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Travel Like A (Nutrition) Pro

Who doesn’t love a vacation? While taking a break from your routine is a good thing, travel, airports, checking out all those cool restaurants, having that extra margarita and skipping workouts (even though you packed your workout gear!) can really sap your energy. So instead of feeling like you need to go on a cleanse to recover from your vacation here are my tips and tactics for eating well to feel your best on the go!  â€”Stephanie


Build up immunity.
Travel colds are a drag, so protect yourself. Starting 3 days before, consume extra vitamin C, Zinc and Probiotics to fortify yourself against the stress of travel, less sleep and, if flying, being confined with less air circulation and lower humidity. 
  • For C, munch on red bell peppers and fruit like berries, kiwi and citrus
  • For Zinc, eat some pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, beef or garbanzo beans
  • For Probiotics, go for fermented veggies, kombucha or supplement
  • You can also try one of our go-to immune-boosting smoothies a few days before your trip: blend 1 cup of mixed berries, 1 kiwi,  a handful of frozen spinach and coconut water. Top off with cacao nibs. 

Stock up on snacks.
Don’t count on finding something at the airport or on the plane, even if you’re flying first or business. Pack your carry-on with healthy snacks, and bring extras in case of delays. (See my healthy snack list below, details in the side bar.) If your flight is longer than an hour or two and falls during a mealtime, make sure to pack a rock-star spread. I like to go veggie heavy, as breaking down higher-fat foods slows digestion, especially at altitude. My go-to is a high protein, high-fiber quinoa salad. (Check out some delicious recipes on the side bar.)

Health-ify your hotel.
Call the hotel a few days ahead and have them clear out the mini-bar/fridge, to remove temptation and make space. Ask if there’s a health-food or grocery store nearby, and whether they’ll deliver a bag of goodies. Cut-up vegetables, fresh fruit, plain whole-milk yogurt, freshly made cold-pressed juices and nut butters are all great to have on hand. Extra tip: On your last day, have the store deliver snacks or a meal for your return trip. If they can’t, ask the hotel to pack one for you.

Stock your home fridge/pantry.
Take the stress out of what to eat when you get back. Make sure you have enough food on hand (that will stay good while you’re gone) to whip up something super-quick, light and delicious when you return. Some favorite items on my list: Hilary’s veggie burgers; frozen vegetables; Amy’s frozen meals; Splendid Spoon Soups (all vegan, gluten free and seasonal); canned tuna, sardines or wild salmon; and pre-cooked organic grains, such as Seeds of Change. Also get to know your same day delivery services which you can order on the car ride home.  If in NY, these include FoodKick, Instacart or even Postmates your favorite health dish. 

Indulge wisely.
You’re on vacation, so enjoy yourself. Just do it strategically. Cocktails, white carbs, desserts—whatever your faves are, stick to 2 per meal, max. In other words, have one cocktail and a dessert, or a small portion of pasta and dessert. To avoid going completely vacation mode style, save your indulgences for the second half of your trip. 
Sip smart.
Speaking of cocktails, go with lower sugar options like tequila + lime or vodka + soda. Try to limit day drinking (or count that as your afternoon snack) and be sure to drink plenty of water before and after. No hangovers = more fun.

Plan your day.
Focus on keeping it clean in the places you CAN control like breakfast, snacks and portions. Typically lunches and dinners are more indulgent, so enjoy a really healthy breakfast. Skip the carbs in the morning (have a veggie omelet or plain yogurt with fruit—or one of my favorites, plain yogurt with cucumbers, tomatoes and olive oil) and keep it to one plate’s worth. 
Middleberg News
Meet Pegah Jalali, Pediatric Nutritionist 

Keeping the kiddies fueled while traveling can be challenging, but don't worry, we've got the whole family covered. Please welcome our newest member of the Middleberg Nutrition family and Pediatric Nutritionist, Pegah Jalali, MS, RD, CNSC, CDN.  We are thrilled that Pegah has joined us!  She’ll not only be seeing pediatric cases one-on-one but will continue our popular First Bites classes! Click here to learn more about Pegah & the Middleberg Team.
Munch Like A Boss Onboard
Nuts + Seeds
Pack your own to get the right portion. Aim for 1 oz. (or the amount that fits into an Altoid box), or choose pre-portioned options like these from Sunbiotics or these pumpkin seeds from Eden. 

Nut Butters
I love the pre-portioned packets, like Artisana Organic Coconut Butter and Justin’s Classic Almond Butter.

Whole-Food Energy Bars 
Look for brands with short, understandable ingredient lists. Two I like: Rx Bars and Raw Crunch Bars.

Crunchy Seaweed 
I like SeaSnax because it’s made with olive oil, not vegetable oil.

Veggies w/ Single-Serve Hummus or Guac Cup
Wild Garden and Wholly Guacamole are two great options. 
Quinoa Salads

Do you have a favorite recipe? Please share! Write to us:
Got The 
Vacation  Bloat Blues?

It’s not your imagination. Between the pressurized air and low humidity, it’s tough to avoid. But you can take steps to mitigate it. While you’re onboard, avoid salty snacks, skip caffeinated beverages and alcohol, and drink plenty of plain water (before you board, and then at least 8 oz. per hour of flight). Once at your destination, I also recommend fortifying yourself with Magnesium and some hot water with lemon. You can also enjoy my favorite digestive bitters mixed in with some H20. 
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