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Pixel powerhouse
January 31, 2014

Pixel powerhouse

How the UBC creators of AutoStitch revolutionized computer vision and sparked a spinoff tsunami.



Researchers identify nine steps to save waterways

Guiding principles for clean water and sustainable fisheries from a team of Canadian biologists.

Researchers discover treatment for rare blood cancer

UBC researchers have discovered a potential new treatment for a rare blood cancer, which may help to treat other common diseases.

Climate change-related temperature swings leave insects vulnerable

Increasingly extreme swings in temperature are putting some insects at a higher risk than previously thought, a new study finds.

Gambling research pioneer to lead new centre at UBC

Leading gambling psychologist Luke Clark will serve as inaugural director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC.

International sustainable mining institute launches

A new institute will help developing countries benefit from their mining resources in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Iconic Videomatica film collection available at UBC and SFU

Film fans, rejoice ― Videomatica's legendary film collection is now accessible for borrowing from UBC and SFU libraries.

UBC Law urges action on Trinity Western's 'covenant'

UBC Law urges the Law Society of B.C. to consider the potential harmful effects of Trinity Western University's proposed law school policy.



Decoding the thirst for victory

From Sochi to the Superbowl, a UBC sociologist explores our global obsession with winning.



Games security

Security expert Allen Sens assesses Olympic threats.

Air pollution and asthma

Depending on your genes, traffic-related air pollution can double the risk of asthma, health expert Michael Brauer says.



Rethinking Canadian history

Spare us the half-baked Disney version of Canada's history, says David Moscrop of UBC Political Science.



Sports review transparent and necessary

UBC's sports review was long overdue, says Ashley Howard of UBC Athletics.



Dare devils, DNA and the dopamine rush

Researcher and extreme skier Cynthia Thomson, a UBC alumna, explains the science behind risky sports.
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