ISSUE 51 12 November 2013
Mount Hawthorn Primary School Newsletter


This Friday, 15 November

Bring a Gold Coin Donation to help relief efforts in the Philippines for those devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.  Aid groups and charities in Australia are working to assist those affected by the disaster. Dress in the colours of the Flag of the Phillipines and wear something Red, Blue, White or Yellow

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 13th
Schools board meeting
Friday 15th
2014 Kindy Parents
Information Sessions
(at the Primary School)
9.15 and 2.15pm
Year 5, Rm 38 Assembley
Year 1-3 Incursion -
"Tales with a Twist"
Monday 18th
P&C General Meeting
Tuesday 19th
Thursday 21th
Year 4 Bike ED
Friday 22nd
Year 4 - 7
Music Assembly
Kindy Open Morning
(at the Kindy)
Outdoor Movie Night
"Ice Age 4"
Monday 25th
School band visit
Kyilla and Jolimont
Tuesday 26th

Kindy visit Pre-primary 1.30 - 2.30pm
Wednesday 27th
Kindy visit Pre-primary 1.30 - 2.30pm
Parent Liaison meetings

Friday 20 December
Pupil Free School
Development Day

Booklists 2014

Booklists and personal requirements list for 2014 have been distributed as of last Friday. Families can choose to source their items from a variety of retailers, however placing your order with Campion supports the school financially as 20% of total sales is returned to the school. Last year Campion supported the school with a commission which was used to purchase curriculum resources in English and Maths. Any queries or questions regarding the Booklists can be directed to Lorena Rock, Booklist Coordinator.

For a Uniform Order Form click HERE
Open every Thursday afternoon during term time
2.30 to 3.15pm

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The Loftus Centre is holding their annual Little Tacker's Family Market on Saturday November 16th. Click HERE for more information.

I have bundles of clothing to send to our sister school in Bali so if you are heading to Bali in the near future and would be happy to take some clothing, please let me know. Many thanks. Susan Cromb  Mob: 0402 914 521
The Principal's Message
I would like to thank Shari McKeown, the P&C and all of the volunteers for their efforts preparing for the Cultural Carnival, which was an outstanding success. It is a huge task which involves many people who make it happen so well on the day. I am extremely fortunate to receive most of the positive feedback about the day from ex students, parents and community members who have been involved with the school in the past. The money raised is significant, however we should not only measure the success by this,  it is the sense of community and enjoyment factor, which I saw amongst the visitors and people who volunteered their time on the day. I would also like to mention the fantastic performances and excellent behaviour of all our students on the day. It was also fantastic to walk into the school today with business as usual with most of the packing up completed after the event. Thanks again to everyone involved.
This year, Rosie Edmiston and Bronte Pyett successfully submitted an application to fund an Artist Residence Programme for 2014, which was incredibly competitive. The value of the grant is $30,000, which is a significant contribution to the furthering of the children’s education. It has enabled us to employ two artists, James Foley and Briony Stewart, to work with our year 4’s over two terms. This project will explore the connection people have to their school and community. James and Briony will use this concept to develop a diverse collection of stories written and illustrated by our year 4 students. The digital publication of the stories will be a website showcasing the work. QR codes will be reproduced on tiles and placed at the relevant locations in the community, allowing community members with a smart phone or similar device to access the digital story collection. We are all looking forward to following the progress of this fantastic programme.
Last week the Year 6 classes held a poetry evening, where they recited various pieces of writing. The performances were of high quality and it was great to see all the magnificent art work that they have completed over the last few months with Mrs Edmiston in the art room. Well done to the teachers for their hard work and preparation which made the evening such a success.
With Year 7 students moving to secondary school from 2015, Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs will start a year earlier. This is an exciting opportunity for you, our parents, as you consider secondary school opportunities for your children. Gifted and Talented academic, languages and arts programs provide a unique and challenging curriculum designed to bring out the very best in your child. These elite programs are available at 17 select public secondary schools, and you can apply no matter where you live in Western Australia. If your child is in Year 5 now, you can apply for entry into Year 7 in 2015. The selection process will take place in 2014 when your child is in Year 6.
Limited places may also be available for children entering Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 in 2015. Applications close 12.00 noon on Monday, 10 February 2014. All applications must be made online. For more information and to apply: W:, E:, T: 9264 4307
Mount Hawthorn Primary School paused to remember the Diggers, past and present on Monday, 11 November. We began with a commemorative assembly, where local members of the Returned and Services League were in attendance. The children sold poppies to raise money for the RSL and the school observed a one minute silence at eleven o’clock.

Year 3's in Room 36 share  thoughts on Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is special to me because my Great, Great Great Grandfather was in the war. He was in World War I and II and died on the second last day of World War II. He received about 3 medals. They have been passed down and now my dad has them. On the 11th day of the 11th month and at 11 in the morning, they said they would stop the war. On Remembrance Day we have a minutes silence to remember the soldiers. - Sinead

Remembrance Day reminds me of when my Grandpa nearly went to war, however he was sick and so he didn’t have to go. Remembrance Day also reminds me of poppies because I am growing them to remember the soldiers. It is on the 11th of November and we have a minute’s silence. We also sing the National Anthem with our hands by our sides. - Jaymon

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather went to the First World War. He received 5 medals. I’ve seen lots of photos of them, they are so shiny!   He was a very young man when he went to War, he was only 20. He was there for 2 years and died at the age of 22 in the war. This means he never came home. The photos that I have seen are very dark. His wife was very sad when she heard what had happened, so she treasured those medals. She has passed them on through the family and now we treasure them too. - Maddie

My Great Grandfather was a pilot in World War One. He was dropping bombs from above. He also told everyone when to shoot. My other Great Grandfather was a chef. He gave all the soldiers their stew. - Jameson

When I think of Remembrance Day, I think of my Pa that was in the air force. He received a lot of medals for being so brave. He is still alive and in his 70’s. He has retired but he is still up and running. I now know a lot more about Remembrance Day and how these people gave up their lives for our freedom.- Maddison

As the end of the year is fast approaching, we remind all families who have outstanding Term 4 accounts that payment by cash, cheque or Credit Card is gratefully accepted at the office. We are also still happy to accept payment for Voluntary Contributions. Thank you.
Year 7 Boys
These boys have been training very hard for months and their efforts were rewarded yesterday when they won the Basketball Association Cup against strong competition from many other schools. Well done to the three other teams that participated and thanks to the parents who coached them.
To Robyn Fitzgerald for donating the mannequins to the art room. As you can see they have been very creatively adorned by the students!
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