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UBC students reproduce traditional wood finishes by B.C.’s First Nations
October 23, 2015

UBC students reproduce traditional wood finishes by B.C.’s First Nations

Chewing and spitting out salmon eggs wasn’t what Jun Lee and Vinicius Lube thought they’d be doing to complete a project in their wood finishing class at the University of British Columbia.



When Halloween costumes cross the line

Halloween is a time when children and adults alike get to dress up and let loose.

Math phobias: fighting the fear

In Canada, math is often a dreaded subject in school — something that UBC education professor Marina Milner-Bolotin hopes to change

New giant tortoise species found in Galápagos Islands

An international team of scientists has discovered there are actually two species of giant tortoises living on Santa Cruz Island in the centre of the Galápagos Archipelago.



How fishing subsidies are emptying our oceans

Fishery subsidies are accelerating the decline of the world’s fisheries, UBC professor Rashid Sumaila writes in an op-ed.



Certainty for Thunderbird men’s hockey program

It gives me great pleasure to announce UBC Thunderbirds Men’s Hockey will retain varsity status, writes Louise Cowin, vice-president, students.



New UBC Arts & Culture Calendar

A world of arts and culture is waiting for you at the north end of campus.



Water worries

We often hear about the possibility of future water wars as populations can’t survive without adequate and safe supplies of fresh water.
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