October 2019

New titles

George Georgiou | Americans Parade
George Georgiou’s self-published Americans Parade is the result of a lengthy trip across the US in 2016, the year of Donald Trump’s election. The images cover twenty-six street parades across twenty-four cities and fourteen states, intending to cover many of the different American demographics. The photos are not of the parades themselves but of the crowds watching them. The New York Times’s magazine supported the idea throughout, publishing the work on the weekend of Trump’s inauguration. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

We also have a final signed copy of Georgiou’s Last Stop in stock.
Masao Yamamoto | Bonsai: Microcosms Macrocosms

Bonsai: Microcosms Macrocosms is the latest work by the great Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto. It is focused exclusively on the Japanese tradition of maintaining small trees that mimic the shape and scale of full-size trees. To these photographs of the trees themselves, Yamamoto adds his characteristic surrealist touch by manipulating the backgrounds and perspectives of his compositions. Viewers are drawn in by Yamamoto’s insertion of a cultivated, indoor object into a seemingly outdoor setting and then back into the studio. Sample images on our webpage.

There is also a special edition of Bonsai, signed and numbered and with an original print.  Numbering sixty in total, you can choose between three images.

Muge | Ash
Ash is one of the finest photobooks by Chinese artist Muge. It will shortly be available in a second edition from Japanese publisher Zen Foto. Muge’s work is inspired by Zen Buddhism and his large-format images embody a contemplative approach to household objects and to trees and rocks. The three parts of the book are stacked on top of each other, forming a staircase-like design, with each photo printed in black and gray and finished “with glossy varnish, matte varnish or special color varnish, depending on the delicate state of each object.” Sample images.
Jamie Hawkesworth | On Keeping a Notebook

On Keeping a Notebook, volume four of The Gould Collection pairs forty-four photographs and five drawings by British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth with American writer Joan Didion’s essay On Keeping a Notebook. Through words for Didion and images for Hawkesworth, volume four focuses on the practice of collecting fragmentary thoughts and observations within an artist’s creative process. Previously best known for his Preston Bus Station project, Hawkesworth's images in this book range across Japan, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, the United States and the UK. Sample images.

Saul Leiter | It Don’t Mean a Thing
The Gould Collection are also reprinting It Don’t Mean a Thing, matching Saul Leiter's images with text by Paul Auster. Black-and-white and color photographs by Leiter from 1947 through to the 1970s—with many images never before published—are paired with Auster’s tale of interlinked life events and chance encounters. Reflections on New York City, its urban rhythm, people and places, feature prominently in both artists’ work and provide a unifying focus for the book. See our webpage for sample images.
Daniel Meadows | Now and Then 1970-2015

Now and Then 1970-2015 is a career retrospective of Daniel Meadows on the occasion of an exhibition at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Meadows has been one of the supreme chroniclers of the life of England's ‘great ordinary'.  

This book includes important work from Meadows’ ground-breaking projects. Meadows devised many of his creative processes: he ran a free portrait studio in Manchester's Moss Side in 1972, then travelled 10,000 miles making a national portrait from his converted double-decker the Free Photographic Omnibus, a project he revisited a quarter of a century later.  Sample images.

Josef Koudelka | Gypsies

The new edition of Josef Koudelka’s masterwork Gypsies is based on the original maquette for 'Cikáni' when it was being prepared by Koudelka for publication in Prague in 1970. However, Koudelka left Czechoslovakia that year, and the book was never published in that original form. In this new edition, the book has been revised and resequenced. Comprising 109 photographs taken between 1962 and 1971 in Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, France and Spain, it is a unique record of a vanished world. Will Guy, author of the text that accompanied the first publication of Gypsies, contributes an entirely new essay tracing the migration of the Roma from their original homeland in northern India, to their current status. Sample images.

Magda Biernat | The Edge of Knowing
Magda Biernat’s The Edge of Knowing is the result of a year-long journey between the Antarctic and the Arctic via South, Central and North Americas: “a journey undertaken with the goal of understanding the places that, from the vantage point of the United States, are often simply thought of as being beyond ‘America’”. Biernat’s photographs of landscapes and buildings and environmental portraits show her to be a photographer of rare talent, confirming the promise of her earlier 'Adrift'. Sample images.
Robbie Lawrence | Blackwater River
Originally from Edinburgh, Robbie Lawrence spent November 2017 travelling the Low Country, the coastal region straddling Georgia and South Carolina near where the Ogeechee River meets the ocean. The Ogeechee is known locally as Blackwater River for its slow moving waters that are like black glass. Eschewing any dramatic gestures, Lawrence uses subtle details – human and natural – to evoke the spirit of place. Sample images.
Tim Carpenter | Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road

Tim Carpenter’s Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road is a testament to the potential of focused attention on unspectacular landscapes.  

In his earlier work, 'Local Objects' he meandered this semi-rural landscape of central Illinois through changing seasons in an abstract sequence, but here Carpenter follows a straightforward path, literally taking the viewer on a two-hour walk on a midwinter day. His black-and-white images are reminiscent of Robert Adams or Gerry Johansson. Sample images.

Martine Franck

Xavier Barral have created the most comprehensive retrospective yet of the work of Martine Franck. It started as a collaboration with Franck in 2011, shortly before her death. It includes 300 images, many of them unpublished. Franck was one of the foremost documentary photographers of her era. These black-and-white images range across the globe including many from the UK and Ireland. Sample images.

Roy Decarava | Light Break

Light Break is a retrospective of the work of Roy Decarava, the African American photographer whose expressive, poetic black-and-white images signalled a radical departure from the documentary approach most frequently employed to represent the urban black experience. He often preferred to photograph in light conditions others might have considered impossible: “I have earned a reputation for being on the dark side…. I have an affinity for the middle tones and the dark tones because they’re beautiful, and they appeal to me on a very subjective level. I love the quality of so many shades of dark, so many different shades of gray….” Sample images.

It’s been a good year for Decarava fans: his classic monograph The Sound I Saw had a new edition this year.

Steve Gosling | The Forgotten
Finally two recent titles by Steve Gosling. The Forgotten is a small book of eighteen infrared images, all taken in an overgrown Victorian cemetery. Sample images.
Steve Gosling | A Beautiful Silence
A Beautiful Silence contains ninety-two images resulting from Gosling’s three-week trip to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Images are in black-and-white and colour and include land-, sea- and cloud-scapes, ice sculptures and wildlife. Sample images. Copies of both these titles are signed.

Signed copies of Lensless Landscapes are also still available.



Signed copies of Garry Fabian Miller's Blaze are now in stock - a stunning production from the Ingleby Gallery.

We have one signed copy remaining of Niall McDiarmid's Southwestern, now out of print.
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