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20 April 2020
Words by Andy Smallman / Artwork by Fish Astronaut
Do Something Kind for a Friend (in Need):
I caution you to be careful as you consider this suggestion.

It can be presumptuous to think we know that another is "in need" and in our attempts to assist it's possible to come across as judgmental. To get at the intent of the theme, and to get the most from it, you must strike a balance between believing you know that someone else is in need (and that you can assist) with the fact that everyone has needs.

Try to choose someone right away. Then spend a few minutes today and tomorrow simply holding this friend in mind. As you consider your friend, try to suspend judgment. Simply appreciate your friend, for in being alive they are worthy of being appreciated.

As the week progresses, consider what kind thing you can do for your friend, noting that the purpose of this exercise is NOT to fill what you think is their need.

It is simply to do something kind.

Use your inner wisdom to determine what would be truly kind, making sure that what you choose to do resonates within you. I encourage you to choose something that may seem small to you, perhaps providing dinner or sending a card.

The critical thing here is that the gesture be genuine and come from a loving place inside you.

With warmth & connection,



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