August / September 2011 - No.2
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Welcome, a new year is unfolding!

Kia Ora <<First Name>>,
The Maori New Year recently begun on July 27th and we enter a new phase in this magnificent unfolding journey we share with the Earth. As we travel through the month of August the sun is in the zodiacal sign of Leo, symbolised by the power and grace of the lion.  It is seen unmistakably in a pride of lions demonstrating incredible courage and resourcefuness. These dynamic Leonine energies are a call for each of us to be all that we can be. They encourage us to step out onto the stage of life to demonstrate the power of the true self through spontaneity, creativity and dignified cheerfulness. The creative and highly vitalizing Leo energy can be easily and intelligently tapped into with First Light flower essences No.13 Kanuka, No.14 Rengarenga and No.15 Mingimini of the range. These ‘Leo’ essences restore a sense of inner vitality and
sphinx kanuka mingimingi rengarenga
bring the joyful realization of your own potential in the challenges we face at this time.

The Medicine Woman Rite of Six Moons© participants who are working with the First Light Orchid, Fern Ally and sacred Mountain Grass essences are experiencing in their own personal ways deep transformation and healing on their Rite of the Six Moons journey. They are all now over half way through their adventure with these powerful teacher plants. They will soon be starting to work with the Sacred Mountain Grass essences where their journey will include working with the power of the spirit breath, sacred prayer and be introduced to the vision quest.  The August intake for the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons intake has just started with a number of last minute enrolments still filtering in.

Aboriginal Elder Max Dulumunmun – a keeper of the ancient wisdoms will be visiting New Zealand in October to share special traditional Aboriginal teachings and sacred healing knowledge.  Max is the last generation of fully inititiated Aboriginal people who have been fully trained and raised in the old ways. Being able to spend time with an elder of this stature is a very rare privilage and this may be the last time the opportunity is available here in New Zealand. There has been a lot of interest in the workshops and spaces are limited. Three separate events will be taking place in Auckland on 17th October Wednesday evening , 22nd Saturday and 23rd Sunday October. Each event has a different topic and teaching focus.  I will be interviewing Max in the afternoon on Sunday 23rd October and provided there is time, there will be opportunity for you to ask questions.  See further information and his schedule in this newsletter below.

The next First Light workshop coming up this month on the 27th and 28th August is No.51 – 62 Seed Essences. This weekend course is held here in Auckland with the same workshop being held in Wellington the following weekend 3rd and 4th September. See below for other scheduled First Light courses in September and October. May you all continue to deepen your unfolding relationship with nature and find the true power of relationship the seed essences awaken within us.

Blessings to you all in this age of cherishing waters.

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Anthony Wyber

Sacred Aboriginal Teachings
As part of our initiative to ensure the survival of traditional indigenous teachings and our commitment to awakening the sacred knowledge that lies deep within each and every one of us, Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies presents three special events with internationally acclaimed Aboriginal Elder Max Dulumunmun Harrison, wisdom keeper, author and educator.
My Peoples Dreaming
Max Dulumunmun Harrison, an initiated Yuin man, grew up in Australia as part of a close Aboriginal community where some boys and young men were still selected for initiation into ancient ways.
Over the past three decades, he has taken thousands of people into the living heart of the land – teaching international students, architects, environmentalists, government ministers and advisers, medical practitioners and researchers his traditional culture.  He has been consulted by governments on land rights issues and shared the podium at major events with spiritual leaders from around the world including the Dalai Lama.
Join us for three unique transformational events and experience rare and personal insights into traditional ancient Yuin teachings and the ancient wisdoms of the indigenous Aboriginal people that are over 80,000 years old.   More Info


Christchurch Update- Dorine Hooykaas -

Greetings to you all from snow covered Christchurch!

First Light Flower Essence Information Days are being held on a monthly basis in the Sydenham Room at the Learning Centre at the back of Christchurch South Library in Colombo Street. Subjects discussed have been on the Survival Kit (Disaster Relief©, Radiation Relief© and Post Trauma Recovery© Essences), the Constitutional Essence© and the Te Wheke Essence©.
The next First Light Flower Essence Information Day will be held on Saturday 20 August from 10am-noon in the Sydenham Room where everyone is welcome ($5 ea).  Flower Essence Projects Canterbury (Kay Lloyd and Dorine Hooykaas) have begun distribution of about 12 Emergency Kits, containing everything needed to fill 108 bottles with Disaster Relief© - a.k.a 'Quake Mix', should it be necessary in the event of some form of disaster within the next 18 months.  Read more

Upcoming Events

AUCKLAND - Max Dulumunmun
October 19 (7pm - 10pm) "An Evening with Max Dulumunmun" - enroll
October 22 (9am - 4:30pm)  "Aboriginal Healing and Working with Nature"  - enroll
October 23 (9:30am - 4:30pm)  "Into the Dreamtime" - enroll

AUCKLAND  - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber
August 27/28 SEEDS - New Beginnings Essences No's 51-62  - enroll 107 108 
October 29/30 PLANTS - Life Enhancement Essences No's 63-84  - enroll 109 110

WELLINGTON - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber
September 3/4 SEEDS - New Beginnings Essences No's 51-62  - enroll 107 108

FORREST HILL - Lesley Lydford King
September 24/25 FERNS - Life Trauma Essences No's 37-43  - email to enroll Lesley

TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford King
September 17/18 SEEDS - New Beginnings Essences No's 51-62  - email to enroll Lesley

HAMILTON - Gill Williamson
August 20/21 FLOWERS - Flowers of Transformation No's 1-36  - email to enroll Gill

TAUPO - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
Medicine Woman Training and Annual Gathering 2011
November 18/19/20 - HEALERS TEACHER PLANT ESSENCES No's 85-96  - enroll 111
November 20-23 - SHAMANIC TEACHER PLANT ESSENCES  No's 97-120  - enroll 112
November 24 - Shamanic Apprentice One Day Annual Gathering  - enroll Gathering

Bracken Fern

bracken fern
Bracken Fern is a tenacious plant. It grows prolifically against the odds in difficult terrain, overcoming obstacles in its way. These are the qualities that Bracken Fern gifts to us in essence No. 69.
Bracken Fern essence corresponds to the Tarot Key 7: The Chariot. The energy of this essence is about mustering our will and inner power when we come up against external forces.  It is the will... Read More

Animals and their Keynote Essence

Animals share the same keynote flower essences as people, which correspond to their individual birthdays. If you know your animal's birthday, it is helpful to include their birthday or keynote flower essence in a blend. The First Light flower essences No.1-36 help transform animals' negative attitudes, so even though you may be working with other essences for a particular issue or situation... Read More

A Diet That Is Right For Your Body

In my practice as a Naturopath, I get asked countless times by clients questions such as "what should I eat?", "should I eat this?", "what do you think of such-and-such, and is it good for me?".
Encouraging people to tune in to what their body truly wants and needs to function well, and learning to listen to their inner promptings is essential for an individual’s optimal health and wellbeing.  Read More

Children Are Our Greatest Legacy

one year old in the garden
Children are our greatest legacy Tohuna Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere reminds us.  As elders we are in a role to support our children so that they can live and move consciously and confidently into their futures.  Like us, each child is a totally unique being, upholding and expressing sacred gifts which will assist them, others and the earth mother on their journey.  Each child carries...  Read More

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