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Shortly after the series of earthquakes hit Lombok, Indonesia, CAMA worker Buzz Maxey arrived on the island.

In helping one elderly woman recover her surviving valuables and papers, Buzz crawled into a collapsed home, donning a motorcycle helmet for protection. Her husband had spent 14 months building the home, completing it just two weeks before the earthquake.

“Now there is nothing left,” Buzz said.

More than 500 people have lost their lives on Lombok. Government officials estimate 32,000 homes are severely damaged and more than 350,000 people are displaced in a population of 3.2 million. Many families are sleeping in tents alongside roads or in open spaces in the middle of devastated villages.
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The Alliance Family Responds

The Alliance of Indonesia (known as GKII) has seven fellowships in this “land of 1,000 mosques.” The GKII’s relief and development foundation, Tents of Compassion, assigned Nehemiah, a pastor in Jakarta and a member of their board, to help mobilize the Lombok Alliance churches and lead the disaster response.
Before heading to the island, Nehemiah asked his congregation to intercede for God’s direction. In answer to prayer, Nehemiah was led to Matthew 10. In this chapter, Jesus is sending out His disciples, instructing them to search for people of peace in surrounding villages; if the disciples aren’t welcomed, they’re simply to leave.

Remembering Jesus’ instruction, Nehemiah asked believers in Lombok’s capital if they had any contacts in the north, the area closest to the epicenter where almost 80 percent of structures are destroyed.
“There is one woman,” they said. “She used to be married to a believer but when he died, she returned to her former faith.”

Nehemiah decided to find this woman’s family. As he entered her village, he saw home after home collapsed. When he found her family among the displaced, he was warmly welcomed.

Nehemiah knew God was directing him. He asked the community if the village’s only remaining building could be used as a center of operations for their disaster response. They quickly agreed.

The Lombok United Team

Nehemiah, Buzz, local villagers, church volunteers, and four other U.S. and Canadian Alliance workers joined together to begin meeting the needs of the thousands of displaced. They named their global Alliance team “Lombok United.”
After the team formed, pickup trucks arrived with food, water, tarps, and several generators. One large truck arrived at midnight, and Nehemiah and his team distributed 75 percent of the supplies in one day to nearly 20 affected villages.

A team of women in the village where Lombok United is based helped bundle the materials into packages, and several men distributed the supplies.

Two other key items arrived in the delivery trucks: a water filter system and large tanks. This allowed Lombok United to begin distributing jerrycans of potable water to hundreds of families. In this very dry location, clean water is desperately needed.
In the weeks ahead, Lombok United will focus on providing clean water and food to more villages; team members will also distribute tools for families to build temporary housing.

Supplies are going quickly, and thousands of people will remain displaced for months to come. Will you join Lombok United and give to support their relief efforts?

"This is going to be a long-term response,” Buzz said.

Let’s pray together that this immediate response can lead to long-term Kingdom impact.

Thank you for partnering with Lombok United,
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Support the ongoing relief and recovery efforts in Lombok.
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