December 2013 / January 2014 - No.16
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Singing Your Soul Song
Kia ora <<First Name>>,
Tena te mara o Tane
Behold the cultivation of Tane!

In ancient Maori lore, birds were known as the children of the atua god Tane. This expression tena te mara o Tane refers to the New Zealand bird chorus at sunrise and sunset. 
Vibration and energy were well understood by the ancients. The vibration of birdsong at sunrise prepares the earth each day for invigorating fresh new energies and reveals how each day holds within it unlimited potential – ready for cultivation and development.  The ‘garden’ of energy that we live in can be cultivated in different ways, either harmoniously with the use of the First Light flower essences, which empower, regenerate and restore life, or disharmoniously by the maintenance of old degenerating patterns that bring dis-ease and ill health.
The New Zealand Kowhai Tree
The Kowhai tree is unique in that it displays beautiful yellow bell shaped flowers in spring before the new leaves form.  It seeks out growth and development in a manner quite different to the norm and this displays the very essence of adventure. No 25 Kowhai cultivates an attitude of positive development through moving fearlessly into new uncharted territories. You can read more about Kowhai in this month’s Plant Profile.
Planetary Transformation
The Medicine Woman Residential Retreat and Annual Gathering 2013 was unlike any of the previous Medicine Woman retreats experienced so far. The beginning of a new focal point for planetary healing has begun to manifest in the hearts of people, with the native plants of this land playing a key role in this process. Thank you to those who travelled long distances to attend the event. The 3 days were profoundly transformational for both the planet and the 70+ participants who were in attendance.

A Big Thank You
The dedication and hard work from the staff and team at First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® this year has been a real blessing.  Thank you very much for bringing your talents, commitment and teamwork to First Light.  Each one of you plays such an important role. Thank you also to our tutors for 2013. Your enthusiasm has helped bring a substantial growth in the numbers of students entering the world of the First Light flower essences as in-class or correspondence students. And thank you to all of you out there who are working with the essences either  on yourself, or with friends, family or clients. You are making a difference in your own unique way with the First Light flower essences.  

pranaFirst Light and Medicine Woman at Prana New Year Festival 2013
This year I will be presenting at the Prana New Year Festival in Ohui, Coromandel Peninsula on 31st December and 1st January 2014.  I will be talking about my role as the High Priestess of the Ancient People and revealing the original mysteries that connect us with earth magic and dragon power. You will also be given the chance to experience a sacred mountain magic rite as the mountain spirits are called in to bring a healing song to the earth.

The ancient enduring song of Tane is the secret held within the plants of this land. It is the vibration that is held within each of the 144 individual First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand.  It is the same song that the birds respond to each morning, the mountains listen to, and one we can all learn to sing.
With much aroha,
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber

Latest News
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Gifts and the Holiday Season
christmasIf you are giving the gift of First Light flower essences this season please place your orders in very soon to ensure they reach you in time.  The First Light Ready to Use Combination Essences are often quite popular at this time for 'kete fillers' or to introduce someone to the First Light essences.  It could be Sleep Support© for sweet dreams or Travel Support© if someone is heading overseas. Sometimes it's De-Stress Support© which provides peace and calm for yourself when you need everything to run smoothly! 
Thank you for your support and communication we have had with you during this year. It has been a very busy and productive time. We wish you a fresh new beginning in 2014 and may it bring you many blessings. Arohanui.

Omega Celebration in Japan
Minako Hama, a registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® practitioner and qualified tutor made a special appearance at a recent Omega celebration in Japan. Omega is a well-known Swiss luxury watch brand with upmarket stores around the world. Minako personally knows the PR executive of Omega Japan and has given consultations to her before.
Word soon got around, and impressed by what the First Light flower essences offered, Omega Japan asked Minako to provide short consultations to the guests at their annual celebration on the 7th December. With approximately 70-80 guests invited on the night she was kept very busy!

The First Light flower essence blends were made up in a mister bottle in which contained:
  • The personal keynote essence from their date of birth
  • Three essences corresponding to a particular life department for the person
  • An essence which matched a chosen card from the First Light card deck
Minako reported a very warm reception to the First Light flower essences with many guests wanting to make up their own bottles and find out more.  The CEO of OMEGA was enthusiastic about the night too and received his own personal consultation.  Thank you Minako for your continued work with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.

New Zealand Native Flower and Plant Images of Essences No 1-84

Looking for a collection of New Zealand native flowers and plants to use for your website? We just released a beautiful album of digital photographs of the 84 Native New Zealand plants that correspond to the First Light Flower Essences No's 1-84. The image resolution is suitable for use on websites and they have been specifically developed for use for Registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Practitioners.

These photographs are only available to Registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Practitioners.

They can be ordered through the website online and will be emailed directly to you in jpg format.   Order today


Medicine Woman Astrological Reports
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber Medicine Woman™ has just released two different astrological reports that are now available on the website. The ancient people worked in co-operation with cosmic tides of power to empower themselves and to enhance and experience their potential. They knew that an understanding of astrological influences could provide insight, clarity and support on their journey through life.

Three Baskets of Knowledge
Medicine Woman astrological reports are completely unique and are compiled especially for you. They hold three baskets of knowledge for you to explore at the levels of your personality, your soul and your spirit.  Currently available are:
  • Personal Astrology Report for the Year Ahead - Get a taste of what the future holds and make every moment count!  Use this report to know and take advantage of what significant future trends and major developments lie ahead for you. Tune in to your life purpose and destiny. Approximately 40 pages.
  • Personal Premier Natal Astrology Report - This comprehensive, best selling astrological report includes your own birth chart and insights into personality and character traits, inner strengths, life trends, relationship needs and career interests. Use this report to get the most out of life and live your potential. Approximately 50 pages.


First Light Ferns workshop in Whangarei with Lesley Lydford-King (3rd Nov 2013)
Left: Japan group here for special 4 day Healers and Shamanic at Titirangi (17th - 20th Oct 2013)
Right: First Light Flowers workshop in Christchurch with Patricia Stowell (10th Nov 2013)

First Light Plants workshop in Waikanae with Astrea Morgane (13th Oct 2013)

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Cyber School Case Studies
If you have been awarded a Certificate or Diploma we invite you to make your case studies or thesis available for use on the Cyber School. The Case Study facility  and the addition of previously submitted theses promises to be of great value to our students who are working towards certification and diploma. Please contact
Study and Vocational pathways and the criteria for certification and diplomas can be found on the website.
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No 25 Kowhai
No 25 Kowhai is the essence of adventure, exploration and travel and the joy of following one’s true path. In the positive Kowhai state, we feel free to pursue our own special interests as we boldly set off to seek our fortune. Kowhai is philosophical and searching for the true meaning of life, enjoying every step of the journey.  Read More
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Horse Whispering
A relationship with your horse can be likened to a dance, a dance between a human and an animal known for its beauty, power and free spirit. The dance requires patience, a willingness to learn, sensitivity, commitment, trust and mutual respect. Horses are sensitive beings and are generally highly skilled in the art of observing body language. The human must sometimes gain in sensitivity and spend time observing and... Read More
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Growth and Expansion
The seasonal wheel has turned again and we have entered into the warmer months in the southern hemisphere. Longer daylight hours and increasingly warmer temperatures coax us out of our winter caves, encouraging us to shed the heaver 'skins' we have worn over the cooler months to keep us warm as we concentrated our energies internally... Read More
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The Sagittarius Child
When I observe the Sagittarian child they uphold a vitality in life, which assists them in all endeavours. The explorer, the adventurer, whether it’s in the backyard making fun of new found treasures, in the earlier years, or the aspiring traveller in the later years they really are the seekers in life. Seekers of truth, insight, and their own fully realized life purpose. How refreshing. When expressing and operating with... Read More
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Upcoming Courses and Events for February and March 2014

Rite of the Six Moons©                                                                                   Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Healers Studies           Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Shamanic Studies        Enrol online


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
   AUCKLAND - Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                            March 1    March 2 

   AUCKLAND - Lesley Lydford-King 
   SEEDS NZNFE 107 & 108                                                                       February 15-16 

   WELLINGTON - Astrea Morgane 
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                               March 1-2

   HAMILTON - Gill Williamson 
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                         March 8-9

   WHANGAREI - Lesley Lydford-King 
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                           March 15-16 

   TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford-King 
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                     March 29-30 


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
   CHRISTCHURCH - Patricia Stowell 
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                     February 8-9
   NELSON - Ana Dorrington 
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                            March 29-30



                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
   JAPAN - Minako Hama
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                      February 1-2
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                            February 8-9
   PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                      February 15-16
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                        February 22-23


                                                                                                      Click for more information
 AUCKLAND NORTH SHORE - Lesley Lydford-King 
   KAWAKA Wednesdays                                                      Wednesday March 5th 7-9pm


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