ISSUE 57 5 March 2014
Mount Hawthorn Primary School Newsletter

Upcoming Events
Thursday 6th
Year 6 Science Alive Incursion
Friday 7th
Year 7 Rottnest Excursion
Wednesday 12th
Faction Swimming Carnival
Liaison Parent Meetings
9:00 and 2:30
Thursday 13th
Year 2/3 Buddhist Temple Excursion
Friday 14th
Assembly Year 4 Room 31
Friday 21st
Harmony Buddy Parade
Year 6 Rottnest Excursion
Friday 28th
Assembly Year 2 Rooms 8 & 11
Tuesday 1st

Interschool Swimming Carnival
Friday 4th
Assembly Year 7 Rooms 22 & 23
Friday 11th
ANZAC Ceremony
Term 1 Holidays commence

Monday 28th

Parent / Teacher Interviews
PP - Yr 7, held 12-6PM
Students do NOT attend school

Please note the following School Development Days when pupils do not attend school:
* Friday 28 February 2014
* Monday 28 April Reporting to Parents Day
* Friday 30 May 2014
* Monday 21 July 2014
* Monday 13 October 2014

For a Uniform Order Form click HERE
Open every Thursday afternoon during term time
2.30 to 3.15pm

Click HERE for Term 1 Menu.

Community Noticeboard

Perth College Open Day
Click HERE for information

Chess Club
Unfortunately Jack South will not be running the Chess Club this year. We would like to continue to run the Chess sessions at lunchtime on Wednesdays. If you would like to volunteer to teach the children chess we would love to hear from you! Please email us HERE

WA Museum
Join the Friends of the WA Museum for fun events, behind the scenes tours and the chance to meet some of our very talented scientists, researchers and curators. Click HERE to visit the website, or HERE to send an email.

Last year our community participated in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. The amazing amount of tokens collected has allowed our school to redeem and gain some incredible resources in our key curriculum areas, especially for the early years. The items were equivalent to about $3000 in value. This week the items were delivered by Claire and Vicki, representatives of the Woolworths store at the Mezz. We opened and shared some of the goodies with some of the children and a few of our Councillors. Thank you to all the parents, families and community members who participated.
Where are
they now?
Pictured from left
Liam Mahe, Stefan Raovic,
Tom Meagher and Jared Ho
We were very pleased to see some students who graduated in 2007 and 2008 back at Mount Hawthorn Primary School. The boys came to coach the tennis clinics as part of the Phys Ed Program. Liam is in first year at UWA studying Commerce, Stefan is second year at UWA studying Economics and Maths, Tom is second year at Curtin studying Environmental Biology and Jared is also at Curtin studying Chemical Engineering. Our students really enjoyed their coaching sessions with these excellent role models!
Nicola Hamilton
Former Mount Hawthorn Primary School student Nicola Hamilton participated as a solo entrant in the 2014 Rottnest Island Channel Swim. She completed the crossing in 5 1/2 hours, finishing as the 11th solo female and 48th overall solo swimmer. Well done Nicola!!!

The following dates are for prospective parents of Churchlands Senior High School:
General School Tour dates:
Friday 28 March (Term 1 Week 8)
Friday 16 May (Term 2 Week 3)
Friday 13 June (Term 2 Week 7)
Friday 8 August (Term 3 Week 3)
Friday 5 September (Term 3 Week 7)
Friday 31 October (Term 4 Week 3)
Friday 21 November (Term 4 Week 6)
Specific Year 6 & 7 Parent Nights for 2015 intake
Year 6 Parent Information Night ( Wednesday 19 November)
Year 7 Parent Information Night (Tuesday 11 November)

Year 6 & 7 Orientation Days
Year 6 Students will attend either Monday 1 December or Tuesday 2 December
Year 7 Students will attend either Thursday 27 November or Friday 28 November
Year 7 & 8 Link on
There is a PowerPoint link on our website with an update of the planning for the Year 7 & 8 intake in 2015.

The Principal's Message

Congratulations to our Year 6 and 7 Student Leaders.
Digital Sound Engineers - Yr 7, Cameron, Jake and Will. Yr 6 - Jake and Sidney. ICT Leaders - Yr 7 - Lucien, Hamish and Alexander.

Band Leaders - Yr 7 - Cara, Nicole, Felicity, Lucy, Arielle and Miranda. Yr 6 - Harrison, Michaela and Jack. Orchestra Leaders - Yr 7 - Beth and Molly. Yr 6 - Brooklyn, Bridget, Sophie and Rosie.

Choir Leaders - Yr 7 - Eliza and Mia. Yr 6 - Ella, Erin, Katya and Ella.
Art Monitors - Yr 7 - Hope, Bianca, Christine and Sahna.

Library Monitors - Yr 6 - Rebecca, Elisabeth, Shreya and Simon.
Values Leaders - Yr 6 - Lily, Mia, Jack and Nathan.

I would like to welcome the executive P&C line up for this coming year and thank all those who put their hand up to get involved.
President: Tim Swart, Vice-president: Alex Castle, Treasurer: Rachelle Rose,  Secretary: Graeme Gleeson, P&C Representative School Board – Alex Castle
Communications – Alex Castle, Exec: Vidya Findlay, Exec: Ali Fisher, Exec: Justine Daly, Exec: Justine Spencer, Exec: Anthony Ellis, Exec: Helen Davey,  Exec: Maree Pickens, Exec: Kylie Petrou, Exec: Lesley Abraham.
I would also like to thank the P&C line up from 2013. The team went above and beyond to create fantastic fundraising events that became a highlight for many, not just on the school’s social calendar, but also to the wider community. The film nights and the fair were hugely successful and this is down to the time and effort from volunteers in the P&C. Your efforts are invaluable to the school and we greatly appreciate the support.
Thanks to the many families who have already paid their voluntary contributions. This gives the school the ability to purchase new resources and equipment for the classrooms and especially in the times of budget cuts, we are very grateful.
Please note: the date for the Parent Liaison class representatives meetings has been changed to Wednesday, 12 February at 9.00am or 2.20pm. This gives parents of children attending the Faction Swimming Carnival the opportunity to attend the afternoon session.
Parent teacher interviews for Pre-primary to Year 7 will be held on Monday, 28 April  between 12.00 and 6.00pm. Kindy interviews will be held on Monday, 28 April and Tuesday, 29 April. Please Note - Students do not attend school on these days.
I would like to reinforce the importance of children not walking through the staff car parks at any time. These areas are designated as “out of bounds” as a safety precaution and we would appreciate if you could please support us in this matter.
Better Beginnings has been developed by the State Library of Western Australia as a family literacy program that supports parents as their children’s first teacher. It works through strong partnerships with public libraries, local governments, health professionals and schools. Every local government in Western Australia offers the program to families in their communities - from providing the free books and reading packs to running regular baby rhyme time sessions in libraries. All our Kindy and Pre-primary students are eligible to receive a free book pack. The packs will be presented to the students in Week 7 (Pre-primary), Weeks 8 and 9 (Kindy) during class time by Mrs Liz Connell, City of Vincent Librarian. We invite and encourage parents to attend the session to listen to the importance of developing an interest in literacy at an early age and to how the local libraries support this in the community.  
 Please click HERE for further information. Session times will be advertised through the individual classes, liaison parents and class notice boards. Sample packs are available for viewing in the Harbeck Library.
The Board's structure
If you are new to the campus, you may not be aware that the Mt Hawthorn Primary School and the Mt Hawthorn Education Support Centre ("the Schools") have been Independent Public Schools ("IPS") since the start of Term 2 2011. The School Education Act 1999 ("the Act") provides that every school must have a School Council.  School Councils at IPS schools are referred to as School Boards – but only to make a distinction between schools with IPS status and those without.
Because of the close relationship and rapport between the Schools, and their close proximity, we successfully applied to the Minister to have a joint Board serving and supporting both Schools. Your Board currently has 11 members as follows:
2 x Principals of the Schools (Board members by virtue of their positions)
5 x Parent reps (elected by parents of students at the Schools)
3 x Staff reps (elected by staff of the Schools)
1 x P & C representative (elected by the P & C)
Elections for Board positions will be held at the start of Term 2 – with expressions of interest in being called for at the end of Term 1.  From this year, Board members will serve a 2-year term. The Board Chair is elected by members of the Board and will continue to hold office for 12-month terms.
The Board's role
The Board is governed by the Act and by its "Terms of Reference". Board members are also required to observe the Board's "Code of Conduct".  Copies of the Terms of Reference and the Code (plus a link to the Act) are available on the Schools' website.
The Board's role is very clearly set out in the Act. We are required to help the Schools deliver a quality education experience to our children by:
  • establishing and reviewing the goals, priorities and policies of the Schools;
  • planning for and approving School budgets;
  • evaluating the performance of our Schools in achieving the goals set; and
  • promoting our Schools within community.
It is important to note that Act prevents the Board from getting involved in the management and/or control of the Schools.  What this means is that management decisions that affect the Schools are taken solely by the Principals in accordance with relevant departmental policy. So whereas the Board's focus is more strategic and "big picture", the Principals are responsible to the Director General of Education for running their respective school in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.
What has the Board been up to recently?
Some of the things your Board has been working on include:
  • developing a communications plan to help guide the way we interact with the campus community;
  • developing a commendation scheme to enable the Board to recognise outstanding acts and/or conduct by students, parents, staff and community members;
  • coordinating the consultation process that led to the introduction of the revised Dress Code at the Mt Hawthorn Primary Schools;
  • monitoring the budgets of the Schools;
  • working on the campus behavior management policy
  • working on issues relating to the campus master plan; and
  • working on the school reporting policy.
Watch this space for more information and updates about the board's important work.
Board meetings
Your Board meets approximately 6 times during the year on Wednesday evenings. All of our meetings are open and we warmly welcome you to come along and see what occurs at these meetings.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions at: and I will be more than happy to pass on your comments to Board members. Kind regards, Michael Jenkin - Chair
Please notify the office via email  if your contact details have changed. We may need to contact you in case of emergency or if you have a sick child.

Last orders due by:
Please place your order (cash, cheque or credit) into the box marked ‘Scholastic Book Club’ at the library during school hours Monday to Friday.
Email your queries to Caz: or Jodie
Through your support of Scholastic, the school was awarded a certificate to advise us we have gained 240,842 Independent Reading Minutes! As our curriculum is strongly focused on reading this year, this is fantastic to see.
Thank you for supporting book club!

On Tuesday, 18 March two education officers from the Bali Marine and Safari Park will be coming to chat to the students about the work done at the park and about endangered animals in Indonesia. The charge per student will be a gold coin donation, in lieu of the Harmony Day free dress day.


This year, the school councillor's will be supporting one fundraising activity per term. This term, they have chosen to support the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation’s “Keep the Flame Alive”. The CLCRF are attempting Guinness World Record for the “Longest Awareness Ribbon”. For a gold coin donation, the children can write a message to children with cancer on a 15 metre piece of yellow “ribbon”. The ribbon will be returned to the foundation upon completion, where CLCRF will connect them all together, hopefully creating the longest ribbon. The event is on this week and we hope you will join us in support of this great cause.
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