You are helping to change the story. 
Dear Friends,

Through your partnership with CAMA, you are helping to change the stories of people like Ana and Susi—two Muslim women who live on the other side of the world.

Do you remember the massive tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004? In the region where Ana and Susi live more than 170,000 people were killed; nearly half a million were left homeless.

CAMA initially provided emergency relief supplies to tsunami survivors before transitioning into development work. Many partners like you supported our CAMA staff as they distributed 2,000 moringa seedlings up and down the coast of the tsunami-devastated region. Since the moringa plant is packed full of nutrients, we promoted its health benefits to those living in temporary shelters.
We then sent CAMA workers Jason and Elissa to help guide long-term development in the region. They decided to start a moringa business, but they needed business partners. Having met and observed Ana and Susi’s character and work ethic, they invited the two women to join them.
“Besides the qualities these ladies possessed, we also wanted to work with people who would not normally have had the chance to own a business—people often marginalized,” Jason observes.

In 2014 a social enterprise was formed with Ana and Susi as the owners. The business has since earned $25,000 in sales (not including U.S. sales through a partner company).

How has this opportunity impacted these two women?
Watch their stories. 

“I have been working with [Jason’s] family for five years. And I have never felt like I’m unintelligent,” Ana says. “That’s something I really appreciate.”

Indonesia’s national regulatory agency recently certified the business's moringa powder and seed oil. This enables the company to sell in pharmacies and grocery stores throughout the country. Ana and Susi also have launched a foundation to assist with promoting moringa’s health benefits. Ana’s oldest daughter directs this foundation.

The moringa project is a tangible expression of Jason and Elissa’s business investment and commitment to the community. They have seen God change attitudes toward them from being “potentially dangerous outsiders” to now being accepted neighbors and friends. ​
“Slowly, people are beginning to open up and share their real lives with us. Running a business is hard work, and everybody’s raw emotions surface at some point. I think all the business staff members have a chance to see Jesus in us in these moments,” Jason adds.
Thank you for your part in helping Ana and Susi own and operate a business that supports their families and inspires their confidence. Also, thank you for ensuring Jason and Elissa can serve Christ with this community.
Joining hands with you,

Mike Sohm
President, CAMA
CAMA Advance Fund

Support Jason and Elissa and our staff around the world.

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