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Garden-pedia: Great Gardening Holiday Gift Ideas

Madison, OH (November 17, 2015) - Garden-pedia: an A-to-Z Guide to Gardening Terms (St. Lynn's Press, 2015) is a new go-to garden reference guide that defines complex garden terminology in a conversational tone. Over 300 of the most common terms are presented with entertaining sidebars, tips and color photos throughout.

Green Profit Magazine Nov 2015Jennifer Polanz, Managing Editor of Green Profit Magazine mentions Garden-pedia in her 'All I Want for Christmas' Letter from the Editor in the November issue. Polanz covers ideas on how to compete with big box retailers by creating gardening gift sets and themed baskets, making shopping inspirational and easy for your customers.  

Garden-pedia book and Renee's Garden SeedsOne example would be to mirror what Garden-pedia co-author Maria Zampini has done in her UpShootHort shop on Etsy. She paired an autographed and personalized copy of her book tucked in to a burlap girdle pot from The Seed Keeper Company along with a packet of Renee's Garden Seeds all pulled together with a pretty ribbon. You could even take this idea and 'kick it up a notch' by adding in a gift card to your garden center.

If you don't have Garden-pedia in your IGC bookstore, hear why you should from your retail peers:

Hillermann Nursery & Florist, Inc.Sandi Hillermann McDonald of Hillermann Nursery & Florists
in Washington, Missouri says, "I love Garden-pedia, as it is a very easy read.  I plan on purchasing some as gifts to my employees and as well for new customers when they book jobs of a certain value!  I was even able to “brush up” on a few things myself by reading this book!  The photographer is good.  And I am a visual person; a picture is worth a thousand words.  Very well done and a great resource for our industry; old, young and new.”

Anthony Hoke of Sunflower Farms
Sunflower Farms in Salem, Oregon comments, "I have a tough time finding folks who want to learn the nursery business on a retail level. Your book made an ‘expert’ out of my new hires in 48 hours and made them feel comfortable as a new employee when talking to customers.”

Garden-pedia is headed for its second printing in less than a year! Place your wholesale order today through publisher St. Lynn's Press
to have Garden-pedia in stock for holiday sales! Paperback retail list price is $16.95. Book size is 6" x 7".

Maria Zampini is available for book signings, speaking engagements and radio appearances. Please contact Maria directly to book her for your special event.

About Maria Zampini
Maria ZampiniMaria is President of UpShoot, LLC - a boutique horticulture marketing firm focusing on new plant introductions and gardening related products.  She is also the Director of Plant Development for the HGTV HOME Plant Collection. Maria writes for green industry trade journals and consumer magazines such as Nursery Management, Green Profit and State-by-State gardening magazines. She is an international speaker on a variety of green topics. Contact Maria at 440.812.3249 or

About St. Lynn's Press
St. Lynn's PressSt. Lynn’s Press offers books that speak to living in harmony with the whole of life. Their publications are printed on recycled papers with environmentally-friendly inks and technologies that support sustainability. For additional information, please contact SLP by phone 412.381.9933, fax 412.381.9935 or via their website:

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