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New Titles

Alec Soth’s Songbook is bound to be one of the early bestsellers of 2015.  Based on his series of occasional LBM Dispatches focussing on different areas of the USA, it highlights “the tension between American individualism and the desire to be united”.  We will have signed and unsigned copies, the unsigned ones hopefully before the end of the month.  We are not able to give a definite date for the signed copies yet, but we are taking advance orders now.  See here for sample images.
At the same time, the seventh of Soth's LBM Dispatches, Georgia, is due.  See here for sample images and more detail on the Dispatches project.
Gregory Halpern, whose A was such a successful photobook a few years ago, has teamed up with Ahndraya Parlato for East of the Sun, West of the Moon , a selection of photographs taken on the Solstices and Equinoxes of 2012 and 2013.  See here for sample images.
The influential American colour photographer Joel Meyerowitz has been the subject of a major exhibition in Germany and a substantial Retrospective has been published to coincide with it.  See here for Meyerowitz’s own video introduction to this retrospective.
Mike Disfarmer was considered highly eccentric in his own lifetime (he died in 1959) but his portraiture of the rural community of Heber Springs has grown in status and influence since then, being compared to the work of August Sander and Irving Penn.  He was recently the subject of a major exhibition and Becoming Disfarmer was published at the same time.  See here for a virtual browse of the book.
Studio 54  brings together a collection of photographs by renowned photographer Tod Papageorge, taken in the late 1970s in New York's most famous nightclub of the time.  The first printing sold out very quickly; we have copies of the second printing.  Sample images here.
The publishers of the Papageorge, a new London-based company Stanley/Barker, have also published 1985, a book of the early work of the controversial Australian photographer Bill Henson.  Sample images here.
Pieter Hugo has rapidly risen to be considered one of the world’s most important photographers, with major work on many parts of Africa.  In Kin, the focus is more intimate – on his own family and community in South Africa.  It should be available in early March.  Sample images and project details here. (Apologies, the image above is for the limited edition, available only from Aperture.)
Fukushima by Antoine d'Agata
Things Left Unsaid by Paul Seawright
Japanese publisher Superlabo are releasing a massive volume (600 photos) of Antoine d’Agata’s photographs of the devastated community of Fukushima.  See here for sample images.
Artist Photo Books publish another of Paul Seawright’s dissections of modern America in Things Left Unsaid, “exploring the theatre of war through the internal landscape of the US television news studio.”  See here for sample images.
Photographs by Nigel Grierson
Full Moon by Darren Almond
Nigel Grierson is perhaps best known for the album sleeves he photographed and designed for 4AD under the name 23 envelope. Now Dewi Lewis are publishing a selection of his personal work in Photographs.  Sample images here.
Taschen have just published Full Moon, a mammoth volume of Darren Almond’s photographs of landscapes around the world, under the particular light of a full moon.  Sample images here.
Ishiuchi Miyako
Los murmullos del bosque - Takeshi Shikama
Miyako Ishiuchi, one of Japan's most significant post-war photographers, is the recipient of the Hasselblad Award 2014. See here for sample images.

Los murmullos del bosque is an exhibition catalogue of work by the platinum palladium specialist Takeshi Shikama, containing the best of his work since the original publication of The Silent Respiration of Forests. It includes work from Yosemite, Galicia and his residency in Skye in 2013.  Signed copies are on their way from Japan. Sample images here.


Crystal Love Starlight by Mayumi Hosokura
Sequester by Awoiska van der Molen
In 1992, the owners of Crystal Love Starlight were arrested for allegedly allowing prostitution in their restaurant in the Gunma prefecture of Japan;  photographer Mayumi Hosokura came across the case while looking through old copies of a local newspaper and was inspired by both the story and the restaurant’s trashy name.The resulting series, also called Crystal Love Starlight, has just been published by Tokyo-based Tycoon books.  Sample images here.

Finally, please note we will shortly be taking stock of signed copies of the second printing of Sequester by Awoiska van der Molen, which was on many shortlists for photobook of the year last year.
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