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08 March 2021
Words by Andy Smallman / Artwork by Fish Astronaut
Nonjudgmental Acceptance

Do you know of any people who stand by others no matter what? What characteristics does this require? What are the challenges? 

Begin this week by writing or talking to someone about such people. Feel free to consider both fictional characters and those from history, if it helps.

Having done that, think about a time when you administered or when you received some version of the "silent treatment." For the sake of this exercise, the "silent treatment" is when someone, in a small or big way, pretends they cannot hear or see someone else.

Reflect on that experience, doing so with as little judgment as you can. It can help to do this by imagining you are a journalist researching and then writing a story about the event.

Next, try to imagine what is the OPPOSITE of the silent treatment. As you gain some clarity about this, provide some version of this opposite to someone.

As the week progresses, reflect on your experience, maybe each night at bedtime. Did you see something new emerge from within you?

With connection & warmth,


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