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I am sending you two more short texts today.
The first is about an event that is happening today!:)

On the 25th of May, we organize a concert including attractions on "the Colorful Playground", part of the Bermuda Triangle district in Wroclaw.

The story is simple - only in Jesus Christ you can experience new and transformed life. But .. more on that later :)

I will just mention that, that afternoon is part of a larger event - Renewal Festival, of which you can read few words further below.

The second text is about Contact 1to1. This project has been implemented since the very beginning of the Foundation's existence. It had it´s leaner and more generous periods. The loyalty of the people who were and still are responsible for it can not be forgotten!

Once again thank you for being with us! :)
Meanwhile, enjoy reading:

#ROYALRAPCREW on the Colorful Playground

Less than three years ago, Kolah together with the team visited us at our Colorful Playground. I remember it was July.

The band´s show took place on a provisory stage built of several palettes and OSB plates. Next to the scene arose graffiti, near to the playground was a large barbecue, of which from time to time you could smell the baked sausages. Almost every child ran with a cheerfully painted face :)

Curiosity was noticeable, the inhabitants listened attentively to what, or rather, of whom it was rapped on the stage. The one who has the power to change life, give meaning and hope to it was also among these people. I remember, that the New Testament was available for anyone who wanted. A full box.  You know that it ran out? :)

Several people have raised their hand to show, that they already have enough of the life in which they are in, enough of their current situation, that they want a new life.

Since then, almost three years have passed. I wish that today, on May 25th even more people could not just hear about Jesus, but accept and experience a new life that can be carried out with Him and through Him.

Pray with me so that their hearts be ready to accept this simple truth -
God loves them so much that he sacrificed his own son to win their hearts and give a new life as a gift (together with him).

At 4PM we start, full of prizes and attractions for children.
Around 5PM we plan the performance of #RoyalRapCrew.

Bartek Jakoniuk



Project 1to1 has been in our Foundation for many years. I took it in 2015 and since then I have been able to look closely at what is going on with the kids involved in this project. For the moment, there are 2 couples in the project - maybe not much, but what the girls are saying sounds that it's worth it.

By building volunteer couples, we try to respond to the needs of the specific situation of a young people. The caregiver seeks to support the person in charge with the appropriate attitudes to the various risks he encounters in his or her environment, and to provide assistance, for example, in learning or organizing leisure activities.

During the meetings, the volunteer seeks to spend time with his or her child at least once a week. This time is primarily used for various kinds of activity related to individual interests, during conversations.

Kids are making huge progress in learning, are open to relationships with other people, and most importantly, they know that there is someone who cares for their good, who is available to them, who is interested and spends time.

Below are some statements from our volunteers.

Ola: "We had a lot of good talks about family, the future, education, her relationship with her absent father. In 2015 we were at a conference for girls "Exit". Thank God for all :-) "

Klaudia: "Learning to read, building good relationships is our common success"

Investing in kids is always a good investment and the 1to1 project is the perfect confirmation!

Marcela Chyba - project coordinator 1to1


Piotr Nazaruk [TGD] invites for the climax day of ODNFEST's


On 22nd-27th May 2017 Wroclaw will be hosting the ODNOWIENIE(Renewal) Festival for the first time. This will be a week filled with many interesting workshops, concerts and lectures. All events organized during the festival´s week are free of charge.

ODNFEST is a week of worthwhile events for all living in Wroclaw as well as tourists visiting the city. Their range is so broad, that artists and entrepreneurs, young and old, those who like dynamic music or enjoy the more romantic climates, can find something for themselves.

All events will be free and their organizers include dozens of Christian communities and organizations, both Protestant and Catholic, from Wroclaw and throughout Lower Silesia. It combines their desire to do something positive for the city and to show that faith in God is not limited to religious rites but true life, passion and openness to others.

The climax of ODNFEST's entire week will be the devotion to unity service on Saturday 27th May at 12PM as well as the concert of the 12Stones and the TGD choir which will be held in the same place at 6PM.

We wish you a great week! :)
Behalf of the YFC Poland team,

Bartek Jakoniuk

National Director
Youth for Christ Poland
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