January 2020

New titles

Nadav Kander | The Meeting
In The Meeting, his first collection dedicated to his portraiture, Nadav Kander’s subjects include Barack Obama, John le Carré, Alexander McQueen, Tracey Emin, Robert Plant and Prince Charles. It’s a weighty Steidl volume of 336 pages. Sample images.
Joel Sternfeld | American Prospects
Steidl are also publishing a revised edition of Joel Sternfeld’s classic American Prospects. First published in 1987, it has massively influenced photographic depictions of the US since then. This new edition includes sixteen new pictures, most of which have neither been published nor exhibited. Sample images.
John Angerson | English Journey

John Angerson’s English Journey, on which work began in 2008, retraces the steps taken by J B Priestley for his famous book of the same title 75 years earlier, starting in the south before traveling to the Cotswolds, the Midland cities, then the north and finally England’s east coast. Colin Pantall nominated English Journey as his favourite photobook of 2019, finding “that rarest of things, a beautifully designed book that takes a critical look at English identity without resorting to cliché or regionalism... Brilliant design layers the combination of sober image and factual text into a nuanced view of what it means to be English today.” We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Mik Critchlow | Coal Town
Mik Critchlow is a social documentary photographer based in the North East of England. For the past 42 years, he has photographed the town, people and surrounding areas of Ashington, a small coastal community north of Newcastle Upon Tyne, where he was born and still lives. The town owed its very existence to coal mining, and Critchlow’s new title from Bluecoat Press, Coal Town, is an outstanding example of long-form documentary photography. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Jim Grover | Windrush: Portrait of a Generation
Windrush: Portrait of a Generation is the latest photo-story by award-winning social documentary photographer Jim Grover. It portrays the current lives and traditions of the first generation of Caribbean migrants to the UK, now in their late 60s to 90s. It was created in clubs, homes, churches, cemeteries, and memorials around Clapham, Brixton, and Stockwell, South London and has been shown in two major exhibitions, the latest of which continues at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, until 20 January. A 245-page hardback book accompanies the exhibition. It contains all of the exhibited photographs, texts covering the eleven life stories of the Windrush generation featured in the exhibition and all of the accompanying information in the exhibition gallery. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Gerry Johansson | Boras

Boras/Gerry Johansson is a book of an exhibition held to mark the awarding of the Tunbjork Prize to Johansson last year. Boras is the hometown of the late Lars Tunbjork and all the images in the book are of the town, about 65 kilometres from Gothenburg. We will have signed copies. See webpage for sample images.

Nicolai Howalt | Old Tjikko

Old Tjikko is a tree that stands in a deserted landscape on a mountainside in Dalarna, Sweden, and is considered to be the oldest in the world - 9,600 years. A single photographic negative of this exceptional spruce has become the many different photographs in Old Tjikko by the Danish artist Nicolai Howalt. By exposing the same image onto 97 different types of aged analogue light-sensitive photo papers – some dating back as far as the 1940’s – Howalt has created a book where the unpredictability of the long expired photographic papers has become an integral and dynamic part of each image. We will have signed copies. Sample images and review.

Guido Guidi | Lunario

Mack Books are making a very productive start to 2020. Firstly, a new title by Guido Guidi. A project composed across several decades, Lunario brings together several strands of work all relating – directly or obliquely - to the moon. Distortion, experimentation and illusion inform Guidi’s earlier work of the late 1960s and early 1970s, further developed by the introduction of a fish-eye lens. Lunar landscapes give way in the 1980s to colour photographs, all of which culminate in the dramatic partial solar-eclipse of August 11, 1999. We will have signed copies.

Teju Cole | Fernweh
The writer Teju Cole has had a longstanding interest in photography and has already one book of photographs from his travels across the world published by Faber. That book, Blind Spot, is still available and will soon be joined by Mack’s Fernweh. This new book is focused on Cole’s images of Switzerland. Fernweh translates as ‘a longing to be elsewhere’. With photographs shot in every corner of the country — from Vaud to Graubünden to Lugano — Cole’s Fernweh creates a vision of Switzerland that, though largely devoid of human presence, is rich in human traces. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.
Yasmina Benabderrahmane | La Bete: a Modern Tale
In 2012, Yasmina Benabderrahmane returned to her home country of Morocco after 12 years, crossing the dunes and plains to create Super-8 films mapping out the ever-changing landscape. The film stills collected in La Bete: a Modern Tale invite us to follow the path winding between tradition and modernity. We travel to the Bouregreg Valley, a new cultural centre which symbolizes the modernity and changing physiognomy of ancestral lands. Further afield, we discover the seemingly unchanging desert plains of Chichaoua. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Sam Contis | Day Sleeper

Finally from Mack, Sam Contis follows up her previous work Deep Springs with Day Sleeper, her interpretation of the work of Dorothea Lange. Drawing from Lange’s extensive archive, Contis constructs a fragmented, unfamiliar world centred around the figure of the day sleeper. The book shows us one artist through the eyes of another, with Contis responding to resonances between her and Lange’s ways of seeing. It reveals a largely unknown side of Lange, and includes previously unseen photographs of her family, portraiture from her studio, and pictures made in the streets of San Francisco and the East Bay. Sample images and article.

Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures

Day Sleeper will feature in the exhibition Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures at the MOMA, February–May 2020. Starting from a quote from Lange – ““All photographs—not only those that are so-called ‘documentary’... can be fortified by words” – this exhibition looks at the relationship between images and text in Lange’s work. The book of the exhibition, Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures, brings fresh attention to iconic works from the collection together with lesser-known photographs—from early street photography to projects on the criminal justice system. The book includes original contributions from contemporary writers and artists including Sally Mann, Sandra Phillips and Rebecca Solnit. Sample images.

Issei Suda | The Mechanical Retina on My Fingertips

The Mechanical Retina on My Fingertips is how Issei Suda named his Minox Camera that he used obsessively in 1991 and 1992. The Minox camera is popularly known as a spy camera - it fits in the pocket with a shutter release as light as the blink of an eye. The resulting images developed from 8x11mm negatives are grainy and have a flat perspective. This title is in a limited edition of 700 copies and includes 400 images. See webpage for sample images.

Koo Bohnchang | In Clandestine Pursuit in the Long Afternoon
In Clandestine Pursuit in the Long Afternoon a politically turbulent Korea is captured by Koo Bohnchang in 1988 on a return visit to his native country when Seoul was gearing up to host the Olympic Games. Bohnchang found himself unsettled by Seoul’s treacherous way of marketing itself. In this series Bohnchang positions fragments—furniture abandoned on the side of a road, statues, silhouettes of strangers, a close-up of a holstered gun—into a rhythmic whole that suggests a perilous, explosive atmosphere. 30 years after its creation, the series is finally published in a photobook by Tokyo-based Zen Foto Gallery. See webpage for sample images.
Seung-Woo Yang | The Best Days
Seung-Woo Yang is another Korean photographer who came to Tokyo to study in 1996. The Best Days – also from Zen Foto – is a new edition of a work first published in 2012. It is the product of a turbulent period in the photographer’s life between 1999 snd 2006. Driven by a friend’s suicide, Yang documented his life and the people around him while he travelled back and forth between Japan and Korea. See webpage for sample images.
The Photobook in Art and Society: Participative Potentials of a Medium
The Photobook in Art and Society: Participative Potentials of a Medium looks at the phenomenal growth of the photobook in the 21st century and documents an initiative by the Montag Stiftung and the PhotoBookMuseum, to bring photobooks to a wider public and to encourage them to design photobooks of their own. This volume also introduces the history of the photobook along with theories and current practices of participative art. It collects contributions on the production and distribution of photobooks from Asia, Europe, and the United States. See webpage for sample images.


The Special Edition of Todd Hido's House Hunting is in stock and ready for immediate despatch, as is the standard edition.

The standard edition of Mark Steinmetz's Summer Camp has also arrived. The slipcased Special Edition is not available till March - we are still taking pre-orders.

The new edition of Muge's Ash is in stock.

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