February / March 2012 - No.5
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Welcoming The Exuberant Year of the Dragon

On the 23rd of January the new moon in Aquarius coincided with the Chinese new year of the black dragon and marked a significant signpost in humanity’s awakening.  There is a dynamic tension in the air bringing opportunities to awaken your higher consciousness and the chance to really flourish this year.   According to Chinese astrology the dragon is unpredictable and flamboyant signifying this year to be one of great change and many surprises.  By working with the First Light Flower Essences and nature intelligence we are able to harness this energy and radiate it out as a positive expression with the Flowers Collection No.'s 1 - 36.

The third call of the Goddess went out on this propitious occasion awakening the human family to our higher purpose.  It is a powerful time to be tuning into 
nature and integrating this relationship into the life in whatever field you specialise in.  Check the facebook page Medicine Woman Rainbow Warriors For Peace for ongoing updates and information.

Classes for the First Light Flower Essences begin at the end of February with further courses  happening throughout the country in March.  Correspondence courses are available throughout the year for you to fully tune into and work with the essences at your own pace and are a popular option for those living overseas. 

Finally, with the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship© program now underway it is proving to be an eventful year already for First Light!  Placements for the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship© will operate on a rolling intake so there will be opportunities coming up to join in the program .  Stay tuned for further details.

Blessings to you all for 2012 in the age of cherishing floral waters.

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber

A 4 Day Sacred Tour With Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison
Uncle MaxThose who attended the Uncle Max talk and workshop last year found his teachings, healing and presence to be simply profound.  We are pleased to announce the opportunity for you to attend a Spiritual awakening journey with Uncle Max for 4 full days in native Yuin Country in New South Wales, Australia.    A package has been put together by Uncle Max's Dreaming Tours and Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness which covers airfares, accomodation and food for the entire experience. This is an experience not to be missed Ngaran Ngaranand one that will be unmistakably transforming. 

My Experience on Rite Of The Six Moons - Lynda Earl
L EarlThe Rite of the Six Moons program was the most powerful and life changing course of study I have ever undertaken.  It fulfilled a deep longing in my soul for study of a profoundly magical and metaphysical nature that honoured my real world as opposed to the ‘world out there’.  I was pushed out of many comfort zones into the places I really belong.  I discovered a new community of brave and resilient men and women committed to the restoration of peace and harmony on the planet and within themselves.  I’m now even better equipped to powerfully interact with the ‘world out there’ by staying true to the real world within.  This is the magic that changes everything!  - Lynda Earl

Upcoming Events

AUCKLAND  - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber
March 3/4 FLOWERS - Flowers of Transformation Essences No's 1-36 - enrol 101 102
April 14/15 FERNS - Life Trauma Essences No's 37-43 - enrol 103 104
February - Medicine Woman Apprenticeship© - enrol Apprenticeship

FORREST HILL - Lesley Lydford King
March 10/11 SEEDS - New Beginnings Essences No's 51-62 - email to enrol Lesley
1st Wednesday of each month 7-9pm - 'KAWAKA Wednesdays' - email Lesley

HAMILTON - Gill Williamson
March 17/18 FERNS - Life Trauma Essences No's 37-43 - email to enrol Gill

TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford King
March 24/25 FLOWERS - Transformation Essences No's 1-36  - email to enrol Lesley

WELLINGTON - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
March 17/18 PLANTS - Life Enchancement Essences No's 63-84- email to enrol Astrea

NELSON - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber - guest speakers
February 18  EVOLVE Festival of Opportunities http://evolvefestival.co.nz/
Franchelle - 'Medicine Woman - Pathways into the Sacred' 
                    Discover keys for the 21st century to step onto the path of magical
                    and shamanic power
Tony          - 'The Sacred Plant medicine of Aotearoa and First Light Flower
                    Essences of New Zealand'
Discover how NZ forests have the power to transform the world
February 19 
Franchelle - 'Medicine Woman and the Rainbow Warriors of Peace' 
                    Hear about the ancient prophecies, bring your musical instruments
                    and your dancing feet!
Tony          - 'New Zealand - the first country to see the light'
Learn the spiritual significance of this land and light and the connection
                    to ancient prophecies
QUEENSTOWN - Gill Williamson
March 24/25 TREES - Personal Power No's 44-50  - email to enrol Gill

No.70 Hen & Chickens Fern

The new year brings us opportunities to make changes in our lives. If we make resolutions to overcome what we see as inner weaknesses but by February our resolve is starting to fade then this is the time to work with No.70 Hen and Chickens Fern. This essence aligns with the Strength key in the Tarot, in which we see...Read More

Building Healthy Relationships with our Companions
Tree essences  No.45 Matai and No.47 Kauri  are a good place to start when putting together an essence blend for building stronger relationships with our animal  companions. Matai strengthens and balances the sacral chakra associated with emotional relating and Kauri strengthens and balances the heart chakra associated with heart-based relationships... Read More

Reinforcing Our Health For the Year Ahead

Just like a building needs reinforcing to keep it structurally sound and standing for years, so too our physical body requires reinforcement as it is the vessel that contains our emotions, mind, and spirit and carries us through our earth walk.
The commencement of 2012 affords us the opportunity to make a commitment to reinforcing our health and wellbeing on all levels... Read More

Childrens' Immunity and First Light Flower Essences

Our children are stepping forward into a new cycle/year and before long they will be confronted with the need to have strong resistance or a strong response to daily viruses and bacterial infections ‘going around’. School and childcare facilities provide constant exposure to bugs and challenge to us as parents to provide the very best support for our children. Now is a good time to consider reinforcing...Read More

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