October 2019

New titles

Garry Fabian Miller | BLAZE

For the past thirty-five years Garry Fabian Miller has worked without a camera using the techniques of early nineteenth century photographic exploration to experiment with the possibilities of light as both medium and subject. A new book BLAZE, introduced by Edmund De Waal and closed with a new poem by Alice Oswald, will document the end of an era as Miller battles with the extinction of analogue materials in a digital age. Dwindling supplies of paper and chemistry and the increasingly fugitive nature of his life-learnt methods see Miller embracing the perversity of his position in a final blaze of picture-making glory. The book coincides with an exhibition at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh, who are publishing this title. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Tod Papageorge | On the Acropolis

Tod Papageorge spent the summers of 1983 and 1984 in Athens. There he adopted a daily ritual, waking up each morning at the Zafolia Hotel and walking up the hill to the Acropolis to spend the day photographing the scene around the ancient citadel, sweating in the sun.The resulting images depict the site and the camera-wielding, sandal-wearing tourists idling among the ruins. These images are collected for the first time in book form by Stanley/Barker in On the Acropolis. Sample images.

Paul Trevor | Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane

Paul Trevor’s Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane present his photographs of this neighbourhood of London’s East End in the 1970s and 1980s, when he was living there as a young photographer. Mostly the images comprise well observed street photos in black-and-white. Sample images.

Copies of Like You’ve Never Been Away – Paul Trevor’s photographs of Liverpool – are also in stock.

Joel Meyerowitz | Provincetown

Joel Meyerowitz’s Provincetown also delves into his archive of the 1970s and 1980s. Provincetown is a coastal community in Massachusetts where Meyerowitz spent much of his summers, a bohemian haven for artists, lesbians and gay men. Meyerowitz roamed the seaside with an 8-by-10 camera, making exquisite, sharply observed portraits of families, couples, children and artists. Sample images.

Dennis Stock | California Trip

In 1968, Magnum photographer Dennis Stock took a five-week road trip along the California highways, documenting the height of the counterculture hippie scene. These black and white photos were compiled to create California Trip, originally published in 1970, and became an emblem of the free love movement. Anthology Editions have just made California Trip available in a new edition for the first time since its 1970 publication. Sample images.

Ed Grazda | On the Bowery

Photographed just three years later in one of New York’s poorest neighbourhoods, Ed Grazda’s On the Bowery shows a very different side of life in the US at that time. Though later gentrified the Bowery then was “where the city’s down-and-out found each other and made do the best they could.” Grazda’s sensitive black-and-white street portraits bring out the harshness and camaraderie of the lives of its inhabitants. Sample images.

Martin Parr | Death by Selfie

Now for two new titles from Japanese publisher Super Labo. Martin Parr has been photographing the phenomenon of mass tourism for much of his career. The ubiquity of mobile phones in this century has made a major impact on the subjects available to Parr as the taking of selfies in tourist hotspots has become the main reason for being in a popular location for many travellers. In Death by Selfie, Parr explores this phenomenon across the globe, with particular reference to India and China. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Ed Templeton | City Confessions: Tokyo

Ed Templeton’s City Confessions: Tokyo is intended as the first in a series of publications in which Templeton will present images from a range of cities. This volume brings together images from seven visits to Japan made between 1998 and 2018, though most of the images come from his recent visits. “These more recent trips have been more focussed on observing the life and rhythms of the people of Tokyo. I like to find moments that speak to human existence and specifically to the customs and rituals of life in Tokyo.” See our webpage for sample images.

Floria Sigismondi | Eat the Sun

Floria Sigismondi’s photographic creations have a fantastic, cinematic quality appropriate to an artist who has had a parallel career as a director of music videos, films and TV programmes. In Eat the Sun, the subjects of her elaborate studio portraits include David Bowie, Tilda Swinton, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry and Saoirse Ronan. Sample images.

Hiroshi Sugimoto | Architecture

In 1997, Hiroshi Sugimoto began a series of photographs of significant works of modernist architecture. Setting aside the precision with which he had previously taken photographs of buildings, he decided to invert his usual process: “Pushing out my old large-format camera’s focal length to twice-infinity... I discovered that superlative architecture survives the onslaught of blurred photography.” The new edition of Architecture contains 90 photographs, 19 of which are previously unpublished. See our webpage for sample images.

Kirk Crippens | Going South: Big Sur

Kirk Crippens’s photographs explore the political and environmental issues of contemporary USA. The images in his new book Going South: Big Sur were taken when flooding and consequent erosion made this celebrated section of the California coastline inaccessible by highway for the best part of a year. The photographs Kirk made of the landscape show the peace and quiet, the beauty as well as the destruction. His portraits show the resilience of the Big Sur residents. Sample images.

Michael Light | Lake Lahontan/Lake Bonneville

Lake Lahontan/Lake Bonneville is the fourth in Radius’s series of Michael Light’s aerial photographs of the American west. His colour photographs are astonishingly beautiful as abstracts and, at the same time, raise our awareness of the effects of urbanisation and transportation in a landscape not suited to human habitation. Sample images.

Steven B Smith | Your Mountain is Waiting

Also from Radius is Steven B Smith’s Your Mountain is Waiting – dealing with similar issues to Michael Light’s but this time from the ground level. In his native Utah, Smith captures the new ‘McMansions’ springing up against the rocky, rust-red mountains and deep blue skies of the West. Sample images.

Calendars and diaries

Michael Kenna | 2020 Calendar

The ever-popular Michael Kenna Calendar is in its 24th year and the 2020 edition is available now, much earlier than usual. See our webpage for sample images. (Also please note Kenna’s new book Beyond Architecture is available now.)

Martin Parr (with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari) | ToiletMartin PaperParr 2020

After its successful launch last year Martin Parr’s calendar collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari comes back for a second year in ToiletMartin PaperParr 2020.

See our webpage for sample images.

Sierra Club diary 2020

The Sierra Club diary 2020 has fifty-six images, predominantly North American nature photographs. See our webpage for sample images.


The third edition of Cristina de Middel’s Afronauts is in stock. We have signed and unsigned copies.
Two new titles from RRB have just come in: John Myers’ End of Industry (signed edition) and Markéta Luskačová’s By the Sea.
Jason Eskenazi’s Black Garden/Departure Lounge is back in stock (signed).
Issei Suda’s Tokyokei is still in print but stocks are running very low (signed edition).

The Aperture and Paris Photo 2019 Photobook Awards Shortlist has been announced. It's anything but a short list! Among the titles we have in stock are the following. (If any others are of interest to you and we don't have them listed, please email us and we can advise you about availability.)

Maisie Cousins: Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass, Peonie Bum

Drew Nikonowicz: This World and Others Like It

Adam Pape: Dyckman Haze

Mimi Plumb: Landfall, (signed)

Sohrab Hura: The Coast (signed)

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