June / July 2013 - No.13
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The Choices We Make
Kia Ora |*FNAME*|,

“Truth is a pathless land. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, not through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship.”  J.Krishnamurti

We have many choices available to us in the world today and the ability to discern and make objective decisions is an important skill to master. They provide a challenge for growth. A chance to  discover and develop our soul’s relationship to life. Our theme for this newsletter is ‘choices’ and our support comes from the First Light Plant Collection   No 73 Coastal Lobelia – ‘Decisiveness’.
Observing the seasons of the Soul

The solar journey, the seasons and our own soul journey are all intimately related and reflect the unique beauty that can be found in a life of harmonious relationship. A soul based relationship with life brings significant therapeutic benefits to the healing of the body and mind and is the domain of the First Light Plant Essences No’s 63-84. When the sun reaches its solstice this year on 21st June it marks a significant way-point in the journey of the soul. At this time the choice to have the soul more dominant in the life is always heightened as the sun will have traversed the path of the astrological sign of Gemini, a path which provides steps towards unifying body and soul. Traversing this territory opens up the choice to use the First Light Plant Essences in an empowering way. You can choose to consciously bring archetypal life experiences into your life to vivify and empower your life beyond the norm.


Our First Light Fern Essences workshop at Devonport will be held on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd of June. We will be exploring in depth the role of the seven native Fern Essences to address trauma and work on clearing and strengthening the layers of the human aura. There are various workshops happening across the North and South Island in June and July. Be sure to check the dates listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you this month. May your relationship to life continue to grow beyond what you thought was ever possible.

With much aroha,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber

Latest News
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A Reading With the Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe© card deck
oracle reading

A hair stylist currently employed in a busy upmarket hair salon requested a reading using the New Zealand Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe© card deck.  She wanted reassurance that her dream of opening her own hair salon would soon become a reality and whether the direction she was taking was realistic or not. It seemed that there was little support or encouragement coming from the family (who said she was not capable) yet her clients often questioned why she did not have her own salon. A shop had recently been made available for lease which she was excited about yet doubts and a fear of disappointment had crept in. The hair stylist purchased the Medicine Woman No 21 Success Spell which correlates directly with the Moko card in her third basket. We will find out what happened for her after taking No 21 Success Spell in the next First Light Flower Essences newsletter!

This reading used the Three Baskets of Knowledge layout.  
  • Basket One - Taha Huahua - Preserved Bird Container - 'Friendship'  
Indicates that she has built up a very good and loyal client base through her rapport and co-operation with others.  This has been built over quite some time by her regard for people and sociable nature. Her ability to engage with people in a friendly way has created trust and good will.  She would have no difficulty in keeping her client base.
  • Basket Two - Patupaiarehe o Te Tai Hauauru - Fairy of the West
Indicates that now is the time to give freedom to the emotions and to acknowledge the joy of pursuing a new salon. It is a time of rising energies and of honouring her feelings.  There will be resistance as her fixed old mode of working gives way to the new challenge of owning a salon. However the focus is on setting things in motion and pursuing her objectives.
  • Basket Three - Moko - Tattoo - 'Success'
There is a sense of accomplishment and success coming, accompanied by a greater understanding of how well respected and capable she is. The impulse to open up an independent salon is a vision that is coming from her Spirit. Aligning with this brings the energies of a successful outcome.
The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe© is an easy to use New Zealand 34-card Oracle deck and 80 page guide containing instructions for working with the Oracle cards. The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe© card deck works directly with the extraordinary intelligence and primordial powers of nature and use ancient archetypal symbols to provide inspiration, magical insight, guidance and spiritual wisdom.


First Light Photos

FLFENZ Trees workshop in Waikanae with Astrea Morgane (13/04/13)

FLFENZ Plants workshop in Forrest Hill with Lesley Lydford-King (14/04/13)

FLFENZ Ferns workshop in Hamilton with Gill Williamson (04/05/13)

NZNFE Seeds workshop in Waikanae with Astrea Morgane (11/05/13)

FLFENZ Ferns workshop in Lower Hutt with Astrea Morgane (25/05/13)
Successful completion of First Light Flower Essence Trees workshop and practicing a first consultation focusing on the tree essences and the chakras in Japan with Minako Hama (21/04/13)

Medicine Woman Photos 
The Medicine Woman Healers Apprenticeship© is a 12 month online course experiencing the rites of passage and lessons of the sacred role of the Healer in the 21st century.  Well done to Chris Griffiths and Lesley Lydford-King on the completion of their Medicine Woman Apprenticeship Certificate in Healers Studies©.


Current Moon Information at Medicine Woman
moon phase

The Medicine Woman website now has a handy moon phase bar near the top of the web page.  Along with the current date it offers live information about the moon's phase, the sign of the zodiac it is in and its degree.  If you are enrolled in any of the course from The Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies™ you may also find this useful to keep track of the current phase of the program you are in. The lunar cycles have always played a vital role in the ancient mysteries and continue to do so today.


First Light Constitutional Essence© - Discover Your Soul Purpose!

The New Zealand native essences in your First Light Constitutional Essence Blend correspond to your birth date and day of birth. This powerful but gentle blend of New Zealand native flower, fern, tree, seed and plant essences works specifically to naturally bring all aspects of your holistic being into harmonious alignment with your souls purpose.

Use this individually formulated unique vibrational blend on a regular basis to maximise your potential, provide a deeper awareness of self and to enhance your capacity to live life in a more powerful, effective and dynamic manner.

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May and June 2013 - Congratulations!
Leanne Harper Lambert (Whangarei, NZ)
- Cert. NZNFE
Rosemary Nelson (Wellington, NZ)
- Cert. NZNFE

For more information about becoming a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner see certificate qualification criteria and diploma qualification criteria.
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No 73 Coastal Lobelia
coastal lobelia
No 73 Coastal Lobelia is the essence of equanimity. It allows us to remain cool and impartial and weigh up what course of action we need to take when faced with a difficult life event. Coastal Lobelia assists us to demonstrate fairness, balance, impartiality and reasonableness when having to make choices... Read More
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Making Major Decisions for Your Animal Companions
sad dog
One of the more difficult decisions to make by a guardian or caretaker of an animal is the one which involves ending an animal's life on the physical plane. Other major decisions include entrusting the animal's life into someone else's hands because your personal situation is changing or perhaps you are faced with a choice of surgery or medication or...  Read More
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Cultivating Healthy Relationships
feeding each other
Every moment of every day, we are in a dynamic relationship with life. How we relate to life and the situations that arise determines our experiences. Choosing to have a healthy relationship with life begins with having a healthy relationship with ourselves. Cultivating and maintaining self-awareness strengthens our connection with all aspects of our being which then enables us to determine... Read More
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Our Many ‘Thneeds’
child choosing
Lately I have been observing the daily choices my children are faced with. They are living in an age of time in this world which is constantly presenting them with more and more opportunities and with many ‘thneeds’ as the Lorax in Dr Seuss would term them (things that everyone needs). The challenge they are presented with is to be able to... Read More
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Upcoming Courses and Events for June and July 2013
Rite of the Six Moons©                                                                                  Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Healers Studies          Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Shamanic Studies       Enrol online 
Medicine Woman - Annual Residential Workshop        
Be watching the Medicine Woman website for the Nov 2013 dates to be announced soon 

                                                                                                           Click on date to enrol
AUCKLAND - Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber  &  Tony Wyber
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                               
June 22-23 

   HAMILTON - Gill Williamson 
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                               June 29-30 

   PALMERSTON NORTH - Astrea Morgane
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                              
July 6-7 

   TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford-King 
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                                    July 6-7 

   AUCKLAND NORTH SHORE - Lesley Lydford-King 
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                                July 20-21  
   KAWAKA Wednesdays                                                    1st Wed of each month 7-9pm

   HASTINGS - Ana Dorrington 
   PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                             July  20-21
   WELLINGTON - Astrea Morgane 
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                                July 27-28 


                                                                                                           Click on date to enrol
   NELSON - Ana Dorrington 
   PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                             July 13-14 


                                                                                                           Click on date to enrol
   JAPAN - Minako Hama
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                              June 22-23

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