Eat this; avoid that. A field guide to summer's guilt-free treats (and treacherous calorie culprits).
Know your vocab.

* Lo mein: Noodles are wok-fried with lots of oil.
* Sesame/orange/General Tso's: Fried and slathered in sugary sauce
* Sweet & sour: Deep-fried and covered with sweet sauce (plus rice).
* Szechuan: Stir-fried with veg in chili pepper/garlic sauce. Tends to be lower-cal (if it's not breaded, deep-fried, or contains nuts).
Aloo gobi: Antioxidant-rich dish with potatoes and cauliflower.
* Biryani: Rice-based dish with spices, meat, fish, eggs, or veggies.
* Ghee: Clarified butter for frying.
* Korma: Prepared with cream and usually almonds/cashews.
* Masala: Dishes with creamy tomato sauce.
* Paneer: Prepared with cheese.
* Saag: Dishes made with green vegetables.
* Tandoori: Made in a clay oven (tandoor).
* Turmeric: Yellow spice that helps your liver detoxify blood.
* Alfredo: Prepared with butter, cream, and cheese.
* Carbonara: Eggs, pecorino, bacon, pepper.
* Carpaccio: Raw meat/fish appetizer.
* Marsala: Mushrooms, marsala wine, and butter. Meat tends to be coated in flour.
* Milanese: Breaded, fried.
* Parmigiana: Breaded, fried, and covered in cheese.
* Piccata: Dredged in flour, sauteed, and served in a lemon-butter-spice sauce.
* Primavera: Vegetables and tomatoes.
* Gaeng pah: Water-based curry. Usually lower-cal than coconut-based curries.
* Kao pad: Fried rice.
* Mee krob: Crisp-fried noodles.
* Massaman curry: Thick curry with a lot of coconut cream.
* Massaman beef curry: Fatty short ribs, potatoes, coconut, and nuts.
* Pad Thai: Fried noodles, usually with shrimp; mix of refined carbs and salt.
* Satay: Marinated, skewered, grilled meats in peanut sauce.
* Tom Yum: High-protein, low-cal soup with lean meat and mushrooms.
* Curry types: Green (hottest/fresh green chiles); Red (Original/dried red chiles); Yellow (Mild; red or yellow chiles with turmeric).
* Burrito: Flour tortilla wrapped around a filling (usually rice, refried beans, meat, cheese).
* Chile rellenos: Chile stuffed with cheese, coated in egg batter or flour and fried.
* Chimichanga: Deep-fried burrito.
* Enchiladas: Fried tortillas topped heavily with sauce and cheese.
* Mojado: "Wet" -- usually drenched in cheese and sauce
* Mole: Spicy sauces, usually with a base of onion, chiles, nuts or seeds, and unsweetened chocolate.
* Crunchy/tempura: Fried.
* Katsu: Fried.
* Hand roll: Seaweed cone stuffed with rice and chopped fish.
* Maki: Rolls with seaweed wrapped outside rice
* Naruto: Sashimi and avocado wrapped in cucumber
* Nigiri: Raw fish over rice
* Sashimi: Raw fish (no rice)
* Spicy: Mixed with a mayo-based sauce
* Toro: Fatty meat from the fish's belly. Has 3-4x the fat of regular tuna.
* Yakitori: Lean meat and veggie skewers.
* Au beurre: With butter.
* Au gratin: With cheese, breadcrumbs, egg, butter.
* Au jus: With pan juices.
* Bearnaise: Sauce made of butter, egg yolks, and herbs.
* Bechamel: White sauce -- milk mixed with a flour-butter roux.
* Confit: Cooked in its own fat.
* En croute: Wrapped in a pastry.
* Foie gras: Goose pate.
* Frites: French fries.
* Graisse: Fat or greased.
* Hollandaise: Emulsion of butter and cream.
* Paillard: Thinly sliced or pounded grilled meat.
* Provencal: Tomato-onion-olive sauce.

OCTOBER 2: National Kale Day
This superfood is a staple in my diet, and it's the base for hundreds of delicious and nutritious recipes. For inspiration, check out my kale Pinterest board!
OCTOBER 5: Stone Barns Harvest Fest
Join me at this 10th annual festival in Pocantico Hills, NY. It's great for all ages! Get more info here.

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When you're not the one in the kitchen, making healthy choices can be confusing and stressful. Most of us end up over-eating without knowing it or chosing what we thought were healthy dishes only to realize that they were given a butter bath. But when you arm yourself with a little info you can dine or take out with confidence. Every cuisine offers options that let you enjoy its flavors without that postmeal regret. Dig in!— Stephanie

Cuisine Guides
Use these tips anytime you step into a restaurant or order in. The more familiar you get with them, the more of a pro you'll be when you eat out. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to take a pass on some favorites, but fear not as there are always delicious alternatives. And if you do occasionally indulge, remember that it's just one meal! The key is to order with confidence.

Start with: Hot & sour, egg drop, or won ton soup; or steamed vegetable dumplings
Entrees: Choose a veg-heavy entree, especially ones with veggies that soak up less sauce (think string beans, broccoli, and snow peas instead of eggplant or spinach).
Be careful! Entrees tend to be big, so split one with a friend or bring half home. Substitute brown rice for white rice (remember brown and fried should not be the same), and ask for sauce on the side (limit yourself to 3 tbsp. max). Oh and eat with chopsticks! They slow you down (and eliminate some of the sauce ... double bonus.)
SKIP: General Tso's chicken (it hurts, I know...)
Stephanie suggests:
*Steamed moo-shu vegetables (leave the pork out of it!) (keep to 2 pancakes and 3 tbsp. sauce). You can always ask for lettuce wraps instead of pancakes.
*Egg drop soup + order of steamed veggie dumplings

Start with: 
Salad or lentil/tomato soup sans cream.
Entrees: When it comes to entrees, look for the words "tandoori," "tikka," "kebabs," and "from the grill." Limit dishes that contain the words "masala," "paneer," and "korma." (See the left column for a breakdown of terms!) Cut spiciness with raita (cucumber yogurt) instead of extra rice. And limit chutneys to 2 spoonfuls (they're full of sugar).
SKIP: Naan and samosas (again hard, I know)
Stephanie suggests: 
*Tandoori chicken + dal (protein-rich beans) + raita

Start with: Grilled octopus or calamari, prosciutto with melon, insalata mista, or minestrone soup.
Entrees: If you order pasta, ask for an appetizer portion and pair it with a vegetable side dish. If you choose meat, go for steamed, broiled, al forno (prepared in the oven), and alla griglia (grilled). 
Pair a lean meat with 2 veggie sides. Stick to tomato-based sauces (marinara, primavera). If you're nervous about carbo loading,  combine two apps or few sides to make a meal.
SKIP: Dishes with creamy, buttery sauces (Alfredo, vodka, carbonara) and fried options like rice balls or calamari fritti
Stephanie suggests:  
*Double app: grilled calimari + salad (beet and goat cheese; artichoke and fennel; arugula and shaved Parmesan)
*Shrimp marinara + broccoli rabe
*Side of meatballs + sauteed spinach

Your best bet: Order 2 apps as your entree. Combine any of these: tom yum soup, summer rolls, papaya green salad, steamed dumplings, sliced beef salad, chicken satay (2 spoonfuls max of dressing on the side).
Entrees: If you order a main dish, pick a veggie stir-fry made with lemongrass, ginger, basil, or other Thai herbs and vegetables instead of coconut curries or peanut sauce. Ask for a half-portion of rice.
SKIP: Pad Thai, coconut curries
Stephanie suggests:
*Choose 2: Summer rolls, papaya salad, chicken/shrimp/veggie satay

Keep in mind: This cuisine seems scary, health-wise, but can actually be very clean. Remember to choose guacamole, sour cream, OR cheese -- 1 of the 3.
Start with: Jicama to accompany the guacamole shared by the table. Plate 2-3 tbsp. of guac -- no extra dipping. If you don't eat the guacamole, start with ceviche (fresh seafood dish).
SKIP: Burritos (with wraps), meat quesadillas with sour cream and/or guacamole.

Stephanie suggests:
**Tacos: Choose fish/veggie/chicken tacos and keep to 2 small soft corn tortillas.  
**"Naked" burrito (no wrap) and choose rice OR beans; 1 out of 3 condiments (see above).  Skip the built-in bean and rice sides! 
**Fajita: If having the shell, keep to 1 tortilla. 

Start with: Edamame (keep to 15 pods) or miso soup.
Entrees: Stick to 1 serving of rice (1 roll/6 pieces or 4-5 pieces of sushi). Ask for brown rice when possible. Many ask for the rolls to be split into 12 pieces so you feel like your have more.
Or try naruto rolls or sashimi cucumber rolls instead (these have the fish + avocado wrapped in cucumber/no rice).
Oh, and sake has twice the calories of other wine (39 calories per ounce). Just saying...
**Drink at least 2 glasses of water, Sushi is salty!**
SKIP: Spicy/crunchy rolls
Stephanie suggests:
*1 salmon avocado roll (with brown rice) + 4-8 sashimi pieces (depending on your hunger level and size) + salad

Start with: Mesclun salad, beet salad, raw bar selections (oysters, shrimp cocktail, etc.), carpaccio, or a clear soup (mushroom or asparagus).
Entrees: The leanest dishes are moules mariniere (mussels in white wine and herbs), bouillabaisse (fish stew), and grilled or roasted fish. Chicken paillard and roasted chicken (sans skin) are good, too. H
ealthy preparations include au jus, au naturale, rotisserie, steamed, grilled, poached, and en papillote.
What about sides? Go for haricots verts, grilled asparagus, sauteed spinach, Brussels sprouts, or ratatouille. (If you must get frites, split one order among the table.)
SKIP: Meat covered in butter or cream sauce, steak frites. 
Stephanie suggests:
*Mussels without the frites and sauteed spinach instead
*Salmon + lentils + ratatouille

Healthy Restaurant Habits

Regardless of cuisine, keep these thoughts in mind anytime you eat out. A few good habits help you stick to your plan and leaving feeling satisfied, not stuffed.

1. Don't fast before a meal out. Show up starving and you'll probably overeat! Eating an apple or a few high-fiber crackers plus water 30 minutes before eating out takes off the hunger "edge" and saves you hundreds of calories later.
2. Alcohol. 
A "standard" drink = 1.5 oz. shot of 80 proof distilled spirits, 5 oz. of wine, or 12 oz. of regular beer. However, restaurants typically serve an extra 40 to 50% more.
3. Indulge in 1 treat. Will it be a drink, the bread basket, or dessert? Choose one -- and enjoy it. (By the way, ordering a cocktail gets you out of that bottomless bottle of wine the table often shares.)
4. Gather your thoughts. If the spaghetti carbonara calls, walk away from the table for a bit to refocus. Ward off food-pushing pals by telling them you want to order food that you know will help you feel good later. Remember: Their behavior is about them, not you.
5. Be a cheap date. Seriously. Go for the two appetizers or get your own appetizer and split and entree. 
6. Prepare. The more prepared you are the less you will veer from the plan. Review the menus ahead of time and choose what you want so there is no menu stress.
7. Slow down. Food is social. Be a participant by not scarfing your food. Put the fork down and look up!
8. Finish with warm water and lemon. It helps digestion, is a palate cleanser and keeps you occupied so you don't keep digging into the shared dessert. 
9. Mind the extras. I'm talking dips and dressings. Serving = 2 tbsp. Plate it and be done. Skip the "double dipping."

Kale Salad with Walnuts and Soft-Boiled Eggs

1 bunch regular kale or 2 bunches Tuscan kale, center ribs removed, leaves thinly sliced
1 cup grated Parmesan or Pecorino

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
3 anchovy fillets packed in oil, drained
1 garlic clove, minced
4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive plus more for drizzling
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 cup toasted walnuts
4 soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled eggs, peeled and quartered

Combine kale and cheese in a large bowl; set aside. In a mortar or a small food processor, combine cumin, crushed red pepper flakes, anchovy fillets, and garlic. Pulverize with a pestle or process. Whisk in lemon juice and 1/3 cup oil; season dressing to taste with salt and pepper. Drizzle dressing over kale mixture and toss to combine. Season salad with salt and pepper. Divide salad among plates and garnish with walnuts. Drizzle with more oil. Season with more pepper. Arrange eggs around rim of plates.