We acknowledge that the Peace Foundation operates on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people. We respect their spiritual relationship with the country and acknowledge that their cultural beliefs are important to the Kaurna people living today.

Autumn 2015 eNews
Issue 29


Dear <<First Name>>


An E-Newsletter Prepared for You

The e-newsletter is one of a relatively new genre filling our email inboxes. E-newsletters can be filled with advertising, propaganda and passion and their arrival is generally untimely and unsolicited. We can skip by them, skim over a few headlines and flip over to the next one. But please wait a moment… this E-News is prepared personally for you. You are on our list because we share ideas, interests and values. In this E-News we have included information about The Peace Foundation and articles that we believe will enhance and strengthen our mutual views of art and social justice. We honour those we admire and draw your attention to some incredible art.

Our Board and Management Committee, with other committed members met in February. People involved remain committed to the social justice principles established 25 years ago. Many hold Graham dear to their hearts while moving forward to extend the impact of peace.  Planning the year it is heartening and invigorating to meet up and revitalise our commitments and our intentions.

We remind ourselves as well as you of our strategic vision:
"To promote Peace through all forms of art
relating to human rights, social justice
and environmental sustainability".

We are currently engaged exploring peace concepts at the Fringe Festival to find the winner of the Adelaide Fringe Peace Foundation Award which will be announced mid March. In this E-News information about the Kaurna Reconciliation Walk tour will be revealed. The arts will be promoted through new developments as well as the grant program later in the year.

For you to keep in touch, give support, and provide our vital fund-raising base we will host another popular quiz night, a convivial dinner, further events and the lottery - details below.

Membership  To continue our work, Your support is essential and our membership period is from March 2015 to February 2016 so our annual membership fee is now due and can be paid online or by downloading the form here.

We welcome your support and involvement and hope to see you at our AGM:
Annual General Meeting
Sunday 29th March 2015 at 2.30pm
The North Adelaide Community Centre,
Tynte Street, North Adelaide

The AGM is open to members, supporters and friends. There will be a social gathering following the meeting.
Please RSVP to Léonie Ebert 8267 3915 or email contact@artspeacefoundation.org by Wednesday 25 March.

Linley Joomjaroen
Volunteer Newsletter Coordinator

In This Newsletter (click to go directly)
1. Introducing Board Member,
Stephanie Eglinton-Warner
2. History Festival-Reconciliation Walk
3. Connecting Arts and Climate Change
4. X-ray Revisited - A Positive Outcome
5. WILPF  Celebrating 100 years
6. Let Us Not Forget the Children
7. WWW Feeds Me Art and Peace
8. Your Opportunity to Help Us Raise Funds
9. Art For Mercy:Artist's Profile - Ben Quilty
10. Wakefield Press Love Good Stories
11.Pictures In My Heart
12. Vale Stella Young
13. Gender and Poverty - Indian and Mexican Perspectives
14. Peace Foundation Calendar

1. Introducing Board Member

Hi, I'm Stephanie Eglinton-Warner. I've worked in education in a variety of roles and institutions for over 35 years. One of my earliest memories was attending a International Women's Day peace rally with my mother, an artist and activist.

My passions are education and social justice. This is why the Peace Foundation is such a good fit for me. Back in my early days at Teachers College we used street theatre to educate and protest. During my union activist days, song and imagery were used as a powerful means to express messages for social justice, as were the written word and film. Activism through art has been integral to my experience. More recently I have been an advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility and and sustainable business practices, not only within the organisations that I have worked but also through the courses and programs I have designed and delivered. 

Since joining the Peace Foundation and becoming a Board member in 2014 I have been inspired by the other passionate and committed activists striving to make a positive change both on a local and global level.

Stephanie Eglinton-Warner
Board Member

2. Celebrate National Reconciliation Week: Take a Kaurna Walking Tour
During "About Time: SA's History Festival" join Kaurna man, Frank Wanganeen, and Helen Lawry In the spirit of reconciliation to explore the rich cultural heritage of the Kaurna people within the central business district of Adelaide. Share with them sites of significance along the Karrawirra Parri (River Torrens). The sites include The Festival Centre, Pinky Flat and Pilta Wodli.
Two walking tours, organised by The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation will be conducted during National Reconciliation Week on Sunday 31 May at 10am-12noon and  Sunday 31 May at  2-4pm
Per Person: $10.00
Concession: $7.00
Family: $25.00
Bookings are essential. Contact   Helen Lawry:  Phone: 8221 6918 Email: 
helen_lawry@yahoo.com to book a tour
For more details see website About Time: South Australia's History Festival 2015.

Léonie Ebert
Management Committee

3. Connecting Arts and Climate Change

The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation is unique among philanthropic organisations as it explicitly supports the power of Art, in all its forms, to educate, influence and inspire for Peace and the conditions in which Peace can thrive. To further our discussions about the relationship between art, peacemaking and the environment, we recommend this article in “The Conversation”  which clearly encapsulates the interconnectedness of the issues and the power of artists and scientists to deepen our understanding and advocacy work.
Living data: how art helps us all understand climate change
“We hear so much about the integrity of scientific process and the role of data in driving action on climate change – but what role is there for artists in bringing about changes in understandings?”
Read the full article  by Lisa Roberts here

 4. X-Ray Revisited – A Positive Outcome

In 2003, Chris Tugwell wrote a stage play called X-Ray about human rights denied to David Hicks at the Camp X-ray, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. David’s family was consulted for the play and it was based on the few letters they received from David during the first two years of his imprisonment in 2001.

The play was named the "sensation" of the 2004 Adelaide Fringe Festival and the "highlight" of the 2005 Darwin Festival. A US production was opened in November 2005  A radio adaptation, commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, went to air on Radio National's Airplay in November 2004 and was repeated in the 2005 and 2006 summer season.  The radio adaptation was awarded the Bronze Medal for Best Drama Special at the New York Festival's 2006 International Radio Awards.
 X-ray brought David’s plight to the notice to a large and varied audience.  There was widespread Australian and international criticism and political controversy over David’s treatment, the evidence tendered against him and the newly created legal system under which he was prosecuted and convicted.
In February 2015 David’s controversial conviction was overturned by the U.S. Court of Military Commission Review. This is a joyous outcome for David, David’s father, Terry, his family and friends, lawyers and all those who campaigned like Chris Tugwell did through X-Ray for a fair go for David. We wish then all the best in the future.

The Peace Foundation is very pleased to have been a partner with Chris Tugwell in the presentation of the play in Adelaide and Darwin.

Léonie Ebert
Management Committee

5. WILPF  Celebrating 100 Years in 2015


In 2015, The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) the oldest women’s international peace organization will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary
In light of this monumental event, WILPF has created the a global movement called  Women’s Power to Stop War to honour  the work it has being  advocating for in the past 100 years.
WILPF was founded in 1915 when 1,200 women from a diversity of cultures and languages came together in The Hague during the First World War, to study, make known and eliminate the causes of war. Jane Addams was its first president.
WILPF works to achieve through peaceful means world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, an end to all forms of violence, and to establish those political, social, and psychological conditions which can assure peace, freedom, and justice for all.
The international commemoration Women’s Power to Stop War, will be In held in April 2015, 100 years after the organisation was founded.  1,136 women from diverse cultures and languages will again gather in The Hague, with the objective to set a new approach on how to stop war and conflicts and promote women’s participation and the principles of permanent peace at its Centennial Congress.
This will be followed by a big International Conference opened to anybody interested in issues concerning women, peace and security; registrations at http://www.womenstopwar.org/  By joining Women’s Power to Stop War  movement, you will be part of an international community of courageous activists, who believe conflicts and wars cannot be stopped without the participation of women – and that it is time that women focus on and use their power to stop war.
Sections of WILPF throughout the world will  also be celebrating WILPF’s Centenary Year.

  • In Canberra the centenary celebration    WOMEN’S POWER TO STOP WAR will take the form of an exhibition the Canberra Museum and Gallery,  February 21st  to  May 31st  2015. This exhibition tells the story of how WILPF women in Australia, since early 1915, have worked to achieve WILPF’s vision, illustrating in particular the work of WILPF women in the ACT, but as an interconnected part of our Australian and our international story.
  • In Adelaide there will be a centenary exhibition celebrating 100 years of WILPF women working for peace throughout the world, with a particular focus on South Australian women's campaigns. It will include photographs, posters, banners and videos. The Centenary Exhibition will be at Kerry Packer Gallery at the Hawke Centre, North Terrace fro May 6th to 5th June. 

It is important to remember that 2015 marks not only the centenary of ANZAC, it is also the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the oldest international women’s peace movement in the world.
Note: The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation congratulates WILPF on its centenary anniversary. Léonie Ebert will be part of the Australian WILPF team in The Hague
Léonie Ebert
Management Committee

6. Let Us Not Forget the Children

The Forgotten Children Report was presented  to the Government in November last year. It was not released by the Government until February this year shooting the messenger, the President of the Human Rights, Professor Gillian Triggs, and ignoring the important message that the policy of detaining asylum seekers have harmed the health and  wellbeing of   hundreds of  children.

 The timing of this report has been cricitised but it important to remember that the message  it contains  has been given been given many times to this government, the previous government and the one before that, by Human Rights Commission, the UN Rights  bodies  and others. Furthermore under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 gave the commission under Triggs the right to do exactly what it did. The government should respect the ways of the law.

The report tells the troubling  story in graphic terms of young children who have had their childhood stolen and replaced with depression and anxiety; children who have confronted violence and abuse and teenagers who have threatened or carried out self-harm. These are issues which much be examined and addressed. A Royal Commission as recommended by the report is the best way to do this as we can see from the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.


  • Dowload the Report here
  • Read  about the open letter written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott by a group of about 50 prominent Australians to express support for the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and its president, Gillian Trigg here.
You too can sign this letter through Change.org. Here’s the link"
  • Tell your Federal MP of Parliament and Senators to take up the recommendations in the report.
Léonie Ebert
Management Committee                                                                                                    
7. WWW Feeds me Art and Peace

As a daily task I use the web to interact with art and peace. For depth I turn to the Institute for Economics and Peace who believe that as a Vision of Humanity, we need to study peace.

As a visual artist I like to see information portrayed graphically. I appreciate the complexity of peace through this visual portrayal of elements contributing to peace. To read more about the Pillars of Peace, click here.

The Institute also produces an interactive world map of the Global Peace Index (GPI) which is the world's leading measure of national peacefulness and is also represented graphically.  The GPI measures peace according to 22 fascinating qualitative and quantitative indicators. Their latest report on the intersect of religion and peace adds depth to my knowledge of peace. See their website

Linley Joomjaroen

8. Your Opportunity to Help Us Raise Funds

The People’s Choice Community Lottery is a longstanding fundraising initiative that helps not-for-profit organisations raise funds by selling tickets, either paper-based or on-line. The Credit Union organises the prizes, the tickets and the administration so community groups can pocket 100% of each and every $2 ticket sold.

There is absolutely no cost for not-for-profit groups to participate – and we get every cent we raise from ticket sales! This is the third year that the Peace Foundation has participated.

Fantastic prize pool!
There are 200 fantastic prizes, worth over $360,000 – all for a tiny $2 investment!
Additionally there is a great Earlybird Prize of a Hyundai i20 Active 3 Door Hatch-Manual valued at $16,881 if you buy your ticket online by 30 April.
Tickets go on sale in mid-March and the Lottery closes end of July and prizes are drawn in September 2015.

Wow! How can you help?

  • Buy tickets online: Go to the Community Lottery website here and select for organisation: The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Inc (from mid March)
  • Register with us to get a couple or more books to sell – each book holds 10 tickets which are easy to sell to family, friends or work colleagues. You have 4-5 months in which to sell.Contact the Peace Foundation by email contact@artspeacefoundation.org to register for books of tickets.
  • Tell all your friends about it.
Good luck!

Belinda Turner
Management Committee

9. Art For Mercy: Artist Profile: Ben Quilty

As the grim process of Indonesia’s legal system unfolds we bear witness to the restorative power of art.During the ten years he has spent in Kerobokan prison, Myuran Sukumaran has developed his painting personally and also developed a studio space for other inmates. His rehabilitation process has been assisted by Australian artist Ben Quilty.

As an official war artist in 2011, Quilty was directly exposed to the horrors of war, not only for the victims, but also for the perpetrators. His portraits of Australian soldiers portray them naked and deeply and graphically damaged. You may have seen his powerful works in the exhibition “After Afghanistan” which toured through Adelaide last year.  You can view more of this in “War Paint”, on  Australian Story.

Quilty used  the  “Music  for Mercy” campaign, which demonstrated support for Sukumaran and Andrew Chan as they await the outcome of numerous legal and social justice  challenges, to fight for their lives. Hundreds of thousands of Australians have engaged in compassionate support for  them.
Quilty indicates that Sukumaran finds relief in his own power of expression through his art and we trust that this life and work becomes a symbol for hope, rehabilitation and compassion.

View more of Quilty’s powerful work on his website here. Hear him speak of his friendship with Myuran Sukumaran and read more of the power of restoration and the art they create together on Radio National. Ben Quilty’s facebook page shows some updates of his activism.
Linley Joomjaroen

10. Wakefield Press “We Love Good Stories and Publish Beautiful  Books”
Wakefield Press is an independent book publishing company based in Adelaide
I have just learned that the current version of Wakefield Press, like Our Peace Foundation, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014.  This however is not the only connection we have with Wakefield Press. Wakefield Press is publishing Graham F Smith’s memoir which the Peace Foundation will launch later this year. 
Furthermore Wakefield Press regularly wins literary, design and production awards. Most recently the Great Central State by Jack Cross won the Chief Minister's Northern Territory History Book Award 2012. Jack Cross was friend of Graham’s and is a friend of the Peace Foundation. He, amongst others, encouraged the Peace Foundation to publish Graham’s memoirs.

Wakefield Press releases around 50 titles each year on a diverse range of topics including literary and popular fiction, history, biography, art, poetry, food, wine, the environment, education and true life (ordinary people in extraordinary situations). Wakefield Press's quality backlist is currently around 500, and our e-book list continues to grow rapidly.
Wakefield Press is a commercial publishing company which offers a number of services. It 
  • maintains a relationship with several international publishers 
  • provides  commissioned publishing for organisations, and have ongoing publishing relationships with organisations such as Carrick Hill, SALA festival, University of Adelaide and University of South Australia
  • distributes its own titles, as well as those of a small selection of overseas and local publishers, to book shops
  •  provides a comprehensive publishing service for government, cultural institutions and corporate Australia.
  • sells direct to the public via our bookshop located at 16 Rose Street, Mile End, in South Australia.
We wish Wakefield Press and its staff best wishes for the future in its new home at Mile End and look forward to launching our memoir together later this year.

Léonie Ebert
Management Committee                                                                                 
11. Pictures  in my Heart

You are invited to the launch of ‘Pictures in my Heart’ on   Harmony Day, which is also Afghan New Year ( Nowruz),  on Saturday the 21st  March. It will be held fittingly at the Migration Museum, 82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide.Sarah Hanson Young Australian Greens Senator for South Australia and Hossein Valamanesh, contemporary artist will speak at the gathering.
‘Pictures in my Heart’ is described as telling the 'other' story about refugees. It contains artworks, photographs and stories of the refugees from war torn Afghanistan to rural South Australia.
The book is written by Fiona Hamilton and published by the South Australian publishers Wakefield Press.

12. Vale  Stella Young 

Through this newsletter we honour the work of many. This season we pay tribute to the work of Stella Young, whose advocacy work is warmly recognised by Arts Access Australia To read more: Click here:

13. Gender and Poverty –  Indian & Mexican Perspectives

A rare opportunity to hear from two leading gender development specialists, Oxfam India’s Chief Executive Officer Nisha Agrawal and Oxfam Mexico’s Executive Director Consuelo López-Zuriaga Hernández-Gil, discuss the role of the Oxfam’s work in their respective countries and the importance of gender equality in the reduction of poverty and social injustice

It is a public and FREE event but bookings are ESSENTIAL.  Details here:
14. Peace Foundation Calendar 2015

Dates for your Diary

  • 1st March Membership for this year falls due. Please pay online at http://artspeacefoundation.org/
  • 15th March Fringe Peace Award Announced.
  • Sunday 29th March, 2.30 pm Peace Foundation AGM 
  • 31st May Reconciliation Walk ( Reconciliation Week) sponsored by Peace Foundation during History Festival.
  • Late June: The Incredible Peace Foundation Quiz night!
  • Graham Smith's Memoir- launch TBA
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