May 2014 - No 18
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Purposeful Living
Kia Ora <<First Name>>,
“Nature does nothing without reason or without purpose.”  - Aristotle

When you start to make headway with your own healing it is natural for your life to begin taking on a new form and direction. Life starts to become more fresh and invigorating. Doors are opened and often the opportunities to do things you never thought possible come your way. Life becomes less forceful and more purposeful.
The awareness of your life purpose can begin like a tiny seed hidden in your consciousness amongst all the other plans and goals you might have. Restoration and nurturing of this potential comes from First Light flower essence No 58 Ramarama.
Ramarama is a shiny-leafed New Zealand native shrub whose Maori name means 'to shine brightly’. It is the seed essence that can restore a vibrant expression of life purpose and individual destiny. 
No 58 Ramarama is our plant profile this month and our theme is ‘Life Purpose’. This seed essence helps develop an awareness of your true place in the world so that you can follow your own star and shine your own light.
First Light Natural Health®
In our last newsletter we announced our new retail range of 20ml oral sprays. This range comes under the new name First Light Natural Health® - 100% Natural Emotional Remedies. These products have been making their way into retail stores and are becoming very popular among practitioners. The new website has been launched this month and we are very proud to take these products out into the world. Watch this space – a new opportunity will be announced to you very soon in a separate email.

A New Personal Website 
I have also launched my own personal website and am pleased to be once again seeing a limited number clients on a regular basis. I am offering a range of different appointments and astrological packages to suit people’s needs and will use various products from both First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and Medicine Woman. This website brings together the culmination of a lifetime of work and service and I welcome you to spend some time exploring what is on offer.
With much aroha,
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber

Latest News
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New Website

My website is now live and offers the opportunity to book an appointment, order the popular selling astrology reports and select your own personalised plant potions online.  There are currently four appointment packages to choose from and you will notice that Magical Plant Potions and Astrological Charts that were on the Medicine Woman website have been relocated to my personal website. Be sure to check my weekly oracle which offers advice and guidance for the week ahead.

Our People

Welcome to our new tutor Rose Claiden who has started 
teaching First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® courses this year. She will be teaching in Brisbane, Australia and has skills in a number of different healing modalities.  Rose has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge of First Light throughout Australia.

Andrina Eyles continues to be a wonderful ambassador for First Light Flower Essences, often having a stand at various festivals and shows in New Zealand. Below is a photo of Andrina’s La Caravana stall at a recent International Yoga Festival in April 2014. Thank you Andrina, we are proud of the work that you do.   

Winners Announced
Recent winners who signed up for our newsletter at the event: Voices of the Sacred Earth Eco-Festival at Kawai Purapura:
The Medicine Woman Plant Spell of her choice : Congratulations Helle Dwyer
The First Light Correspondence Course of her choice:  Congratulations Marie Fisk
Devonport – Farewell to the Secret Garden B&B
Our next Trees workshop will be held in Devonport on the 5th and 6th July and some of you also like to spend time at the wonderful Secret Garden B&B during the course of your studies. Zenia Dunkley, the owner of Secret Garden B&B in Devonport has decided to retire: “Just a short note to let you know that we have decided to retire from our B&B. Thank you for all the referrals over the years, all of your students have been really lovely people.”


A very full turn out for the first Devonport workshop of 2014. Flowers workshop in Devonport with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber  (2/3/14)

Plants workshop in Japan with Minako Hama (tutor, front middle), Sayuri, Akiko, Ryonia, Masami, Kayo, Atsuko, Eriko (16/02/14).

Seeds workshop in Forrest Hill Auckland with Natasha, Patricia, Marianne, Elizabeth, Lesley Lydford-King (tutor), Astrea, Sumi and Steve (16/2/14).

Flowers workshop in Hamilton with Natalie, Gill Williamson (tutor), Kristy and Keiko (9/3/14).

Trees workshop in Whangarei with Krystel, Marianne, Carole, Lisa, Pauline, Leilani, Steve, Lesley Lydford-King (tutor), Irene, Ria and Pania (16/3/14).

Ferns workshop in Christchurch with Yumiko, Yvonna, Denise, Patricia Stowell (tutor), Vivia and Kim (6/4/14).

Flowers workshop in Dunedin with Wendy, Yvonna, Tracey and Patricia Stowell (tutor) (27/4/14).

Plants workshop in Forrest Hill Auckland with Bert, Marianne, Natasha, Telaina, Caitlin, Lesley Lydford-King (tutor) and Joanna (27/4/14). Congratulations to Marianne and Natasha for completing all 10 workshops and good luck gaining your certificates.

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March and April 2014 - Congratulations!
- Kayo Takeyama (Japan)
- Yelena Kostyugova (Auckland, NZ)
- Yvonna Taylor (Fairlie, NZ)

For more information about becoming a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner see 
cert qualification criteria and diploma qualification criteria.
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No 58 Ramarama
The essence of No 58 Ramarama comes from its seed. All seeds contain the same divine spirit that resides in the centre of our own being, our heart of hearts. The 12 First Light seed essences heal and re-pattern ancestral and past life experiences which have impacted and damaged DNA. Ramarama is the Life Purpose essence. There comes a time in one’s life when there is a realisation that one is here for a higher purpose... Read More
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"Misbehaving" Dogs
Dogs can make wonderful animal companions and just like people they have different personalities. The expression of their personalities, the traits of their breeding (cross-bred or otherwise), the state of their physical wellbeing, their age and the way people interact with them all influence their behaviour. A dog's background experiences also affect how they behave. Read More
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Taking Natural Therapy to the Next Level with First Light Flower Essences - Part 1 of 2
In today's society, with the many challenges people are facing with their health, working as a practitioner in natural therapies such as naturopathy, herbalism or body work requires the practitioner to be able to provide support on a number of different levels for effective, sustainable and long-lasting results for their clients. First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® provide such an opportunity for practitioners by offering... Read More
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The Taurus Child
The Taurus children in my life I often experience as having an ‘easy going’ and down to earth nature or expression.  Steady, determined, resourceful and persistent in nature, they are well equipped to meet and overcome life’s challenges, particularly those of the physical and emotional type. No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy, No 5 Native Passionfruit and No 6 New Zealand Jasmine are the flower essences...  Read More
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Upcoming Courses and Events for May, June and July 2014


Rite of the Six Moons©                                                                                  Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Healers Studies            Enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship - Certificate in Shamanic Studies        Enrol online


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
   AUCKLAND - Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                           July 5  July 6

   TAURANGA - Lesley Lydord-King                                                           
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                              May 10-11

   HASTINGS - Ana Dorrington
PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                            May 10-11

   WHANGAREI - Lesley Lydord-King        
   SEEDS NZNFE 107 & 108                                                                              May 24-25

   AUCKLAND - Lesley Lydord-King                                                           
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                           June 7-8
   WELLINGTON - Astrea Morgane
   SEEDS NZNFE 107 & 108                                                                             June 28-29

   TAURANGA - Lesley Lydord-King                                                           
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                              July 12-13

   HAMILTON - Gill Williamson
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                              July 12-13
WHANGAREI - Lesley Lydord-King        
   PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                            July 19-20                                                     


                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
   DUNEDIN - Patricia Stowell 
FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                                July 12-13



                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
JAPAN - Minako Hama
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                               May 10-11
   JAPAN - Minako Hama
   TREES NZNFE 105 & 106                                                                               May 17-18

   JAPAN - Minako Hama
   SEEDS NZNFE 107 & 108                                                                               May 24-25

   JAPAN - Minako Hama
   PLANTS NZNFE 109 & 110                                                                    May 31 - June 1

                                                                                                            Click on date to enrol
   AUSTRALIA - Rose Claiden
   FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102                                                                         May 10-11

   AUSTRALIA - Rose Claiden
   FERNS NZNFE 103 & 104                                                                              June 21-22


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 AUCKLAND NORTH SHORE - Lesley Lydford-King 
   KAWAKA Wednesdays                                                    1st Wed of each month 7-9pm

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