Quarryland Quickie - News for QMC Members
Season 15, Celebrate!, our Ruby Anniversary
Issue #2
August 29, 2016
A positive performance-based community for gay/bisexual men/transmen and their allies in South Central Indiana.  We foster talent, fellowship, pride, and understanding through excellence in vocal music.  Founded in 2002. 

Take Action!

Polls, sign-up sheets, and items which require your action.
  • Help shape Season 15 by sharing your favorite songs from past concerts with Barry bmagee@indiana.edu .  You can see most of our past concert programs by going to our public FB page and clicking on PHOTOS and then ALBUMS.  Barry requests that you send them by Monday, September 12.
  • Board/Committee reports are due Tuesday, September 6 by midnight.  Put them here.
  • Bring dues to next rehearsal, September 12. See your membership guide or "It Takes a Village" section below.
  • Sign-up for a committee or to help in an appointed position.

Performance Opportunities

  • Chris Seefeldt and Synthia Steiman invite you to perform for the LGBT Benefit Recital to benefit Bloomington PRIDE PRISM Youth Community.  Rehearsals are 9/6, 9/13, and 9/20 at 8:30pm in the IU Musical Arts Center 036.  The number you would be performing is "Stand Up and Make a Change" arranged by Ly Wilder.  Email, text, or FB message Synthia Stelman 317-514-2838 | ssteiman@indiana.edu or Chris for more information.
  • If you are interested in performing a vocal solo, duet, or group number for YOUnique Studio's showcase on Oct 15-16 at Harmony School, send an email to tom@shareweb.com right away. He would like to have some numbers to fill in between his student dance numbers.

Performer's Corner

Past rehearsal notes, upcoming rehearsal prep, performance information (attire, call-time, performance order), rehearsal reminders.  Link to musetta.
  • Performance - Saturday September 3
    • Event:  4th Street Festival of the Arts
    • Attire: Jade QMC shirts and khaki shorts or pants
    • Call-time: 12:00 (noon)
    • Meet at:  Behind the performance tent near 4th St. and Grant.
    • Performing (and order):
      • Back Home Again (in Indiana)
      • I Sing Out
      • Second Song
      • Finally Here
      • Brave Souls and Dreamers
      • Make Them Hear You
      • Back Home Again (in Indiana) again
    • Performance Time:  12:30pm
  • Rehearsal Reminder
    • There is no rehearsal on Monday, September 5.
  • Directors' Rehearsal Notes from August 29
    • "Good work on reading some new music (for some of you) on Monday. Hopefully you agree that we have some good pieces so far. Check out some of the pieces on YouTube. Here’s two of my favorite recordings of Sure on this Shining Night: TTBB and SATB. Notice how controlled and legato the lines are even in both tempos." - Barry
  • Preparation for Next Rehearsal (Sept 12)
    • Bring any music from past performances and TURN IT IN!
    • Be ready for some more new music. Listen to Festival Gloria (we won’t go out of tune like they do in the middle) and Chanukah in Santa Monica. For those so talented perhaps you have ideas for choralography.
  • We are still considering our options for a retreat. We will definitely need some additional time for a couple of pieces so we will extend a couple of our rehearsals. At the moment please plan to rehearse from 7:00-10:00 on September 19 and October 17. We will determine if we need others or the section leaders might decide to hold a sectional outside of our regular rehearsal time.

Member and Alumni Milestones

  • Congratulations to our New Members!
    • Rick Armstrong
    • Jason Etter
    • Owen Hand
    • Brenden Hudson
    • Gary Martin
    • Returning member - Nic Newby
  • August Birthdays
    • 3rd - Barron Breland
    • 9th - Brenden Hudson
    • 18th - Jeff Poling and Chris Prestia
    • 20th - Vern Hageman and Orneal Brown
    • 24th - Caleb Cox
    • 27th - Joe Morris
    • 29th - Doug Bauder
  • September Birthdays
    • 4th - Patrick Johnathan Hale
    • 10th - Will Mruzek
    • 11th - Meredith McGriff
    • 17th - James Sullivan and Paul Hatley
    • 20th - Jeff Cisneros

It Takes a Village

Helpful hints, words of encouragement, and notes from the Board - all geared toward the success of the chorus.  And the donate button is always wanting you to give it a go - or copy the URL and share it with a friend/colleague.
  • Public Quarryland Facebook page vs. Closed QMC Facebook group page
    • The public facebook page is our outward facing page.  Encourage folks to like it, visit often and like the posts there, share the posts to your own FB page, post comments here if you like but it is set not to make those comments very available (in case someone posts something that is not decent).
    • The closed QMC group page is limited it who can view and post.  Anyone who is a member of the group can post there, like there, communicate with others there.  If you try to share something from this page on your own FB page it may not work correctly because of sharing permissions.  This closed group consists of QMC alum, current members and volunteers, and anyone who expresses an interest in QMC (they have up to a year to join or volunteer or get booted from the closed group).
  • New dues structure and elimination of music/folder deposit
    • Many GALA chorus members pay upward of $300 per year for dues + are required to purchase their own tux/wardrobe and, in some cases, also pay for their own music.
    • In considering a raise in dues for members, the finance committee (with board approval) has eliminated the music/folder deposit.  This means any current members who have paid a deposit can use that to apply toward their dues for this year.  Their hope is that this helps to off-set the increase in dues for this year.
    • The finance committee (with board approval) also came up with a better scholarship application process and approved an increase in the amount of scholarships we will provide.  We do not want anyone to feel they are unable to join the chorus because of dues.
    • Dues for 206-2017 will be $100 per year ($60 per year for students) and may be paid in increments.
  • Board members' personal donations
    • Some of you may remember we voted on a new policy whereby board members must donate an amount that is significant to them to the chorus each year.  I'm pleased to announce the 10 elected board members and 2 ex officio board members have collectively pledged over $7,500 for this year.  This represents 1/5 of our overall income goal for the year!
  • New season sponsor
    • Thanks to HONOR Realty, we have our first cash-paying season sponsor.  Thank you to QMC member Terry Michael for making this generous donation to the chorus!
  • Board Officers elected for 2016-2017
    • President - Robert Ping-Slater
    • VP/President Elect - Marion Krefeldt
    • Secretary - Eric Metzler
    • Treasurer - Jacob Wooden
  • June 2016 Approved Board Meeting Minutes


  • Saturday, September 3
  • Monday, September 5
    • NO QMC Rehearsal
  • Saturday, September 10 | 9-10am
    • Strategic Planning/Development Committee Meeting - all welcome
    • First United Church Roger Williams Room
  • Saturday, September 10 | 10am-noon
    • Board of Directors meeting - all members are welcome
    • First United Church Roger Williams Room
  • Monday, September 12 | 7:30-9:30pm - updated!
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, September 19 | 7-10pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, September 26 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Thursday, September 29 | 6:45-7:15pm
    • Performance for barbershop quartet(s) for IU Art Museum gig
  • Monday, October 3 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Sunday, October 9 | 10:15am call
    • Performance at First United Church services
  • Sunday, October 9 | afternoon/early evening
    • Tentative performance in Indy
  • Monday, October 10 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, October 17 | 7-10pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, October 24 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, October 31 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, November 7 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, November 14 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, November 21 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, November 28 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • November 30 | 5:45pm call
    • Performance for full chorus for World AIDS Day of Remembrance
  • December 1 | 6:15pm call
    • Performance for full chorus for First Thursday's at IU Art Museum
    • Performance is 7-8pm
  • Monday, December 5 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Monday, December 12 | 7:30-9:30pm
    • Rehearsal
  • Friday, December 16 | 7-10pm
    • Dress/Tech Rehearsal
    • First United Church
  • Saturday, December 17 | Call 6pm
    • Performance for QMC Winter Concert, Traditions
    • First United Church
    • Performance is at 7:30pm
  • Sunday, December 18 | Call 2pm
    • Performance for QMC Winter Concert, Traditions
    • First United Church
    • Performance is at 3pm
  • Monday, January 2
    • Rehearsals resume
  • Monday, January 9 | 6-10pm
    • QMC Spring Auditions and Rehearsal
    • Member Recruitment and Rehearsal
    • Auditions:  6-7:30pm and 9:30-10pm
    • Rehearsal: 7:30-9:30pm
    • First United Church Music Room
  • Jan 26-28
    • Performances for IU GLBTAA Reception and Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival
  • Saturday, April 29 | Call 6pm
    • Performance for QMC Spring Concert, Celebrate
    • First United Church
    • Performance is at 7:30pm
  • Sunday, April 30 | Call 2pm
    • Performance for QMC Spring Concert, Celebrate
    • First United Church
    • Performance is at 3pm
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