May 2019

New titles

Sohrab Hura | The Coast

The Coast is the latest book published by Indian photographer and Magnum associate Sohrab Hura (born 1981). His previous books, published by his own Ugly Dog company, have sold very well including, recently, It’s Getting Sunny Outside. The Coast comprises a sequence of images taken on the Indian coastline. Its stories allude to undercurrents in a country that is seeing higher frequencies of violence: religious, caste, sexual or otherwise. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Jason Eskenazi | The Black Garden/Departure Lounge
Jason Eskenazi has just published the second and third volumes of his trilogy, The Black Garden/Departure Lounge. We will have signed copies of the two volumes, which are only available for sale together. The Black Garden concentrates on three main themes: subjugation of women, domination over the animal kingdom, and self-destruction through war. The images from 2001–2017 were taken in Turkey, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, and New York. The Departure Lounge‘s 83 photographs were culled from Eskenazi’s archive, dating from 1991 to the present. Sample images.

If you don’t have a copy of Wonderland, the first volume in the trilogy, fear not: there will be a new edition later this year
Jerome Ming | Oobanken
This year’s Mack First Book Award has been won by Jerome Ming, whose star must be rising as he’s also just been selected by the BJP as one of their Ones to Watch. Oobanken is the first Award to be won as the result of an open call rather than being shortlisted by an expert panel. Ming’s black-and-white images date from his time living in Myanmar. Countering that country’s troubled reputation, his images are quiet, playful, abstract, zooming in on details and surprising forms. He focuses on objects and shapes, household things, furniture and fragments of nature in highly arranged scenes. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Matthew Finn | School of Art
Matthew Finn’s first job after graduating in 1997 was in a School of Art in London. There he took portraits of many of the students. These have just been published by Stanley Barker as School of Art which, as Finn says, “allows us to take a closer look at the environments, the individuals, and the styles that made these unique and much loved at a time before work loads, computer consoles, small rooms, Human resources and of course fees.” Sample images
Ken Grant | Benny Profane
Benny Profane, soon to be published by RRB, is Ken Grant’s documentation of a dockland community by the River Mersey. The black-and-white images constitute a “tender body of work, an account of kinship and defiance in a difficult land.” It is published in a limited edition of 500, with a 5x6" signed pigment print. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Daido Moriyama | Ango
Apparently, in Japan, before cherry blossom became the mass spectacle it is today, it was thought of as a frightful phenomenon. In Ango, Daido Moriyama emphasises this mysterious, even threatening, side. His images are accompanied by Ango Sakaguchi’s famous short-story ‘In the Forest, Beneath Cherries in Full Bloom’. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.
Shinya Arimoto | Portrait of Tibet

Tibet is the new edition of Shinya Arimoto’s first and long out-of-print photobook Portrait of Tibet (published in 1999). It includes a number of previously unpublished works. Known for his later street portraiture in Tokyo Circulation, Arimoto’s first body of work was actually taken in Tibet over an extended period of time in his 20s. These black-and-white images constitute an astonishingly accomplished body of work for a young photographer. See our webpage for sample images.

Yoshinori Mizutani | Des Oiseaux
The fourth in Xavier Barral’s Des Oiseaux series features the work of Yoshinori Mizutani. His precise colour images, mostly taken in his home city of Tokyo, are steeped in the Japanese pictorial tradition. Previous volumes by Pentti Sammallahti and Bernard Plossu are still available, and Terri Weifenbach’s will be available shortly. See our webpage for sample images.
Lin Zhipeng | Flowers & Fruits

Lin Zhipeng’s Flowers & Fruits is very much in the tradition of the late Ren Hang. His colour photographs of human bodies with fruits and flowers (sometimes literally, sometimes in fabric form) manage to be playful, innocent and erotic at the same time. We will have signed copies.

See our webpage for sample images.

William Klein | Celebration

In Celebration, 90-year-old William Klein makes his own selection of the most significant works in his long career. The images, in black-and-white and colour, are wide-ranging, taking in New York, Rome, Moscow, Madrid and Paris. The book also includes a text by Klein in which he reflects upon the photographic art and explains what prompted him to make this ‘director's cut’. Sample images.

Bruce Gilden | Facing New York

Belonging to the next generation of street photographers and influenced by Klein, Bruce Gilden first published his classic Facing New York in 1992 but it has been out of print for many years. Now Dewi Lewis are publishing a new edition adding two images that didn’t make the original edition, though Gilden says he can’t understand why. Gilden’s flashlit close-ups have lost none of their power. Sample images.

Lee Friedlander | Signs

For more than five decades, Lee Friedlander has repeatedly been drawn to the signs that inscribe the American landscape, from hand-lettered ads to storefront windows to massive billboards. Signs collects 144 photographs made in New York and other places across the US, and features work from the series The American Monument and America by Car, among others. Sample images.

Walker Evans: The Interview

In 1971, Art in America published an interview with Walker Evans conducted by Leslie George Katz, writer and publisher of the Eakins Press. The interview has become legendary, consulted by curators, scholars and students for half a century and considered a definitive source for insights into the process, philosophy and personality of one of America’s greatest photographers. Apart from a limited edition in 1995, it has not been available in book form since. Now Eakins Press are making it available again as Walker Evans: The Interview.

Karianne Bueno | Doug’s Cabin

Doug’s Cabin is an addition to the fast-growing subgenre of photobooks about individuals or communities who have gone offgrid and made new lives away from most of the comforts – and discomforts – of modernity. Karianne Bueno from the Netherlands has been documenting the life of Doug who has been living in the forests of Vancouver Island for 47 years. Bueno’s colour images are full of telling details of Doug’s routines and surroundings. Sample images.

Coincidentally Overlapse have just published a ‘Cabin Edition’ of Amani Willett’s The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer.

Mandy Barker | Altered Ocean

Overlapse have also recently published Altered Ocean, Mandy Barker’s follow-up to Beyond Drifting. Once again, the subject matter is plastic pollution in our oceans. The images have been created over the last ten years. Barker also provides insight into the making of her images through an extensive survey of her personal process sketchbooks. We will have signed copies. Sample images.


Apologies to those of you who missed out on the scarce Nazraeli titles featured in our last newsletter. Most of the stock was sold within a couple of hours of the newsletter going out. If any of you can suggest a fairer way of doing these things, please let me know. If we had announced the titles in advance, I suspect there would have been even more of a ‘car crash’ when the newsletter went out.

For Michael Kenna collectors, we have a few copies left of the recent publications 45 Year Odyssey, Korea and the special signed edition of Rafu.

This will only apply to the few of you who live near our offices in East Lothian but we have a sublet available for the office next to ours. If interested, please email or phone 01620 675050. Or pass the info on to anyone who might be interested. Thanks.

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