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June 2016
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Freedom Through Non-Attachment

Kia Ora <<First Name>>,

In traditional Maori lore, whatumanawa - the dimension of feelings and emotions is inextricably linked with the human expression of true joy that comes from knowing that we are both human and divine.  The ancient people understood that a sense of freedom came from embracing the realm of the senses and that expressing our emotions in a healthy, balanced and appropriate way was vitally important for holistic wellbeing.

Our emotional nature or 'emotional body' can be problematic in the life or it can be harnessed  effectively for a higher purpose.  In this newsletter we explore ways to encourage positive emotional patterns that can enable you to experience a sense of peace in your life -  naturally extending to your partnerships, family and friends. 

We wish you a month filled with opportunities to express and experience your joy.

With much aroha,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Anthony Wyber
Co-founders First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®
Nikau Palm

No 52 Nikau Palm - Non-Attachment

Our featured First Light® seed essence for this month helps you gently release negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around emotional expression. Find out about this unique native palm tree, its many uses and read an ancient legend from the Tainui people about the Nikau Palm.
First Light Power Flower

Frida Kahlo: Your First Light® Power Flower is...

No 11 Chatham Island Geranium - The Nurturing Essence
Artist Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyocoán, Mexico City, Mexico and is considered one of Mexico's greatest artists. She is viewed by many as an icon of female creativity and was respected for her intellectual and emotional independence. A near fatal bus accident when she was 18 years old left her seriously injured. Frida used art as a means to transcend the continuous physical and emotional pain that she experienced until her death in 1954. Frida expressed her maternal feelings in an unconventional marriage to artist Diego Rivera. Her painting 'The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth, Myself, Diego and Senor Xolotl' shows her nurturing the baby she could never have. 
Express your most positive attributes! Find out what your own or somebody else's First Light® Power Flower is by using the First Light® Power Flower calculator.
First Light® YouTube: Overcoming emotional trauma.

In this workshop extract, Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber explains the importance of honouring the soul as a vital part of holistic wellbeing, overcoming trauma and learning soul lessons. 
Watch now
First Light® Podcast:  Part 2 of interview with Franchelle: peace, enlightenment and relationship. 

In a personal interview, Franchelle explains to Teresa Goodin how through the First Light® essences anyone can come to an enlightened and dynamic state of vitality and peace.
Listen now

Celebrate With Us!
International Essence Awareness Week 2016

First Light® Constitutional Essence Blend
50% Discount on all First Light® Constitutional Essence Blends
From the 18th to 25th of June 2016, we are celebrating International Essence Awareness Week. Enjoy 50% off all First Light® Constitutional Essence Blends ordered during this time!
This individually formulated blend can support you to maximise your potential and live life more powerfully and dynamically.
Animal Companions

Healthy Relationships With Our Animal Companions

How can we experience a healthy relationship with our animal companions? Just as in human partnerships, this can take time to develop. Honouring the needs of our animal companion is just as important as honouring our own.  

'Just the boost I needed to start and complete my Diploma'.  
"Once I completed my certificate it was straight into the Diploma thesis and case studies.
I enjoyed learning more about the Healers and Shamanic teacher plants in this way after having done the three years of practical first hand study with them. It was like a completion and revisiting of all those wonderful strong and supportive teacher plants that I had journeyed with. Thank you to the 12 week completion classroom process which was the boost I needed to start and complete my diploma."       - Helen Francis, New Zealand
Distribution Japan

Minako Hama: Japan Earthquake Update  

House and building reconstruction is underway following the April 2016 magnitude 7.3 quake and communities are rallying together to support each other. During May, over 300  First Light® Natural Disaster Support© bottles were distributed in the stricken area by Minako Hama and her team of volunteers. This month they will be a focused on distributing treatment bottles specifically to support pregnant women and children with disabilities. Please see the FIrst Light® Community page for current distribution centres in Japan.
Festival of Humanity

Did You Know: The Zodiacal Sign of Cancer - Form and the Evolution of the Soul.

Cancer (latin for crab), the forth sign of the zodiac is of the water element and is most often associated with the comforts of home, family, the emotions and past memories.  It is one of the most ancient of the twelve zodiacal signs and is closely connected with form and the soul seeking liberation from the personality and mass consciousness. The slow moving crab which carries its house upon its back represents the early stages of regeneration and transformation with its periodic moulting of its shell and ability to regenerate lost limbs. Esoterically, Scorpio which is the second of the zodiacal water signs is the symbol of the transformed crab and the result of next stage of the evolutionary process. This is why you will sometimes see the image for Cancer represented by a crayfish, which looks similar in appearance to the scorpion. 
Medicine Woman
Mediating the Powers of Heaven and Earth
The 10th Medicine Woman Gathering, Workshop and Retreat

Work with the Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa - Unlock your inner power with the alchemy of astrology, native New Zealand flower essences and sacred ceremony.

JUST ANNOUNCED:  This year you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a traditional and powerful experience of Sweat Lodge. In the Sweat Lodge (Inipi) we purify body, mind, spirit and send out prayers on behalf of all that is. Numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Join us for this fabulous event.
BOOK NOW! NZ$535 NZ$495.00 Early Bird Price  paid in full before June 30th 2016
Testimonial from The 9th Medicine Woman Residential Workshop, Retreat and Gathering 2015.

First Light® Community

Maria Gerathy [top left] with a stand at the Rudolf Steiner School in Belrose, Sydney.
First Light® essences on display at the Pacific Health & Fitness Ltd Open Day in Auckland [top right] and First Light® tutor Minako Hama's recent seed essence workshop in Tokyo, Japan.
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