise to a new story, somewhere between reality and fiction. Sample images.
Haley Morris-Cafiero | The Bully Pulpit

The Bully Pulpit is a hard-hitting polemic against body shaming on social media. Haley Morris-Cafiero found herself the object of online bullying when her previous project Wait Watchers was posted online. In The Bully Pulpit, she takes her revenge on the cyberbullies: “I photograph myself costumed like the people who’ve attempted to bully me. Finding photos online, I recreated their images using wigs, clothing, and simple prosthetics, while small imperfections mirror the fallacy that the internet will shield their identities. Finally, I overlay the parodies with transcripts of the bullying comments”. Sample images

Ulrike Crespo | North Korea

Ulrike Crespo seems to have been given more opportunity than previous western photographers to photograph day-to-day life in North Korea. Young and old are captured informally in public spaces in colour images. Sample images on our webpage.

Daido Moriyama | Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow is a new edition of Daido Moriyama’s influential work of 1982. After three years in which he abandoned the camera, Moriyama returned with this series of simple highly contrasted photographs of everyday scenes. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.
Katy Grannan | Hundreds of Sparrows

Nazraeli are publishing their fourth collection in their limited edition NZ Library. All copies are signed and we are selling at 10% discount.

We start with Katy Grannan's Hundreds of Sparrows Volume Two The photographs were made in the sprawling cities of Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield in central California. Grannan explores the significance and complexity of the seemingly ordinary, the mundane and the overlooked. Sample images on our webpage.

Abelardo Morell | Tent Cameras

Abelardo Morell has adapted his camera obscura techniques to landscapes of the American west. For Tent Cameras, Morell has designed a light proof tent that, via periscope type optics, makes it possible to project a view of the nearby landscape onto whatever ground is under the tent. Inside this darkened space he uses a view camera to record the effect. Sample images.

Catherine Opie | Yosemite

Catherine Opie’s Yosemite similarly explores the landscapes of the American west and acknowledges the great tradition of 19th century American landscape photography. Sharp close-ups of features of the California national park are accompanied by unfocused, blurry shots from the same spots. Sample images.

Mark Steinmetz | Angel City West: Volume Three (Signed limited edition)

Next, Volume 3 of Mark Steinmetz’s trilogy Angel City West. Building upon the narrative he began with Volumes 1 & 2, Steinmetz presents 54 previously unpublished photographs made during his stay in Los Angeles in 1981–84 as a young photographer under the influence of Garry Winogrand. Sample images.

Jack Teemer | Rust Belt

Our final NZ Library title is the late Jack D Teemer's Rust Belt. Teemer’s photographs taken in American Rust Belt cities during the 1980s examine the ways in which neighbourhoods and urban infrastructure have been shaped by the industry that surrounds them. His pictures quietly celebrate the ways in which humans strive to live together in the shadow of manufacturing—even in its decline. Sample images on our webpage.

Seaside: Photographed

There are two new collections appropriate to the holiday season. 

Seaside: Photographed offers a record of how both British and international image-makers have responded to the UK’s coastal communities since 1850, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lee Miller, Martin Parr and Anna Fox. Sample images.

Mountains by Magnum

Mountains is a collection by Magnum photographers past and present.  It includes Robert Capa's portrayal of the glamour of skiing the Austrian Alps around 1950; Chris Steele-Perkins' view of Mt. Fuji; Steve McCurry shows us life and war in the shadow of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush; Harry Gruyaert captures childhood in the Moroccan High Atlas; and Martin Parr contemplates Machu Picchu’s mysterious granite peaks. Sample images on our webpage.

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