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UBC researchers created a device to act as a tanning bed for mice.
December 18, 2014

UBC scientist finds genetic wrinkle to block sun-induced skin aging

A scientific team at UBC and Providence Health Care have genetically engineered mice with less wrinkled skin, despite repeated exposure to wrinkle-inducingultraviolet (UV) light.



UBC astronomer confirms a new “Super-Earth” planet

A UBC astronomer is a key player in the discovery of a new exoplanet, out beyond our solar system.

UBC releases its 2013 animal research statistics

For the fourth consecutive year, UBC has published extensive information on the animals involved in research at the university, including statistics categorized bymajor species groups.



D’oh! The Simpsons turn 25

A UBC prof speaks about The Simpsons' longevity in the face of a morphing industry, as the series turns 25.

Toys for girls and boys? Not so fast

UBC developmental psychologist Andrew Scott Baron cautions the gifts children receive can send stifling messages about gender roles and stereotypes.

Not all Christmas trees are created equal

A UBC forestry expert on how to root out the right tree.



Rubik’s cube solving robot

UBC engineering student Kris De Asis has created a machine that can solve a Rubik’s cube.



J. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio at the Chan Centre

Celebrate the holiday season with this festive performance by Early Music Vancouver.

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