September 2019

New titles

Michael Ackerman | Hunger – Epilogue
Since Half Life in 2010, there have no books dedicated to the work of Michael Ackerman. Now there is Hunger – Epilogue, an extraordinary publication from Greek publisher Void, measuring 33.3 x 49 cm, printed on newspaper paper with hard flat silkscreened grey-board. Its 130 images includes works from his early, much celebrated End Time City about Varanasi and many other works that have never seen the light of day before. Each double-page spread features multiple images like a complex scrapbook. Sample images.
Michael Kenna | Beyond Architecture
For the last few years, Michael Kenna has been adopting a twin-track approach to book publication. Nazraeli – with their famed production values - continue to publish monographs of new work while Prestel have mostly been used for themed retrospectives. Prestel's forthcoming Beyond Architecture will surely be their most ambitious to date with 384 pages of Kenna’s architectural photography from all phases of his career. See our webpage for sample images
Calum Colvin | The Constructed Worlds of Calum Colvin
Calum Colvin is one of Scotland’s leading contemporary artists. His photo installations are composed of three-dimensional stage-sets, populated by everyday household objects, and overpainted with subjects that relate to fine art and to popular culture. The Constructed Worlds of Calum Colvin is a celebration of the extraordinary variety of his work from the past four decades. Tom Normand comprehensively explores the artist’s collection, selecting core subjects and ideas, examining diverse tropes and genres, and reviewing topics and issues. We will have copies signed by Colvin and Normand. Sample images (not all images are guaranteed to be in the book).
Francesca Woodman | Portrait of a Reputation

As Francesca Woodman took her own life at the age of 22, it may seem strange to speak of an ‘early career’ as that was all she ever had. But even her earliest published photographs at the age of 13 showed immediate evidence of an astonishingly creative vision. Her exploration of gender, representation, and sexuality - photographing her own body and those of her friends – is as powerful and relevant now as at the time of their creation in the 1970s. Portrait of a Reputation features approximately forty unique vintage prints, as well as notes, letters, postcards, and other ephemera related to the artist's burgeoning career. See our webpage for sample images.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen | Minkkinen

Arno Minkkinen is another photographer who uses his own body as the basis for his art. In his case, playfulness and humour take centre stage. In a lengthy career, he has found endless means of inserting his body – or parts of it – into landscapes in the most surprising and surreal ways. Minkinnen gives us an overview of his work over five decades and across thirty countries. If you’re not already familiar with his work, I hope you find it as delightful as I do. Sample images.

See also this recent interview with Minkkinen.

Toshiko Okanoue | The Miracle of Silence
Toshiko Okanoue is a Japanese photocollage artist whose original surrealist work in the 1950s started without any awareness of surrealism in the west. Later, she was introduced to the work of artists such as Max Ernst which influenced her subsequent work. Her early material was extracted from magazines left behind by Americans stationed in Japan, such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Her collages mix images of places, objects and people, often fashionable European women, in unsettling compositions whose subjects explored themes of war, femininity and the relations between the sexes. Like many women of her generation, marriage at the age of 28 meant the end of Okanoue’s career. Though still alive today, she has never returned to this work since and her art was not rediscovered until the 1990s in Japan. Word spread to the west largely through Drop of Dreams, published by Nazraeli in 2002 but now out of print. Now Japanese publisher Seigensha has published a new collection, The Miracle of Silence, bringing together works from museums in Japan with others from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Sample images.
Hajime Kimura | Snowflakes Dog Man

Hajime Kimura’s Snowflakes Dog Man was first self-published in a very small print run in 2016.  It will shortly be available in a new edition from Ceiba. The book is an elegy for the photographer’s father, with whom he had an uneasy relationship. When his father died, he inherited his dog, taking him out for long walks and photographing his impressions. Kimura’s images are clearly very personal but by no means obscure, rather intense and beautiful. 

The publishers promise: “you’ll get the books, the box, and a signature, all wrapped in a piece of mashed print sheets, entirely hand made!” Sample images (from the earlier edition).

Cristina de Middel | Afronauts

Cristina de Middel’s celebrated Afronauts will soon be available in a third edition. Rated 18th in Source magazine’s Greatest Photobooks of All Time, it is likely to go out of print again before too long. We will have signed and unsigned copies. Sample images.

Roy Decarava | The Sound I Saw

Roy Decarava’s The Sound I Saw has been described as the pictorial equivalent of jazz. It is in part a celebration of the musicians Decarava loved, in part a celebration of the New York black community that gave rise to and supported the music. The images date from the early 1960s but the book was not finalised for forty years in the wonderful Phaidon edition of 2002, now long out of print.  Now thankfully there’s to be a new edition from David Zwirner and, I promise you, you don’t have to be a lover of jazz to appreciate this beautiful book. Sample images and article.

David O’Mara | If you can piss…
If you can piss… is a self-published work by David O’Mara, who came to London to pursue a career as a photographer, took to working in the building trade as a way of supplementing his income and found himself still working there eighteen years later. O’Mara’s affectionate documentary portraits of his workmates both honour the work of manual labourers and reflect “how builders — and the wider working class — are invariably misrepresented, and 'othered'.” We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Nazraeli Press | One Picture Book Two series
Nazraeli have recently published the next four volumes in their One Picture Book Two series. We are selling them as single volumes but, if you are interested in buying all four please let us know as we can offer a discount. Limited to 500 numbered copies, each volume includes a 5x7 inch original print signed by the artist.
First comes Daido Moto, Daido Moriyama’s selection of his favourite images of motorcycles on the streets of Tokyo, a subject that has been a constant throughout his career. Sample images from our webpage.
Susan Zadeh’s i comprises ten “vaguely surreal” self-portraits. See our webpage for sample images.
Leon Borenzstein’s Tata pays homage to his Polish father by means of a series of photographs of medals he was awarded over many years in recognition of his contribution to the war against Nazism. See our webpage for sample images.
The final One Picture Book is Laurie Simmons’ Instant Decorator, examples of a series she has been working on since 2001. These collage-like works are based on an interior decorating book of the same name. See our webpage for sample images.
Peter Hebeisen | Battlefields

Finally Hatje Cantz have discounted some of their photography titles and we wanted to recommended two in particular, now selling at less than half price. For his series Battlefields, Swiss photographer Peter Hebeisen travelled some forty thousand kilometres to create landscapes of the European battlefields that had claimed the most lives in the 20th century, from the French Atlantic coast to distant Russia. Sample images.

Martin Roemers | Metropolis
For his series Metropolis, Martin Roemers sets his sights on megacities worldwide with more than ten million inhabitants in which people often live under difficult circumstances in densely populated areas.  

Taken with long exposure times, Roemers’ images depict traffic and people merging to become blurred, swirling currents. Sample images here and here.


The following items are back in stock and likely to go out of print shortly: Guido Guidi's Sardegna and Ian Howorth's Arcadia.  All copies are signed.

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