Time to call on family and friends to help make this year's Polish festival the best one ever.
Volunteers for the Roncesvalles Polish Festival wearing staff t-shirts.

Volunteer Hours

High School Students:  Still need some volunteer hours for community involvement? It doesn't get any better than this. Just ask when your shifts are done.

Who to call

If you can lend a hand, check out the volunteer positions and apply online or contact Skip McWatters at 416-537-2701 ext.7.

All hands on deck

<<First Name>>

This year's Polish Festival is poised to be awesome! 300,000+ visitors expected including dignitaries from Poland. The event team is calling for more volunteers to get involved.

Talk to those you know about taking part and pitching in a few hours with you. Ask to your kids. Talk to your neighbours. There are lots of different tasks for the taking, starting Friday.

Positions range from greeters to main stage security, from assistant stage manager to festival marshal, from volunteer team captain to volunteer break reliever, parking attendant or sign brigade, and other really fun tasks that you'll only know about if you check out how to Get Involved.

The festival will give a free t-shirt and meal ticket for those who put in a shift or two. Please encourage those you know to get involved with the Festival this year... coming up in a few days. Let's show the world how Roncy Works.

Oh ya ...and download the Roncesvalles Polish Festival app on your Android or iPhone device. You'll get the map and schedule plus some really great deals offered by our shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.
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