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The images in Sebastiao Salgado’s Migrations, first published in 2000, are as relevant as ever. They are now available again in a new edtion from Taschen with a new title, Exodus. Over six years, Salgado documented Latin Americans entering the US, Jews leaving the former Soviet Union, Kosovars fleeing into Albania, the Hutu refugees of Rwanda, as well as the first Arabs and sub-Saharan Africans trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean. Sample images and review article.

Taschen are simultaneously publishing a collection of Salgado’s portraits of Children – all of them exiles, migrants, and refugees under the age of 15. Sample images.
Marten Lange’s first major title Another Language didn’t take long to go out of print when published by Mack in 2012. Now he has self-published Chicxulub, a depiction of the area around a crater in Mexico, created by asteroid impact, thought to have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. The black-and-white images deal with how the downfall of one world can give rise to and sustain a new one. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Toshio Shibata is one of the finest contemporary photographers of the built landscape. In Toshio Shibata/Laurent Ney, he presents a collection of colour photographs of bridges and other structures designed by the Belgian engineer Laurent Ney. Sample images.
Influenced by Moriyama, Seiji Kurata reflects on Tokyo’s rapid social and environmental changes in AKB 80’s. Sample images.

Takashi Homma travelled to the remote island of Klovharun in Finland where Tove Jansson (author of the Moomin books) and her companion, illustrator Tuulikki Pietilä, spent nearly a quarter century of summers together. A Song for Windows pays homage to the late author. All texts are written by Tove Jansson, taken from The Summer Book. Sample images.
Michael Kenna photographed a car plant outside Detroit for several years in the mid-1990s. These images have long been unavailable in book form but now Prestel are about to publish a new edition of Rouge including the original images and many others previously unpublished. The spirits of Bill Brandt and even the Bechers are in evidence. Sample images.

Gabriele Basilico’s images in Iran 1970 show him in the early stages of his photographic development – there are even photographs of people in the streets! As one of the contributors writes, this is ‘Basilico pre-Basilico’. The images were the product of a road trip from Italy supposedly to Afghanistan but Basilico never got further than Yugoslavia, Turkey and Iran. Sample images.
A few years ago, Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer produced a haunting series of people waiting on buses at night in a bus station while travelling through Poland. Obscured behind stained, ice-covered windows, they briefly took on the appearance of figures in a painting (Passengers, still available.). Now in Point de Depart, they use the same technique to photograph travellers on buses in Paris, lost in private thoughts in a public space. Sample images.

Gregory Halpern’s last book, just called A, a meditation on the the landscapes and people of the USA’s rust belt (cities like Baltimore, Cincinnati, Omaha, Detroit) was immediately welcomed as a major work. His forthcoming ZZYZX is shortly to be published by Mack and comes armed with supporting quotes from Chris Killip and Robert Adams. Here he has turned his attention to California and his hard-to-categorise approach embraces portraits, landscapes and wildlife. The pictures in this book begin in the desert east of Los Angeles and move west through the city, ending at the Pacific. Sample images.
In Golden Days Before They End, Klaus Pichler – with writer Clemens Marschall – opens the doors of Vienna’s Branntweiner – distinctly unyuppified drinking dens. The portraits of the clearly inebriated customers may be a little voyeuristic but are undeniably powerful. Sample images.

Carlos Alba is a young Spanish photographer who tells the story of his adjustment to life as a newcomer to London through an assemblage of apparently insignificant things: “notebooks, post-its, facades, dustbins, cars…” - and the people of Tower Hamlets and Hackney. Sample images from The Observation of Trifles.
Group f.64 is a collective biography of this influential grouping named after a very small lens aperture used with their large-format cameras, a pinprick that allowed them to capture the greatest possible depth of field. Its most influential members included Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange and Edward Weston. The author is Mary Street Alinder, a biographer of Ansel Adams and also his former assistant. Sample images and a review article.
As the Eggleston exhibition continues at the National Portrait Gallery, it seems a good moment to point out that three of his finest books, published by Twin Palms, are still available: 2 ¼ (sample images); 5X7 (sample images) and For Now (sample images). The book of the exhibition, William Eggleston: Portraits, is also available.
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