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Fired up, ready to endorse!

This year is off to a rousing start. While there is much to say about the events in the US Capitol on January 6th, IND joins our neighbors and representatives in denouncing the President and the insurrectionists that caused chaos in the temple of our Democracy. We commend our NY delegation in speaking in support of impeachment and removal of President Trump today in Washington. 

Here's what we know: our local reform political club will continue to do good by doing the work of democracy. Carrying petitions, phone banking, and electing our endorsed candidates for local, state, and federal office is our mission, and we continue this work next Thursday, January 21st 7pm via Zoom at our first Endorsement Meeting.

Over the last few months, IND has heard from 46 candidates for office. To give enough time to all who wish to voice their opinion in each race, we will have two Endorsement Meetings as follows: 

  • Thursday, 1/21: Mayoral, Comptroller, Public Advocate, Brooklyn Borough President
  • Thursday, 1/27: City Council Districts 33 and 39

The Process for our Endorsement Meetings

Because this meeting will be virtual and not in-person, the IND Executive Board enacted a resolution allowing the club to vote via Instant Runoff (IRV) voting software, OpaVote. You can read the resolution here. IND members will gather via Zoom (with the public portion of the meeting streamed live to Facebook). Only members in good standing, or whose third meeting will be the Endorsement Meeting, will receive a link to join. 

Members will be able to voice their support for their candidates and discuss by each office. To do this, we will use the breakout room function to facilitate discussion among members who are eligible to vote. 

We will use IRV via OpaVote, which will deliver the results the night of the meeting. We will walk through all of this at next Thursday's meeting. 

Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. If you are a NEW member, you must have paid your dues and have attended three meetings to become eligible to vote. Not that the Endorsement Meeting itself counts as one of these meetings. If you are unsure of your standing, please reach out to our Treasurers ( and 

Last note: If we know you are eligible to vote, you will receive a Sample IND Ballot via email by Thursday, 1/14. If you do not receive the Sample IND Ballot by this weekend, please reach out to Tyler or Jesse. 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate our first pandemic Endorsement Meeting! 
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