Issue 33  13 November 2012
Mount Hawthorn Primary School Newsletter

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 14th
Year 4/5 Whiteman Park Excursion
Parent Liaison Meetings
Friday 16th
Senior Music Assembly

Spinal Awareness Week Cake Stall
Kindy Parent Information SessionS
Monday 19th
Year 1 Tamala Park Excursion
Kindy Scitech Excursion
Tuesday 20th

Kindy Scitech Excursion
Wednesday 21st
Kindy Scitech Excursion
Year 2/3 Art Gallery Excursion
Kindy Open Morning
Friday 23rd

Kindy Scitech Excursion
Assembly Room 8
Thursday 29th
Churchlands Orientation Day
Friday 30th
P&C Movie Night
Alvin and the Chipmunks

Tuesday 4th
PP Rooms 26 & 29 Excursion Tranby House
Wednesday 5th
PP Rooms 27 & 28 Excursion Tranby House
Kindy Red Carpet Show
Thursday 6th
PP to Year 1 Transition

Kindy Red Carpet Show
Friday 7th
Assembly Room 14
Room 15 Pull Apart Day

Kindy Red Carpet Show
Tuesday 11th
Finale Concert Churchlands
Edu Dance Concert
Wednesday 12th
Kindy Blue Christmas Party
Edu Dance Concert
Thursday 13th
Year 1 - 3 Moving Day
Edu Dance Concert

Wednesday 12th
Kindy Yellow and Red Christmas Party

Mount Lawley SHS Orientation Day
Friday 14th

Year 7 Graduation
Year 3 Christmas Picnic

Wednesday 12th
Kindy Green and Purple Christmas Party

Monday 17th
PP to Year 3 Christmas Concert
Year 7 Graduation
Tuesday 18th
Year 1 Christmas Party
Year 4 - 7 Moving Day
Year 7 Excursion Bowling
Last Day of Term

The Dental Van will be closed from 19 October until 12 November 2012.
For emergency procedures only, contact the Reporting Centre at Yuluma Primary School on 9446 8990.

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Mount Hawthorn Primary School

Community Noticeboard

Please show consideration for local residents by not parking in their driveway when dropping off and picking up your children.
Mount Hawthorn students are well known for their kindness and compassion and this was evidenced, once again, in September by a group who did some fund raising for our sister school in Bali. Hannah and Lochie, Charlotte, Emily and Sophie and Maya set up a lemonade stall outside Hannah's home and sold delicious homemade treats such as jelly and honey crackles. They had a lot of fun and their efforts raised $80 which has been sent to the AdoptASchool Association to pass onto SD1 Abiantuwung, in Bali. This amount will almost pay for 12 months schooling for a needy child. Terima kasih banyak, Warriors! Mrs Cromb Virtues Coordinator

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The Principal's Message
Our School Band gave fantastic performances at Kyilla and Jolimont Primary Schools on Monday 5 November. Many thanks to Nicole Turner, Dee Donachie and Philippa Adams and everyone involved in this successful excursion. The logistics of moving 90 students is an enormous challenge, but this was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our program and highlight the talent of our students.
Thanks to Ian Knobel and the Disco Committee for another successful function. Congratulations also go to the Year 7 organising committee led by Mr Lawrence. There were many extraordinary Super Hero costumes on show!
Beatty Park holds a rich part of the history of WA. We have been invited to help celebrate 50 years since the Commonwealth Games, by sending ten students to participate in a commemorative swim in the new pool. The students selected to represent our school are Year Level swimming champions. Mr Mackesey was upset he wasn’t invited to swim!
Meetings for this term are on Wednesday 14 November at 9.00am and 2.15pm in the Conference Room. The focus will be on the School Review.
Great news!!! The P&C and School have committed $30,000 towards this project which will commence shortly. This is designed as a nature based play area and plans are pinned up in the library for viewing. Many thanks also to the P&C for funding the new shade sail at Margaret Kindergarten.
School Voluntary Contributions and Charges for 2013 have been set at $60.00 and endorsed by the Schools Board.
Cyber safety is addressed as part of the education programme within the classroom and needs to be supported at home. Parents play a critical role in preventing and responding to cyber bullying. Monitoring internet use and communicating with children are important strategies. The relationship between parents and schools is increasingly important in addressing cyber bullying and responding to incidents. To sup[port this strategy, children who bring mobile phones to school must leave them at the front office during the day.
We anticipate approximately 780 students enrolled in Years K to 7 in 2013.
The schools biggest challenge is to accommodate the increase in enrolments. Additional facilities will be provided for next year including a transportable classroom at Richmond Street, two converted classrooms and one transportable classroom at Killarney Street campus.
The staff spent Monday 15 October reviewing data to guide our planning for 2013. A snapshot of this review will be published in the Annual Report, which will be sent home at the end of the year.
Thanks to all the fantastic teachers and the wonderful patient students who helped to display all the Boxes of Love that Mount Hawthorn Primary School is now sending to kids in the third world. This Christmas, through the Samaritan Purse Operation Christmas Child, our community will be changing the lives of 230 children who have never ever received a gift before. Fortunately, we are merely a drop in the ocean as we discovered at the warehouse drop off point - it was choc-o-block!
Also, donations taken from purchased red and green boxes raised enough to pay for the shipment of another 11 boxes. Thank you to all who have given so generously and taken the time to care for someone else's child. Your 'Love in a Box' will be a cherished, lifelong memory which will last far longer than that yo-yo and pair of thongs you lovingly filled it with. With gratitude, Lisa Gleeson  MHPS Christian Prayer Group

A huge thank you to the families and community members who assisted our school in accumulating 147,000 points in the recent Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion. As a school we have been able to redeem these points for some amazing and quality teaching and learning resources that will support the key curriculum areas. They will be delivered early in 2013 and will no doubt be well received by our staff and students. Some of the resources include reading books, novel sets, literacy games, maths games, science equipment for experiments, building blocks and an audio listening centre. Lorena Rock  Associate Principal
Artist of the Fortnight

Congratulations Damon from Year 6 Room 18 for his fantastic drawing! His original artwork is on display with many other amazing student art in the Administration building.
IIsayiah from Year 6 Room 17 has been accepted to attend Perth Modern School in 2014.
IIsayiah's family has been relocated to Melbourne where he has been offered a place at University High School, Parkville, Victoria for their SEAL program to commence Year 7 in Jan 2013.
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