October / November 2011 - No.3
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On the shores of the future
Kia Ora  <<First Name>>,
The royal waka which set forth in April this year has almost reached its destined shores as Rite of the Six Moons© participants move through their Sacred Mountain Grass essences.  Further links are being forged with the future by our second wave of rainbow warriors who enrolled in Rite of the Six Moons© intake in August.  As is traditional in sacred rites of passage, some who have traversed the territory on the first waka have joined the second waka to offer their energy and support.  The journey of the second waka travels similar territory yet the experiences of each individual is thoroughly unique.

Uncle Max 'Dulumunmun' Harrison arrives this month in New Zealand for three events that will transform the way you experience life.
His unique style of teaching, that he says ‘come from the living treasures of my life’ has an impact on both adults and children.  The evening event held on Wednesday 19th October at Belmont is open to adults and their families with adult tickets at $35, children $15 and family tickets available for $80. On the weekend of 22nd and 23rd October Uncle Max will share and expand on ancient aboriginal teachings that have not been revealed before.  You will be guided through two powerful initiatory ceremonies on both the Saturday and Sunday and these two separate workshops have incredible potential to be highly transformational for you.   
Workshops this year continue during 18th– 24th November with Medicine Woman Healers and Shamanic residential workshops at Tauhara. There are just a few places available if you would like to attend. Rite of the Six Moons participants are invited to attend a one day annual gathering on the 24th November, a day that among other things, will enable those on the journey to step out of cyberspace and meet fellow travellers in sacred physical space!
The nature power of Aotearoa is working closer and closer with humanity at this time and as that relationship and calling becomes deeper and clearer for you, the vibration of the entire planet rises with you.


Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Tony Wyber

Upcoming Events

AUCKLAND - Max Dulumunmun
October 19 (7pm - 10pm) "An Evening with Max Dulumunmun" - enrol
October 22 (9am - 5:00pm)  "Aboriginal Healing and Working with Nature"  - enrol
October 23 (9am - 5:00pm)  "Into the Dreamtime" - enrol

AUCKLAND  - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber
October 29/30 PLANTS - Life Enhancement Essences No's 63-84  - enrol 109 110
March 3/4 (2012) FLOWERS - Flowers of Transformation Essences No's 1-36

FORREST HILL - Lesley Lydford King
November 26/27 TREES - Personal Power Essences No's 44-50  - email to enrol Lesley

TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford King
October 12/13 PLANTS - Life Enhancement Essences No's 63-84  - email to enrol Lesley

QUEENSTOWN - Gill Williamson
December 3/4 FERNS - Life Trauma Essences No's 37-43  - email to enrol Gill

TAUPO - Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
Medicine Woman Training and Annual Gathering 2011
November 18-20 - HEALERS TEACHER PLANT ESSENCES No's 85-96  - enrol 111
November 20-23 - SHAMANIC TEACHER PLANT ESSENCES  No's 97-120  - enrol 112
November 24 - Shamanic Apprentice One Day Annual Gathering  - enrol Gathering

No.114 Taraire

No. 114 Taraire is a teacher plant essence that belongs to the First Light Flower Essences of NZ Shamanic Collection. Taraire helps us to keep and maintain our presence of mind. It can initiate a sacred passage within you, working to reclaim back the true power of your own mind. Taraire can be used to retrieve our mind or mental direction... Read More

Animals and Retirement

As animals age, their roles may change and if they are working animals, their workload may be given to younger and stronger animals. Sometimes ‘retirement’ follows old age, an injury or ill health. Eventing or hunting horses, working dogs, breeding animals or family pets and companions may show signs of depression, anxiety and stress when they are no longer needed...Read More

Spring De-tox!

Spring heralds a time of renewal, regeneration and growth. It is a time of emergence as things which lay dormant during the cold months of winter spring into life. Once again we look to nature for the cue to let go of what we no longer need, refreshing and revitalising our body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Read More

The First Years of School

As a parent, grandparent or significant elder in a child’s life it is often challenging to be able to know how to respond to our children’s needs, especially when we observe them struggling to meet the demands and expectations of school life. We would like to be able to assist our children to make sense of their experiences and find daily balance, whilst remaining true to their unique paths and gifts.  Read More

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