Food Finds
It's that time of year: You're over the snow, the cold ... did I say snow? And spring seems like it will never come. If you're like me, you probably need to rock yourself out of a food rut. So this month I've rounded up 11 delicious, healthy finds that'll wake up your taste buds and shake up your routine. You can find most of these foods online or at your local health food stores. 

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You can say what you want about the Paleo diet, but I do like many of the new products — they're made with real, good-for-you ingredients (like coconut flour, apple cider vinegar, and virgin coconut oil) and leave other gluten-free breads in the dust. They're all gluten, grain, yeast, soy, and GMO free. Find them online or use Julian Bakery's bread locator to find a shop near you.

These are amazing! They're made from fresh veggies and they taste like fresh veggies — not like vegetables masquerading as meat but coming off as rubber. I highly, highly recommend them. Instead of being packaged as frozen patties, this is a ready-to-shape mix you can form yourself then grill, bake, or sauté. You'll find Made by Lukas in your market's refrigerated section. The distribution is limited, but check out the site for stores. 

Coconut water, milk, and oil have been big for a while now, but coconut crisps are still under the radar. These snacks hit the spot when you're craving something crunchy and sweet. Just be sure to keep an eye on the serving size!

Toss that chalky protein powder and stock up on Not Your Sugar Mamas instead. It has a chocolaty taste, but it's big on nutrition with blends like Maca (for nourishment and healing) and Spirulina (considered one of nature's most perfect foods) all mixed with cacao for richness. This good stuff is whipped up in a little shop on Martha's Vineyard, but check the website to order online or find stores!
OK, these aren't for everyone. But if you like a savory bar, Epic is one of the few meat bars on the market. The meat is all 100% grass fed, too. If you're the kind of person who's pro-jerky, these are definitely worth a try.

I've posted about these before, but when it's frigid outside we just want something carby. (At least I do, and I'm pretty confident I'm not alone on this one.) Vigilant Eats' superfood cereals are both comforting and energizing on cold, dark mornings. Plus, not only are they made with great ingredients but they are portioned controlled — perfect for quick and easy meals (and each comes with its own spoon). All you need is water or milk ... instabreakfast!

How many buzzwords can I use to describe one product? Here are a few: soaked, sprouted, probiotics, organic, raw (and so on). Sunbiotics are a find! They're fabulously good for you, and they lure you in with mouth-watering flavors such as truffle and chocolate. I'll let them take it from here: "We take the finest raw, organic almonds and put them through a special process which involves sprouting/germinating (enhance enzymatic activity) and then low temperature drying (preserves raw state + adds crispiness). We then coat them with probiotics, an amount equivalent to 8 billion CFU per packet." Snack on!

I love this brand for its fresh, original options. Rawpothecary does not make your average green juice — I promise! The inventive combos keep your taste buds pleased. I love them all, but my favorites are are CoCoChi Coffee (chia + coffee = heaven), Kalefornia (summer in a bottle), and Heavenly Hemp.
If your go-to comfort food is pasta, I strongly recommend you keep this black bean magic in your pantry! Made of just beans and water, this noodle is a great pasta alternative. It's super high in protein (25g per serving). The texture is a bit mushier than traditional pasta, but it's definitely worth a shot when you want something high-protein, high-fiber, and gluten free. (Or just want to mix up spaghetti night.)
I've been loving these on cold afternoons and evenings. NibMor's drinking chocolate is extremely rich and satisfying. And at around 100 calories it's a great portion controlled chocolate treat. I dig the company's real food philosophy.

Finding a great tasting and healthy dairy-free yogurt has been a challenge, so I was thrilled when I spotted Anita's on the shelves. The only ingredients are coconut milk and probiotic culture, and you can sub it in for everything from yogurt to soft cheeses to sour cream. Plus, it's made in Brooklyn. Talk about local!

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