What are your staples? How about these fab 15—and the dozens of meals you can make with them.

The Skimm makes it simple to keep up with news (great commute read).
Mark Bittman's blog for smart, quick reads.
The Kitchn for ideas and inspiration.
101 Cookbooks & Sprouted Kitchen for recipes and beautiful photos.
Food Politics by Marion Nestle keeps me up on policy and politics.
The Daily Green is a great resource for everything eco.
Well + Good NYC is the perfect go-to for, literally, everything well and good in New York.
* On Tuesdays I read the Health sections of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
* On Wednesdays I'm all about the Food section of the NYT.
* I also love to check out The Cut in New York mag, specifically
Rebecca Harrington's column.
Greatist hooks me up with daily posts on food, fitness, and well-being.


* Mouth is my saving grace for gifts. Find killer indie food/cooking stuff, like the PB&J Taster and a sleek slate cheese board.
* Good Eggs delivers local, fresh food in the Bay Area. It's coming to Brooklyn, NOLA, and L.A. soon.
* Food52 Provisions stocks amazing kitchenware and pantry staples, from a clever pie box to swanky adobo.
Tap Is Terrific is an awesome water bottle that lets everyone know you're not into the plastic thing.


* I weighed in on the Best Juices for Fitness magazine's 2013 Healthy Food Awards.
* Don't spend the rest of beach season bloated! I shared
9 bloat-fighting foods with Well + Good NYC.
* What's really in your soft-serve fro-yo? I gave 
Redbook the scoop.

* Enter the code MNUTRITION at checkout for 15% off one of my favorite snacks: Pulse Roasted Chickpeas.

* Upgrade your breakfast! Enter the code MNUTRITION at checkout for a discount on superfood cereal from Vigilant Eats.

Summer's long, lazy days will soon give way to busy schedules. Take advantage of the last few weeks of August and stretch out with a good book (or blog). I've gathered my favorite reads and broken them down so you can find the ones that will keep you turning the pages. Who said you can't read your way to great health? —Stephanie
Bust out of your cooking routine with fresh ideas from some of my favorite chefs and foodies. Whatever your eating style, you'll find recipes that make your meals sizzle with flavor and nutritional goodness. And don't be afraid to experiment  Now is the time to try new ingredients and dishes -- come Thanksgiving, you'll be dominating the kitchen.

For the seasonal eater: Clean Food, by Terry Walters
For fast, healthy recipes: Everyday Food Light: The Quickest and Easiest Recipes, All Under 500 Calories, by the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Also try Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good. It really is. Even if goop's not your thing.
For vegetarians: Super Natural Every Day, by Heidi Swanson
For vegans: Appetite for Reduction, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
For the new cook: EatingWell Serves 2, by Jim Romanoff & the EatingWell editors, is excellent for couples (and single people!). 

Want a deep dive into a specific subject? Nerd out with these picks and dazzle your friends with all your knowledge.

Sustainable fish: Monterey Bay Aquarium
Farm to table:
Restaurants: (check out the national edition and the city editions) and (New York magazine's food blog)
Nutrition/food labels: makes readers more aware of product labels so you know how healthy the stuff you're buying truly is. I recommend the apps, too -- I chose the gluten-free specialty version, which takes the guesswork out of shopping.

Whether you're scrolling through your phone during a long bus/cab/elevated subway ride or just (admit it) procrastinating a bit at work, these blogs and websites will keep your brain happy with lots of useful info you can put into action.

The Kitchn: Get everything from kitchen inspiration to inventive recipes to posts about foodie trends.
Detoxinista: Megan shares recipes and tips that she puts to use in her own daily life. (Cauliflower pizza crust, anyone?)
Oh She Glows: Scrumptious vegan recipes, plus plenty that are also free of gluten, soy, and processed foods.
My New Roots: Holistic nutrition junkies will drool over the recipes and whole-foods schooling.
Bon Appetit: For good, old-fashioned yummy food.

These folks are the "thought leaders" of food and eating. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of food politics, food science, or food philosophy, these are the people to check out.

Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food is the "eater's manifesto." Pollan can break it down into 7 words: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." I like his style. Also check out Food Rules to clear the clutter about how to eat.
Mark BittmanNot sure where to start when building a cookbook collection? Start with Mark. He's a James Beard Award winner (kind of like the Oscars for food) and will teach you how to cook everything. Seriously, everything. 
Alice Waters: The Art of Simple Food is the ultimate how-to book on eating (and cooking) seasonal, local, fresh foods -- with an emphasis on simplicity and deliciousness.
Marion Nestle: Desperate to untangle the web of food lingo and rules? Read What to EatWant the inside dope on the food industry's influence on our diets? Food Politics is the way to go.
Andrew Weil, M.D.Dr. Weil is renowned in integrative medicine. He also can put together some fantastic recipes. Check him out for everything from food to health to happiness.


My favorite reads for specific circumstances. They're great supplements to many of the other books and resources here.
Gut health: Integrative Gastroenterology, by Gerard E Mullin
Autoimmune disorders: The Immune System Recovery Plan, by Susan Blum, MD.
For new parents: Real Food For Mother and Baby, by Nina Planck, gets you back to basics with sensible, whole foods to nourish yourself and your family. Weelicious, by Catherine McCord, has 140 easy, healthy recipes even picky mini-me's will eat.
For the athlete: No Meat Athlete is blogger Matt Frazier's book for serious athletes who want rounded, protein-rich vegetarian meals.
Food allergies: Elana's Pantry. Whatever your food restriction, Elana hooks you up with recipes and resources. 
Vegan: Gluten-Free Vegan Girl. It can be hard out there for a gluten-free plant-eater. Solveig, a teen girl from Norway, makes it a lot easier.

Sometimes you want to put down the book and kick back with a movie. This time, skip the same-old blockbuster and try one of these eye-opening food docs.
Forks Over Knives is a great watch if you're curious about the effects that animal products and processed foods can have on our bodies and minds.
Fast Food Nation explores the fast-food industry and the "all-American meal." May just inspire you to flip your own burgers.
Food Inc. is a critical examination of factory farms and the conglomerates that control most of our food supply.

Food Matters explores the importance of food on health and the ways in which processed or genetically modified foods, pharmaceuticals, and other things we consume may be making us sick.