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11 May 2020
Words by Andy Smallman / Artwork by Fish Astronaut
Hello Kind Living Friends!

As I listen to people respond to the pandemic, I hear two distinct reactions.

One reaction is to lament what is lost, what people cannot or aren't being allowed to do. The other reaction is to focus on the opportunities being presented by the pandemic, on what positive things have occurred because of it.

You can guess which reaction I favor.

This is not to suggest that we live our lives in search of challenging circumstances and purposely cause ourselves suffering in order to discover opportunities. It's simply to acknowledge that being alive involves some amount of suffering. And when the suffering comes, learn to use it to improve our lives and the lives of others.

I was talking to one of my consulting clients, a 17-year-old high school junior who had his school and social lives pulled out from under him. I suggested he consider the pandemic from the perspective of what he is getting because of it, and how he can use the situation in service of something bigger than himself.

I went so far as to tell him that doing so and then writing about it will be a brilliant college application essay.

So this week, maybe at the end of each day, take a minute to consider what you're gaining because of the pandemic. I don't mean to minimize the pain and agony so many people are experiencing. I mean simply to allow yourself to look for the positives.

Doing so makes, quite literally, a world of difference  - for all of us.



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