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Overcoming the past, seeing a new future
October 30, 2014

Overcoming the past, seeing a new future

A tuition waiver is opening up a whole world of fresh possibilities for current and former youth in care.


UBC researchers aim to simplify life saving drug

UBC researchers are making blood thinners a lot safer by developing a universal antidote that works on a dozen heparin products.

Black Republicans put most faith in U.S. government

Black Republicans trust the United States government more than other political groups, finds a new study from UBC.

UBC puts $26.9 million to work for 70 research projects

The 2014 BCKDF supports a wide range of UBC’s research specializations including cancer genomics treatments, fuel cell technology and planetary sciences.

One drop will do: UBC researchers develop a simple test for vitamin B12 deficiency

Researchers have developed a novel method to test for vitamin B12 deficiency using only a single drop of blood.

Indira Samarasekera welcomed back to UBC as Distinguished Fellow in Residence

Professor Indira Samarasekera, accomplished engineering scholar and current president of the University of Alberta, will join UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues as a Distinguished Fellow.


Finding genetic clues to intellectual disabilities

Sophisticated new DNA analyses are offering families invaluable information that will help in the care of new syndromes.

Doctor’s orders

UBC’s Rachel Talalay on directing an episode of the hit TV series Doctor Who.

Street View for the Bronze Age

A new app offers a look at city life more than 3,000 years ago.


Vetting the municipal vote

A UBC expert comments on NIMBYism, poor voter turnout and more leading up to Vancouver and Toronto elections.


Find the Quiet Heroes and Fire the Bad Apples

Jennifer Berdahl offers tech executives advice on how to fix the gender bias in their industry in the New York Times.

When it comes to stopping cancer, we physicians will always opt for more information

Breast and prostate cancer screenings are worth doing, even with the risk of false positives, say two UBC professors in the National Post.


Genomics for precision drug therapy

A UBC researcher is leading a project to make personalized medicine a reality for patients.


Hanson becomes UBC’s all-time men’s basketball wins leader

UBC Thunderbirds men's basketball head coach Kevin Hanson became the University's all-time overall wins leader.


Music on the Point: Concerts with Personality

New piano duo Mark Anderson and Michelle Mares hold a debut concert on November 7.

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