Quarryland Quickie - News for QMC Members
Season 15, Celebrate!, our Ruby Anniversary
Issue #15 - Cabaret and Cabernet and reminder about early rehearsal on Monday
In this email:  objective, plea for silent auction items (and what to do with them), call-time, attire, performance order - coming soon, general agenda, and job/duty descriptions.  Some specific assignments are made below.

The event is free for QMC members who are performing at the event and the guest performers / accompanists.  Non-performing QMC members, spouses, or other guests who you bring will need to purchase a ticket.  I did throw out that we don't want to exclude anyone so if a family member is not able to afford the $45 ticket and we still have slots available they can purchase a ticket for any amount between $30-45 if they mention your name at the door.

Encourage friends/family to purchase tickets in advance at the BCT Box Office.  Spread.  The.  Word.  Market.  Market.  Market.  There is a limit to how many people can attend.  We have not hit that limit, encourage folks to purchase tickets in advance.

Demeanor and Objective for the event
We hope to make this an annual event.  Whether we have 10 guests or 100 we need to treat them all as if they are the most special person in the world.  Plan on chatting with the guests, have some semblance of information about the chorus in your head so you can represent the chorus well.  Our mission and guiding principles would be stellar.  A smile and even the tiniest bit of interest shown to a guest could gain us another concert attendee, member, volunteer, or donor.  The objective is to raise money for the chorus while getting to know our audience members better and giving them the opportunity to get to know each of us personally as well.  Your membership guide and http://quarryland.org will give you all the information you need to talk-up the chorus.

Silent Auction
We have a nice variety of items for the auction, but the more the merrier.  Send the description, approximate value, name of donator, picture if available, and how the item will get to Oliver Winery to Karen Miller TODAY!  garrett@indiana.edu    She will create a donation card with the information you send as well as determine a minimum bid for the item.

If you get a late donation, bring it to the Winery and we'll create a card about it on the fly - but we hope to have the majority of them done before we arrive at the Winery.

Jobs/duty descriptions
Performers/Board Members:  Arrive inside by 5:30pm so can learn lay of the winery.  When not performing, keep winery/tables clean and guests happy by picking up empty bottles, plates, etc. and disposing as soon as guests are done

Ticket takers (Jacob, Marlin, Eric M.):  Sell tickets/hand-out will-call tickets, get folks in as quickly as possible.  Everyone should leave ticket table with 1 drink token and their torn entry ticket.

Everyone:  when not performing, escort guests to coat rack (or take coat for them), thank them for coming, talk about different areas (wine tasting bar, performance area and food in the cellar, silent auction in hallway near restrooms)

Plate desserts (JR and Jeffrey S.):  Plate desserts from large trays to small trays for passing

Pass food (if you perform between 8-9, plan to help pass food 7-8 and vice versa):  Do not touch food unless gloved, circulate through guests with plates of food, be knowledgable about what you are passing, keep hands on bottom of trays (not poking over sides), try to take different routes than others passing food.

Dress up!  Marlin is bringing some red and blue Quarryland ties and blue scarves....you don't have to wear those, but wear your member pins or something to identify you as a member.  AND.....feel free to dress up and make it fun!  Dress jeans, suit coats, tux coats, vests, feather boas, jewelry, hats - think big, this event is fancier than one of our concerts.  So the idea is that we are recognizable as QLand Members, but our outfits are a bit more over the top.  This is an indoor event - there will be a place to stash coats, change clothes if needed, etc.

Everyone should plan to arrive between 5:30-5:45pm.  Park away from the main building to give our guests ample parking near the venue.  Particulars about assignments will be given out, performers will have a chance to start and stop their numbers with their accompanists, I'll lead a quick tour of where to find things, we will set-up, and have a group meeting.

All members inside, coats off, and settled ready for mtg by 5:45pm
Winery closes to the public at 6pm
Performers will be able to start/stop performances with accompanists
Doors for our guests open at 6:45pm
Wine will immediately be served
Food will come out about 7
Performances will begin about 7:05pm
Event will end around 9pm (we may go a little longer if folks are having fun and performances are still happening).

The general program order will be on papers at the event (if I'm not able to send them out ahead of time).  We will generally stick to this, but want to remain a little bit flexible.  All performances happen in the cellar in front of a curtain.  You can stage yourself BEHIND the curtain by going through the room (past the restrooms) where we will store our coats, etc.

Performances: (NOT IN ORDER YET)
Janiece Jaffe x2 if time allows
Terry LaBolt x2 if time allows
Rebecca Keith
Rebecca Keith and Jessica True
Jerry Beasley
Tipsy Teasedale (Tom Ping-Slater)
Chris Goodbeer x2
Amy Osajima and Tim King
Quarrytones (Tim, Tim, Jim, Michael)
John Buchanan
Michael Grubb
Barry Magee
Brian Galm
Cicada and Crew (including Nic Newby and others listed here already)!
Kirby Volz
Luiz Lopes
JR Johnson
Rex Hinkle
Maybe Derick Logan :-)

Performer's Corner

Past rehearsal notes, upcoming rehearsal prep, performance information (attire, call-time, performance order), rehearsal reminders.  Link to musetta.
  • Rehearsal Monday is at 7pm.  Please arrive early and be ready to sing by 7pm.
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