Knife skills, cybernetics, and how to write a love letter. Friends teach the darndest things.

What's up with TeachUp?

learning phonology at the first TeachUp
Thank you! You recently signed up to learn more about TeachUp. We’re thrilled you’ve joined our community of curious folks who believe that friends are the best teachers.
It’s been a summer of experimentation for the TeachUp crew. Our mission: find the optimal conditions for friends to teach and learn from each other. We've held cozy potluck dinners followed by a handful of 20-minute lessons. We've tried 5-minute speed classes at a birthday party. Eleven guinea pigs even spent 3 days in a house formerly owned by Al Capone, where they each taught an hour-long class.

Each TeachUp had its own, eclectic syllabus. Highlights include:

  • Knife skills
  • Cybernetics
  • How to write an erotic love letter
  • The California parole system (an unexpected favorite)
  • Wine making
Despite the diversity of class formats, topics, and teachers, all successful TeachUps shared some common themes. We’ll be sharing more about these themes – like cooperation, humor, and non-judgment – on our website soon. We’re also putting together some practical tips for future TeachUp hosts like you.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about TeachUp or you can’t wait to host an event, just holler. We answer emails, and we love meeting new people over coffee or cocktails.
Kaitlyn Trigger
TeachUp Founder

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