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New Titles

Winslow Arizona is a series of photographs made by Stephen Shore on a single day in 2013, when he revisited a small Arizona town he had first seen in 1972 and which features prominently in one of his best-known projects, American Surfaces.  His portrayal of the sun-baked town is bleak, with boarded-up buildings, abandoned objects and lifeless streets. This is one of Shore’s most compelling recent works and the book has a good number of full-page images.  See here to browse a copy.
Heikki Kaski’s Tranquility is a similarly compelling portrayal of a small US town – this time in California – seemingly left out of the American dream.  The photos are a mixture of black-and-white and colour and include portraits of the inhabitants as well as shots of the wider environment.  See here to browse a copy.
Steidl have published many works of the photographs of Gordon Parks over the years but none as extensive as Collected Works, a five-volume box set with over 1000 pages.  Parks was one of the leading documentary photographers of mid- and late-20th century USA and its best-known black photographer.  See here for a slide show of selected images.
At the same time Steidl publish Segregation Story, a 1956 series by Parks documenting the lives of an extended African American family persevering in the segregated South. Originally commissioned for Life magazine, it represents one of his earliest social documentary studies on colour film.  See here for sample images.
In Alp, Olaf Unverzart  combines colour images of the Alps which appeal to the traditional sense of the sublime with others that point to human interventions in the landscape for purposes of industry, communications and tourism.  Sample images here.
Chinese photographer Xiaoyi Chen uses the photogravure process to create extraordinarily beautiful prints on a variety of Japanese and other fine art papers. The images in Koan, mostly landscapes, many taken in Iceland, often dissolve to abstraction.  All copies are signed.  Sample images here.
Ian Teh is an excellent Malaysian-British photographer whose work we have highlighted before.  Confluence maintains his high standards.  Here he documents the land, culture and industry of  Malaysia’s Selangor coastline: historically the hub of one of Asia’s maritime trade routes, now the largest importer of migrant labour in the world and one of the most multicultural societies on earth.  This title is limited to 300 copies, individually numbered.  Sample images here.

Christophe Docherty and his wife Gemma recently founded a small publisher in Edinburgh, Lawson’s Books, and have produced Anna et Salome featuring the work of Adria Canameras. Previously assistant to photographer Misha Kominek, Canameras’ work has since featured in Dazed & Confused, Rolling Stone, Die Welt and the New York Times.  The semi-abstract images in Anna et Salome are of locations along the coastlines of Costa Brava and Corsica. See here for sample images. 
There can be few more dedicated exercises in group portraiture than Nicholas Nixon’s annual photographing of his wife and her three sisters from 1974 on.  The chosen image from each year – taken with an eight-by-ten-inch view camera - is featured in The Brown Sisters: Forty Years.  See here for all 40 images.
As a young boy, I was puzzled by a place on the map named Archangel in the far north of Russia.  Until looking at the images in Zhili Byli by Andre Lutzen, I had never seen any photographs of this surprisingly large city of 350,000 people.  Lutzen has obviously gained the confidence of many of its inhabitants who have agreed to let him photograph them inside their homes in this powerful collection.  See here for sample images.
Anticipating his own demise, Nobuyoshi Araki has constructed an overview of his career in Photography for the Afterlife, a sequence of colour and black-and-white images, “a chronicle of life’s melancholy journey”.  See here for sample images.

European Portrait Photography since 1990 is a book compiled to coincide with a major exhibition about to open in Brussels.  Photographers include Tina Barney, Anton Corbijn, Luc Delahaye, Rineke Dijkstra, Jitka Hanzlová, Alberto García-Alix, Boris Mikhailov, Hellen van Meene, Anders Petersen, Thomas Ruff, Clare Strand, Beat Streuli, Thomas Struth, and Juergen Teller.  Sample images here.

In How to be a Photographer in Four Lessons, Thomas vanden Driessche takes a playfully sceptical look at trends in contemporary photography.  Based on a blog produced over the last two years, it developed into a little guide to Contemporary Photography (how to be a contemporary, kitsch, conceptual, war, school of Helsinki photographer etc.). See here for sample pages.
In The Essence of Photography, photographer and teacher Bruce Barnbaum explores creativity in photography, drawing upon his personal experiences and observations from more than 40 years of photographing and teaching. In addition to photographs, Barnbaum also uses painting, music, and writing, as well as the sciences and even business, to provide examples of creative thinking.  The book is illustrated with over 90 photographs taken by Barnbaum as well as other photographers.

In Perspectives on Place, Jesse Alexander investigates “the theory and practice of landscape photography”, particularly the increasing diversity of contemporary practitioners.  See here to get a flavour of Alexander’s style.

Just In

We’ve just had our first copies of Alec Soth’s Songbook.  These are unsigned.  Signed copies are not expected till April.  Also from Mack, Jungjin Lee’s Unnamed Road is back in stock. 
Signed copies of Julie Blackmon’s Homegrown have just arrived and we have signed copies of Vanessa Winship at last.
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