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UBC’s Tiffany Potter says that some modern TV shows are as good if not better than anything that was produced during the first Golden Age of television in the 1950s. Photo: Evert F. Baumgardner, National Archives and Records Administration.
April 24, 2014

Megasizing democracy ­ 800 million voters in India

Approximately 800 million people in India are electing new leaders. UBC's Anjali Thomas Bohlken discusses the major political and logistical issues behind the world's largest election.



Foreign firms work harder to communicate than U.S. competitors

The farther from the United States, the more clearly companies communicate corporate performance, says a new study from the UBC's Sauder School of Business.



The Northern Gateway pipeline thought map

UBC's Andrew Barton creates an interactive map where anyone can share their thoughts on the proposed pipeline.



Humpback recovery

UBC professor explains why the humpback whale lost its 'threatened species' status.

UBC J-School a CUT above

Peter Klein discusses the global reporting project CUT and how it helped prepare students for the new media landscape.

Celebrating a world of books

Book lover and author Sonnet L'Abbé of UBC¹s Okanagan campus discusses World Book Day and tells us why reading is one of life's most basic pleasures.



MacLeod was an inquisitive, quiet, fatherly figure

UBC Creative Writing Prof. Steven Galloway remembers Canadian author Alistair MacLeod in a Globe and Mail obituary.



Without Masks: Contemporary Afro-Cuban Art

Opening on May 2, this first-of-its-kind exhibition reveals age-old cultural and religious Afro-Cuban traditions in contemporary art.
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