May 2015 - No 22
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Perseverance and the Old Traditions
Kia Ora <<First Name>>,

Nature finds a way through even the smallest of cracks and openings. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, nature demonstrates incredible perseverance to move through the cycles of death, birth and rebirth. In our modern lifestyles that whizz by, things come and go with increasing speed and repetition. As a response there is a steadily growing desire in people towards a deeper, longer lasting and more meaningful connection with nature. For some, it is a call to return to the old ways and traditions. For others it is seeking to connect to nature for holistic restoration and a sense of peace.

This is a natural response to restoring balance during these imbalanced times. People wanting to know more about the knowledge and traditions that the ancient cultures held. They recognise something of value that could provide the answer to the issues of today.

Working Again With the Ancient Traditions

Our theme for this newsletter is perseverance and understanding how we can work in a new way with the time tested ancient traditions. In a therapeutic context, people are seeking to understand the very sophisticated knowledge of plant medicine that the ancient people understood and used. When you work cooperatively with plant intelligence, as the ancient people did, you enhance the potential for creating balance and harmony in peoples' lives. The native plants of New Zealand used in the First Light® range take this to an entirely new level and there is no limit to what can be achieved. This is in part because of the particular way they are made and the very powerful qualities these plants of Aotearoa hold.

Teacher Plant Essences - The Keys to Empower You and a Means to Restore the Earth

Some of the most powerful native New Zealand plants in the First Light® range are the teacher plants and the master teacher plants. These special essences are worked with in the programs offered by the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies™. The master teacher plants form the foundation for stepping onto the path of the Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace© which begins on the 18th of May. This is the program that is perfectly suited to those seeking to become an active initiator for change on the planet.

Sacred Ceremony and Heritage at Waikaremoana - Spring Equinox 21 March 2015

In March I received an express invitation from
Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere to attend a sacred ceremony where I was adopted into the heritage of her people, Nga Potiki, Nga Uri-A-Maui, and Ngati Tauira, the tangata whenua (first nation) of Hawaiiki Tautau, the ‘Pulse’ – New Zealand as we know it today. This sacred three part ceremony began at Kopu Ariki Marae and then moved to Lake Waikaremoana, the inland sea of rippling waters and culminated at Papakarito, a waterfall that is a natural altar for sacred ceremony. Here, I was formally and ceremonially adopted by Dr Pere into her heritage as a Tohunga Ruahine, the keeper of the sacred ceremonies and ritual priestess who is spiritual guardian of the First Voice – the spiritual language and vibrations of the divine mother from the whare wananga house of higher learning. Dr Pere formalised the Maori name of my Eternal Spirit, Hinemoa Whaakirangi, the Twin Flame of the Eternal Spirit Tawhaki, who upholds the Three Baskets of Knowledge, in the Uppermost Heaven.

The first part of the Ceremony, began at Kopu Ariki Marae, a triangular, seven acre sacred piece of land, that links into the "Violet Flame" directly above it, and is also almost straight opposite the sacred land that accommodated us. We then went up to the tranquil, but invigorating waters of the Inland Sea, Waikaremoana, to stand in her waters, where we sprinkled ourselves eight times to link into the Spirit of Affinity, and to send out the Spirit of Unconditional Love, and Oneness to the "Four Directions". After that part of the Ceremony, we went to another sacred place, named Papakorito, which has a waterfall, a natural altar, that is used for sacred ceremony. We concluded the Ceremony there, with Te Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi performing ancient ritual in regard to the Central Sun, the Divine Spark. After this highly Spiritual Ceremony, we went to visit the Kuha Pa, where there is a beautiful Meeting House, called Hinekura. The house is named after an Ancestor who was a Tohunga Ruahine, a Chieftainess, descended from Ngati Tauira, ancient people from Waikaremoana, Hoturoa the Captain of the Tainui Canoe, and Ruawharo a renowned Tohunga Ahorangi.

The Eternal Guardian Spirits

There are Eight Sets of Twin Flames who link into the Uppermost Heaven, Eternal Spirits who are Guardians Of everything Visible and Invisible that exists, in regard to the Divine Source, the Central Sun, the Divine Spark. Te Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi's Eternal Spirit, is Rongo, the Twin Flame of Tumatauenga, Flames that Uphold the Violet Flame in the Uppermost Heaven. After the ceremony Te Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi presented me with the three baskets of knowledge and a large sacred stone.

The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume 2

As well as preparing material for the 2015 Medicine Woman Retreat and Annual Gathering on November 20th - 22nd, I have been busy writing new material that will be going into The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Vol 2. The book just keeps growing and contains information that you won’t find anywhere else in books or other written material. The book focuses on the Teacher Plant Essences that begin with the Healers Collection - No 85 Black Mamaku and the second of Tane's three baskets of knowledge.

I have also been busy seeing clients in Devonport, Auckland. Personal appointments, which are available through my website  are filling quickly now with the new online appointment booking system. For in person or skype appointments you can now preview all available appointment times. This now makes it easy to book and confirm your session time online when you are making your purchase. Thank you to our wonderful IT team - this has streamlined things considerably.  I also offer a new appointment option called Write to Franchelle which is perfect for those who would prefer not to wait or enjoy writing instead.  

We hope you enjoy this edition of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Newsletter.

With much aroha,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber

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First Light® Repertory

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new First Light® Repertory. This free, easy-to-use repertory is the online companion to The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Vol. 1 and is a wonderful resource for practitioners, students or anyone interested in working with the essences for holistic wellbeing. You will find the repertory on the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® website.

Use the alphabet at the top of the online repertory to move through the pages or type a word into the search window. Then simply click on the corresponding First Light® flower essence to learn more about that essence.




Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers of the world! 

Mothers Support© from First Light Natural Health® is part of the Mother and Baby Kit© which recognises and honours your incredible ability to be calm, capable and self assured - all the while tackling multiple tasks at once in today's busy world. Thank you!


First Light Natural Health® at the School Gala and Spirit Festival

Gladstone School Gala 29th March 2015, Mt Albert, Auckland

Stand attended by Julia and Yelena

First Light Natural Health® was invited to participate in the Gladstone School Gala on 29th March 2015. Julia and Yelena attended the stand and were surprised how fast the 4 hours flew by with so many people passing through the stand and enquiring about the products. The two Gala favourites were Happy Kidz Kit© and Healthy Teenz Kit©.

Congratulations to Eve Skogstad the winner of the book The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume One by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.

Woodend Spirit Fair 26th April 2015, Woodend, Canterbury

Stand attended by Sandra Kay McAlpine

Sandra is an independent distributor for First Light Natural Health® and had a space at this year's Woodend Spirit Fair in Canterbury. "I am feeling blessed and honoured to be representing First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and First Light Natural Health® products and company."  

We would love to hear from you! If you are out and about promoting and using the First Light® products send us your photos and stories to


Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies©

Bring global healing and restoration to the world. Experience dynamic change and stand in your own place of power.

The journey of the 21st century master shaman and Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace© begins 18th May 2015 (enrolments close the day before).

Become an active dynamic force for spirit in the world by acting for, celebrating, honouring and upholding truth, harmony and balance in all aspects of your life at a personal and transpersonal level.

The Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies is an advanced spiritual pathway of actively working with the powers of stellar light, the great forces of nature, the magical realm and the deeper levels of shamanic power and knowledge to initiate change and bring global healing and restoration.

Enrol Now


Our First Light® Registered Practitioners Out and About:  Sumi Asano
Sumi Asano Cert. NZNFE works at Hardy’s Health Store in the Glenfield Mall 3 days per week. When talking with customers about their physical, emotional or mental conditions, Sumi knew that First Light® essences would assist them. She spoke with the store manager and then the owner of the business and he agreed to purchase the Flowers Collection No’s 1-36. The flowers work to transform negative personality attitudes to their positive harmonious counterpart which has a profound effect on people’s lives.

Sumi began by talking to her regular customers about how she could make a personalised First Light® flower essence blend. She finds that they are receptive and very positive about the First Light® flower essences as they are made here in New Zealand from our native flora and fauna.

Sumi explains to customers that the First Light® flower essences do not treat physical symptoms directly, but work to address the cause behind the complaint. Many customers will take several different products to address their condition on a physical and energetic level. For example someone may come in suffering from poor sleep, so they may look for a herbal treatment for the physical body but also No 8 Matata to address the cause of the sleeplessness if it is related to mind chatter.

Sumi helps those customers new to the essences by focusing on 3 or 4 keywords from each essence No’s 1-36 and the keynote or power flower which corresponds to their date of birth. She has explained to other store members who are familiar with Bach flowers the correspondences to the Bach flowers so that they can also prescribe First Light® flower essences.

In a typical scenario the customer talks about their issue to be resolved and then Sumi will draw their attention to the flower essence chart and suggest some essences. Sometimes customers will select their own essences using the chart. The customer can also make a booking for a 15 minute consultation. Sumi then makes up a blend with up to eight essences and uses the First Light® treatment bottle label for the 25ml treatment bottle. She has found their feedback is always positive.

Sumi’s goal is to introduce as many people as she can to the First Light® flower essences. In the future Sumi would like to introduce the First Light Natural Health® combination products, as she believes they would be very popular in the store.


Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere and Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber at Lake Waikaremoana - 'The Inland Sea of Rippling Waters'. (21/3/15).

Ferns workshop in Christchurch with Patricia Stowell (tutor), Sandra, Elizabeth, Jeanette and Helen.(19/4/15).

The first workshop in Kobe Japan was Flowers with Ayako, Eiko, Kirica, Hiromi, Tomoko, Rie and Minako Hama (tutor) (22/3/15).

Flowers workshop in Auckland with Sumi, Annette, Lesley Dawn Lydford-King (tutor), Elizabeth, Danielle, Linda and Steve (7/3/15).

Trees workshop in Wellington with Jacinta, Jeanette, David, Elizabeth and Astrea Morgane (tutor) (3/5/15).

Flowers workshop in Whangarei with Nerida, Anna Gentry (tutor), Irene, Angela and Pania  (1/3/15). Angela is holding a sprig of lacebark.

Flowers workshop in Whangarei with Pippa, Sharon, Pania, Angela and Nerida (Anna Gentry the tutor is taking the photo) (28/2/15)

(Left) Jeanette Shearer at the Wellbeing Expo (29/3/15) and (right) a display created by Andrina Eyleshowcasing the First Light Natural Health® kits. Both Jeanette and Andrina are independent distributors of First Light Natural Health® products. Applications to become either a stockist or an independent distributor are available on the First Light Natural Health® website.


First Light® and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

A note about the use of the registered trademark ® on our name.

The words First Light® and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are registered with the Trademark Office and the Intellectual Property Office.  Any document or material with our name on it will have the registered trademark ® symbol added - illegal use of the name 'First Light' is a breech of our intellectual property rights. The full registered name is First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and also First Light®. 

"If you have any questions about the use of the name or are unsure if you have used it correctly please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out." - from the team at the First Light® office.


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Congratulations to our latest Certificate and Diploma holders

Angela Collins - Auckland, NZ
Sabena Roberts - Morrinsville, NZ

Elizabeth Nicolson - London, UK
Hilary Carlile - Auckland, NZ
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No 6 New Zealand Jasmine - Perseverance 
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A Happy Aviary
Any animal we take into our care has needs specific to its species and breed. This includes birds kept as pets in cages. The indoor aviary bird requires as much thought and care as any other pet. Commonly kept birds are budgies, canaries, finches, cockatiels and other parrots...
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          Upcoming Courses and Events for May, June and July 2015


20-22 November 2015
Medicine Woman Workshop, Retreat and Annual Gathering 2015
Topic:   Path of the Priestess 
Place:  Tauhara Centre, Taupo, New Zealand
Reservations and further information coming soon.


Click for more information 
    Programs start on each new moon - next new moon 18th May
    Rite of the Six Moons
    Certificate in Healers Studies
    Certificate in Shamanic Studies
    Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies


Click for more information                                                                                    Tutors

   Lesley Dawn Lydford-King
   Ferns 103 & 104 May 16 - 17
   Trees 105 & 106 July 4 - 5

   Patricia Stowell                                                                                                             Lesley Dawn Lydford-King
   Plants   109 & 110 May 23 - 24
   Flowers 101 & 102 July 11 - 12

   Patricia Stowell
   Trees 105 & 106 June 20 - 21

   TAURANGA                                                                                                                                 Patricia Stowell
   Lesley Dawn Lydford-King
   Ferns 103 & 104 May 23 - 24
   Trees 105 & 106 July 11 - 12

   Astrea Morgane
   Seeds 107 & 108 July 4 - 5

                                                                                                                                                                Astrea Morgane
   Anna Gentry
   Trees 105 & 106 June 27 - 28

                                                                                                                                                                   Anna Gentry


   Rose Claiden
   Flowers 101 & 102 May 23 - 24
   Ferns 103 & 104 July 18 - 19

   Minako Hama                                                                                                                                Rose Claiden
   Seeds 107 & 108 July 18 - 19

   Minako Hama
   Ferns 103 & 104 May 16 - 17
   Trees 105 & 106 May 23 - 24
   Seeds 107 & 108 May 30 - 31
   Plants 109 & 110 June 6 - 7

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Minako Hama


   Lesley Dawn Lydford-King
   KAWAKA Wednesdays
   1st Wed of each month 7 - 9pm

Anna Gentry
   FIRST LIGHT® Fridays

   On the second Friday of each month 6.30 - 8.30pm

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