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UBC Okanagan students examine social phenomenon of Cristiano Ronaldo
February 6, 2015

UBC Okanagan students examine social phenomenon of Cristiano Ronaldo

With more than 100 million Facebook fans, his own museum, and a blossoming career as a male model with his own line of clothing, there’s no doubt Portuguese soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is known for more than just his skills on the pitch.


In Cancer’s Margins

When illness strikes, we turn to our healthcare system. But what if the medical system doesn’t acknowledge your gender identity? Mary K. Bryson, director of UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, is project leader of the Cancer’s Margins project.

Cancer is not a game of roulette

The journal Science published a statistic-laden research article last month that garnered far more attention than most such pieces usually do. In it, the authors made a provocative claim: two-thirds of the variation of cancer risk among different types of tissues can be attributed to "bad luck."

Alumni UBC’s online project sharing platform supports those making a difference

alumni UBC is calling on members of the University of British Columbia (UBC) community who are making a positive change in the world to tell their stories as part of its “your evolution” program.



No miracle therapy for stroke

If Canadians have the erroneous impression these therapies are easily accessible abroad, they will be unlikely to advocate for and support legitimate development and implementation in Canada.


What’s your advice for finding something to do on campus?

We asked students for advice on how to find things to do on the UBC campus.


UBC shuts out Lethbridge to earn a home playoff date

For the first time since 1971 the UBC Thunderbirds men’s hockey team has clinched a home playoff game.



Celebrate Family Day at MOA

Join us on Sunday, Feb 8 for tours, food trucks, and new exhibits.
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