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We have just heard that we will shortly be getting copies of Cristina de Middel’s Sharkification in which she imagines the favelas of Brazil as a coral reef where the battle between the police and drug gangs can be seen as if sharks in pursuit of small fishes. Sample images. We also have stock of de Middel’s other new books Man Jayen (signed) and This is What Hatred Did
Rear Views, A Star-Forming Nebula, and the Department of Foreign Propaganda is a substantial survey with 200 images of the work of US photographer Taryn Simon whose major projects include An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar and Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters. Sample images.
The photographs in Boris Mikhailov’s Diary date from the late 1950s when Mikhailov’s photography was in its infancy. It depicts a group of young people, many from his Ukrainian hometown of Kharkov, who were persecuted and jailed by Soviet authorities at the end of the 1950s for “pornography,” a catchall accusation that could accommodate crimes like loving the Beatles and dancing to rock and roll. This scrapbook-style publication contains 900 colour images. Sample images.
Misha Pedan is an associate of Boris Mikhailov, from the same town of Kharkov. Pedan took a series of photographs while commuting on the subway in Kharkov in 1985 and 1986. With a camera hidden under a book on his lap, Pedan travelled each day for 45 minutes into town and 45 minutes back, spending a total of 1,000 hours in the subway. His new book M shows us the people he met. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Bae Bien U’s previous books Sacred Wood and Windscape extended his renown well beyond his native Korea.  In D’une Foret a l’Autre, he returns to his beautifully composed, contemplative black-and-white images of woodlands. Sample images.
Inherit the Dust is the first book by Nick Brandt since his trilogy On This Earth, A Shadow Falls Across the Ravaged Land was completed. His main concern remains the displacement of wildlife by rapacious human development, but here he uses a specific device to make his point. In each location, Brandt erects a life-size panel of one of his earlier portrait photographs—showing groups of elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and zebras—placing the displaced animals on sites of explosive urban development, new factories, wastelands and quarries. Sample images.
Although best known for this black-and-white portrayal of the French leisured classes, Jacques Henri Lartigue loved colour film, experimenting with the Autochrome process in the 1910s and 1920s and Ektachrome in the late 1940s. His colour work, reproduced in Life in Color for the first time, represents his favourite subjects:  the French countryside, the women in his life, famous friends, and glimpses of his travels. Sample images
From 16 March to 19 June, the Barbican will be hosting an exhibition curated by Martin Parr of Britain seen through the eyes of overseas photographers. The book of the exhibition, Strange and Familiar, will include works by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Robert Frank, David Goldblatt, Candida Höfer, Sergio Larrain, Shinro Ohtake, Paul Strand, and Garry Winogrand. Sample images.
Renowned American photographer Robert Adams’ new exhibition and book Around the House focuses on his home environment: the quiet corners and rooms of his home, his darkroom, and his garden. Sample images.
Minor White was one of the most influential American photographers of the generation preceding Adams. A substantial new publication The Time Between focuses on White’s sequences and the thinking behind them. Sample images
When War is Over is Daniel Alexander’s systematic photographic examination of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's work in maintaining 2,500 cemeteries, 21,000 other burial grounds and 200 memorials in commemoration of the 1.7 million Commonwealth soldiers who died in the First and Second World Wars. It includes archival material, new photographs of the maintenance and construction process and aerial images of the cemeteries. Sample images.

In Dark Rooms, due in March from Mack, Nigel Shafran meticulously examines the details of modern life that are easy to take for granted through five interconnected series of photographs. They range from images of supermarket checkouts and underground escalators to the inventory of possessions in his mother’s last house. Sample images.
Tones of Dirt and Bone was published last year, the successor to Mike Brodie’s enormously successful Period of Juvenile Prosperity. Sample images here. Now TBW Books are to publish two special editions of Tones of Dirt and Bone. The first signed, slipcased edition is limited to 200 copies. More details.
The second, limited edition with prints, has a screenprinted slipcase of 72pt. chipboard with die-cut window on the inside cover. It includes Brodie's handwritten notes. The two prints included were intentionally withheld by Brodie from the final edit of the trade edition of the book for inclusion in this edition. More details.
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