June 2011 - No. 1

Welcome everyone to our new look newsletter
Kia Ora <<First Name>>.  Welcome to our new look newsletter.  This is the first newsletter in our new format so please be patient while we iron out a few things with the format and you may notice little changes to come.  Our new website has been up and running since the beginning of the year and we are very pleased with the way it is working.  We have a dedicated team of workers who maintain this cyber space with updates and new information all the time.  It is a sacred space that allows the essences from the First Light family to become visible to the worldwide family.  There is full information on all the essences, blog updates, interactive programs that provide a personal card reading, video media, flower essence workshops and events and of course the online store which allows great flexibility in the way you choose your essences. Click here to go to the website

The Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies has recently initiated a revolutionary personal and planetary purification program.  This program entitled Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons  began just over two months ago on the new moon of April 4th and those that are undertaking the program have found they are partaking in something truly extraordinary.  It paves the way for the Medicine Woman Shamanic Apprenticeship© that takes participants deeper still into the world of the shaman.
Those that are interesting in the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© for the next 2011 intake of this course can find more information on the website and enrollment must be completed by July 31st 2011 with the online-classes beginning August 4th 2011.  See Upcoming Events below.

I have recently returned from a two trip to Australia where I linked in with Max Dulumunmun Harrison an initiated Aboriginal elder from New South Wales.  An important dreamtime ceremony took place on Gulaga the 'Sacred Mother Mountain' which I would describe as being an experience like no other, the magnitude of which is difficult to put into words.  Tony was also privileged to take part in the ceremony and the effect must have been the same because a profound transformation has come over him.  Any ceremony or important work that takes place in the dreamtime has far reaching implications in our physical world.  During this time of great changes and planetary shift this ceremony has set in motion a series of events that will have significant impact on the human family and all our relations.  Max Dulumunmun Harrison is a fully initiated Yuin Aboriginal elder and he will be visiting with Tony and I in New Zealand this year.  His teaching style is of the traditional way and to meet with him in person is an experience not to be missed.  Stay tuned for further information on the dates of his planned visit here.
Listen carefully to the wind, it carries the song of the past and sings to us the songlines of the future. It is our First Light Sacred Mountain Grasses No’s 137-144 that are the teacher plant essences that hold the keys to accessing the songlines. 

Blessings to you all in this age of cherishing waters.

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Anthony Wyber

Upcoming events
AUCKLAND - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber
June 25/26 TREES - Personal Power Essences No's 44-50 Unit One Unit Two
August 27/28 SEEDS - New Beginnings Essences No'2 51-62 Unit One Unit Two

FORREST HILL - Lesley Lydford King
June 11/12 PLANTS - Life Enhancement Essences No's 63-84 
July 6 KAWAKA WEDNESDAYS - Theme is "Introduction to the Healer Essences"

ONLINE - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
August 4  MEDICINE WOMAN RITE OF THE SIX MOONS© Enrollments close July 31st 2011

AUCKLAND - Speaker Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
June 17/18/19 - SOUTHERN SYMPOSIUM TAROT CONFERENCE - Bella Rakha Retreat Centre

Plant Profile ~ No. 97  Parataniwha
Parataniwha ushers us into the Shamanic realm.  Those who have participated in the medicine woman training have experienced the shear vibrancy of this Shamanic teacher plant.  One can hear the ancient call of the Shamanic path, the invitation into the deeper mysteries of nature and nature power.  Parataniwha acts like a bridge to the Spirit realm.  It is our ...
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Domesticated Animals Demonstrating 'Separation Anxiety'

Today, it is not uncommon for the household dog or cat to be put on the animal equivalent of anti-depressants for what is termed "separation anxiety". When an animal is left at a boarding situation, away from home or separated from their owners or close animal companions, dogs and cats may fret or become stressed.  They may show...
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The Winter Season has Arrived
Kia ora First Light whanau!
Winter is our transition into that part of the cycle when nature slows down and everything contracts to a restful state.  It can often herald a time of colds and flus, runny noses and sore throats for many people...though this needn’t be the case.
Essence No.108 Tarata is one of our allies here, helping us to re-write our story...  
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