February 2015 - No 21
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Vision Taking Flight
Kia Ora <<First Name>>,

There is often a delicate balance between juggling the ideals of your own visions and the realistic considerations of what is possible to achieve. Your dreams can be limitless but managing the practical side of things is the challenge when giving form to the vision and enabling it to take flight.

Amongst the busy-ness of daily life and commitments, holding on to that vision requires you to listen closely and be guided by inner promptings – unafraid of being your true self. The First Light seed essences No’s 51 – 62 are helpful for breaking through limiting patterns that can prevent you from fully expressing your true self. No 56 Inkberry helps to break through limitations or fears that can hold you back from ‘being different’ and being able to realise your own visions.
At the end of 2014 we said goodbye to our home in Titirangi and moved to Devonport - a beautiful harbourside suburb of Auckland and the place of my mountain Takarunga - Mt Victoria. Here we are currently busy writing material for The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume Two. This move brings the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® vision to its next stage and promises many more exciting things to come.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Study Unit Folders
We are pleased to announce a new innovation with our course material. The printed manuals for all study units have taken on a brand new format with newly designed First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® folders allowing your study and course material to be organised into a tidy and presentable format for reference and ease of use.

New First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Essence Collections
At the Medicine Woman Residential Workshop, Retreat and Annual Gathering in November 2014 we released five new families of essences in the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range: Sacred Sedge Essences No's 145 - 152, Sacred Rush Essences No's 153 - 160, Sacred Moss Essences No's 161 - 168, Sacred Forest Essences and Sacred Temple Essences. These extraordinary essences of a very high frequency bring to the world for the first time a revolutionary new way of working at the highest levels of healing energy to restore balance and harmony to both ourselves and the planet. They are now available through the online store.

Workshops at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival
For those of you who will be in Auckland at the end of this month I will be presenting workshops in the Lotus Room at Voices of Sacred Earth, Kawai Purapura on Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March. On Saturday I will be giving a workshop on earth medicine and magic, shamanism and New Zealand native plants. On Sunday, a hands-on practical workshop with the opportunity for you to explore and develop your own psychic abilities. Come and see us at our stand where we will have both First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and Medicine Woman products available for purchase. I look forward to seeing you there.

With much aroha,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber

Latest News
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First Light Flower Essences New Zealand® Study Unit Folders and Manuals

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Study Unit Folders. This new innovation provides a very practical method for keeping all your course information in one place and reduces the amount of paper and plastic that we are using to deliver each of your Study Units.

The Study Unit Manuals, which were previously individually covered and bound, will now be delivered as a hole-punched pack which is ready to be placed into our attractive new Study Unit Folders:

There are two Study Unit Folders available:

Study Unit Folder Contents:

  • Set of dividers
  • Flower Essence Basics, a new document that includes:
    • Mihi Of Welcome
    • First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® course structure and training program
    • What Are Flower Essences and How do they Work?
    • Sacred Plant Medicine, Plant Songs and the Healing Chord
    • First Light Flower Essences and the Ancient Earth Wisdoms
    • First Light Flower Essences as Sacred Plant Medicine
    • How to Make a Treatment Bottle
    • Nature’s Healing Matrix© (NZNFE 101 – 110)
    • Advanced Healing Matrix© (NZNFE 111 – 115)

The Study Unit Folders are available to purchase from your course tutor if you are attending an in class workshop and from the website at a cost of $25 each: Practitioner Supplies

Healers and Shamanic Study Units - Special Offer
Special Offer to current holders of the Diploma in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy Dip. NZNFE 

If you already have a Diploma but would like to upskill and increase your knowledge of the therapeutic application of the healers and shamanic essences No’s 85 - 120, you are invited to enrol in the healers and shamanic study units NZNFE 111-115 for the special price of $85 per unit (regular price is $170).

This offer is open to all current diploma holders until 1st May 2015.

The healers and shamanic study units were taught at the Medicine Woman retreats at Tauhara prior to 2013. They are no longer taught in this format and the study units are offered as online courses in the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Cyber School.

Each study unit contains background information about the healers and shamanic essences and Nature’s Advanced Healing Matrix©. You will find in-depth information about each healers and shamanic essence, including therapeutic application and potential, indications for use and case studies. The online study units are as follows:

•              Healers Essences
•              NZNFE 111 Unit One - covers healers essences No’s 85-90
•              NZNFE 112 Unit Two - covers healers essences No’s 91-96
•              Shamanic Essences
•              NZNFE 113 Unit One - covers shamanic essences No’s 97-104
•              NZNFE 114 Unit Two - covers shamanic essences No’s 105-112
•              NZNFE 115 Unit Three - covers shamanic essences No’s 113-120

To enrol at the special price, email study@nzfloweressences.co.nz


Tutors 2015 Announcement
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® In Class Workshop Program 2015

We are delighted to introduce our in class workshop tutors for 2015:

Lesley Dawn Lydford-King    Minako Hama (Japan)          Astrea Morgane         
                      (senior tutor)

Rose Claiden  (Australia)           Anna Gentry                   Patricia Stowell        
In class workshops will be available in Auckland, Whangarei, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Brisbane and Hobart (Australia), Tokyo and Kobe (Japan). For full workshop details, dates, venues, and tutor contact information, please visit the Study in Class page.

New First Light Natural Health® Website Launched

After a lot of work behind the scenes and refinement our current First Light Natural Health® website has been given a completely new modern look and integrated purchasing experience.

First Light Natural Health® provides a range of emotional remedies that support everyday holistic wellbeing and are made from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® essences.

Our new website showcases the range of 20ml oral sprays, 20ml oral drops and 3 x 20ml oral drops family kits available. The Blog has a growing number of articles from our contributing authors and there is a comprehensive list of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® essences used. Signing up for the First Light Natural Health® newsletter lets you keep up to date with what's new, special offers and the latest articles from the blog.

Visit First Light Natural Health®

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber Year Ahead Astrology Report
With 2015 under away this insightful astrological report is a useful tool that is available through the
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber website  and equips you with the knowledge of the influences that affect your daily life for the year ahead.

Over 40 pages, written in a succinct and easy to understand style, will help you gain insight and a better perspective into your daily life. With the knowledge of the movement of the stars in the sky through the year, you can be better prepared to plan major life events when the energy is supportive and avoid getting frustrated when the energy is non-conducive.

Find Out More...


Our last photo taken before we left Titirangi               A final farewell to the Kauri tree at the  
before moving to Devonport, 8.00am on the              property in Titirangi.    
28th November 2014. Notice Tony keeping an
eagle eye on the removal truck and team!

Our biggest turn out to date of over 70 people for the eighth Medicine Woman Retreat and Annual Gathering - November 2014 in Taupo. 

Seeds workshop in Dunedin with Liz, Partricia Stowell (tutor) and Wendy (01/02/15).

Seeds workshop in Tokyo with Kumiko, Ayako, Junko, Minako Hama (Tutor), Fumie and Makiko (25/11/14).

Flowers workshop in Christchurch with Ross, Patricia Stowell (Tutor), Michelle, Elizabeth, Lynn, Denise and Keela (15/02/14)

Ferns workshop in Whangarei with Marjorie, Carole, Irene, Lesley Dawn Lydford-KIng (Tutor), Anna, Pania, Tanya and Gillian (9/11/14). 
Congratulations to two of our First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® students Marianne Harlaar & Bert Van der Werf who were married on the 21st December 2014 at Rodney Ridge Matakana Auckand.

"First of all the essences helped us both to complete issues related to previous relationships. Then a combination of essences helped us to start a new cycle together, to 'go with the flow' and to support us through the many changes. The days before the wedding as well as on our wedding day we used Crisis Support© combination essence to calm our nerves and to keep things in perspective. It really worked!" - Marianne.

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Congratulations to our latest Certificate and Diploma holders

Jude Henry (Hawke's Bay), Alicia Ridgen (Nelson), Rachele Dunnett (Wellington), Elizabeth Nicolson (UK), Andrea Burkonova (Nelson)

Yelena Kostyugova (Auckland)
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No 56 Inkberry
No 56 Inkberry reminds one that it is okay to be different, to stand apart from the masses and live according to one’s own personal dream. Inkberry allows one to know what is right and to perceive the higher self’s vision for the soul. Young children naturally have a healthy balance between their inner and outer realities. They have vivid imaginations and intuitively see the truth.
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Where would we be without the bees?
There are more than 20,000 known species of bee, members of a super family called Apoidea. Although some bee species operate as solitary individuals, the social honey bee, introduced to New Zealand in 1839, lives in highly organised colonies with as many as 50,000 or more individuals. The worker bees are female and their jobs are varied... 
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The importance of Water
Water is a vital element that enables life to exist on earth. It keeps humans and all other living things alive. Without it, we simply wouldn’t be here! The earth’s surface is made up of around 71% water with oceans holding the majority of the water. Interestingly, water constitutes around 60-70% of the adult human body as well which makes us very similar to ...
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Back to School Basics
As the year starts to take shape, children head back to school and for most this requires a significant change of pattern, from the long, hot, fun -filled summer days and late nights into a more regimented one. Many children have to get to bed earlier to get up earlier and the relaxed nature of holidays soon shifts into timetables and bell times... 
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      Upcoming Courses and Events for February, March and April 2015
28 February - 1 March - Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival. KAWAI PURAPURA
All talks by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber in the Lotus Room
28 Feb 9am 'Medicine Woman Plant Magic'   more info
  1 Mar 2pm 'The Way of the Medicine Woman - Teachings of the Ancient Oracle'   more info

20-22 November 2015 - Medicine Woman Retreat and Annual Gathering. TAUHARA CENTRE


Rite of the Six Moons©                                                                                  Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Healers Studies            Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Shamanic Studies        Enrol online


                                                                                                              Click on date to enrol

  WHANGAREI - Anna Gentry                                                           
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                February 28-March 1

   AUCKLAND - Lesley Lydford-King                                                           
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                                  March 7-8

   WELLINGTON - Astrea Morgane
 NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                                       March 7-8

    TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford-King                                                           
    FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                             March 14-15


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol

   NELSON - Astrea Morgane
 NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                             April  18-19

   CHRISTCHURCH - Patricia Stowell 
NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                                     April 18-19


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol  

   TOKYO - Minako Hama
   PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                           February 21-22

   KOBE - Minako Hama
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                           March 21-22                                                                                     


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol

   HOBART - Rose Claiden
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                        February 28-March 1

   HOBART - Rose Claiden
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                                        April 18-19


                                                                                                      Click for more information
   AUCKLAND NORTH SHORE - Lesley Lydford-King  
   KAWAKA Wednesdays                                                       1st Wed of each month 7-9pm
   Beginning March 4

For more information visit our website: www.nzfloweressences.co.nz
Or contact us by email:   info@nzfloweressences.co.nz
P.O.Box 60 275 Titirangi, Auckland 0642, New Zealand
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