Join us in celebrating our oldest tree or planting spring bulbs along Roncy.
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Planting bed on Roncesvalles near Pearson Avenue.

Spring Bulbs

Before the frost: Over the next couple of weeks, our Green Team will be planting spring bulbs in the plant beds along Roncy, thanks to the Toronto Parks and Tree's foundation. Gardeners and green thumbs are invited to join us. For more information, contact Barbara Japp.
Cigarette butt disposal units stickers draw attention


Trash bin stickers bear notice: Many smokers have no idea there are cigarette disposal units built into the public trash bins on the street. They are small and subtle. Even when we point them out, some smokers think the icon below the holes warns not to throw cigarettes in the bins. We thought we would help the receptacles get noticed. We posted these stickers meant to give people a chuckle. But they were pulled down by an overzealous interloper before they had a chance to make an impact.
Damaged Black Locust tree on Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto.


Victim of vandalism or carelessness: Damage to a new Black Locust tree near 113 Roncesvalles may have been caused by a delivery van or something that snagged the branch, rather than vandalism. All the same, we've got to keep an eye on our trees, particularly when there are tall trucks and other equipment operating  too close.

What's Up in October

RoncyWorks volunteers have been busy with a number of initiatives taking place this month.

Heritage Recognition

Century-old tree on Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. Source: The GridOn October 27th at 10:00 a.m., our 125-year-old tree along Roncesvalles will be officially recognized by the Ontario Heritage Trees Program.  A big thanks to Karyn Klaire Koski who nominated Roncy’s century-old tree for Heritage Designation, via video submission  last spring.

With us will be representatives from Ontario Urban Forest Council, Trees Ontario and LEAF Toronto and Counsellor Gord Perks, among others.

Tree Spirits: A Hallowe'en Tribute

Join us at the tree to celebrate this old soul, learn some tree lore and get treats for the kids.

When: Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m.
Where: Near 263 Roncesvalles Avenue

Volunteers: If you can help out with this event, please let us know by using our volunteer signup form.

Butting In

For a year now, RoncyWorks volunteers have been tending the street as a way to express their appreciation for our community and the shops that endured a long street renovation. Despite the regular cleaning of the sidewalks and street by city workers at least three times a week, it became obvious to us that cigarette butts are a problem. The volume of butt litter tossed in the plant beds and tree grates is astounding. The cigarette butt receptacles in the City's trash cans are not obvious and are spaced rather far apart, so we produced the 'Please Butt-In" blue tin cans to see if they might reduce the litter.

Blue painted ashcan on Roncesvalles invites smokers to "Please Butt In"The cans certainly helped, but they were removed because the City doesn't allow public trash receptacles that are not stationary. Indeed, the cans were being kicked and spilled, not to mention filled with other trash. So now we're exploring more permanent solutions in collaboration with the BIA. We're looking to install weather proof cigarette receptacles along the street, either on the vendor side or the public side, particularly near establshments that have a significant smoking clientele.  

Fortunately, we also recently discovered a company called TerraCycle that recycles cigarette waste, and we're now working to partner with them on this important project. Anyone interested in helping us advance this initiative should contact us using our volunteer signup form.

Other Community Events

Peace Garden Workshop

A Landscape Design consultation workshop for the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden will be held Tuesday, October 23, 2012 from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m. at Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton School, 1515 Bloors Street West.

Pumpkin Parade

Annual Pumpkin Parade at Sorauren Park Everyone loves the Pumpkin Parade at Sorauren Park that follows Hallowe'en on November 1st. It's an awesome display of community spirit. And so is the 
pumpkin sale fundraiser that preceeds it on October 27 at the Sorauren Field House, where all proceeds will be donated to the Sorauren Park Town Square campaign
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